Toys for the New Year 2014 with their own hands - toys for the New Year 2014

  • Toys for the New Year 2014 with their own hands - toys for the New Year 2014

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    Approximation of the most long-awaited and beloved holiday - the New Year - is associated with any person with a belief in a miracle and a hope for the fulfillment of the most cherished desires. Merry pre-holiday fuss brings joy to everyone: from small to large. Buying gifts, bright Christmas toys do not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. Returning to a carefree childhood, a large mass of bright unforgettable impressions brings decoration of his home and fluffy fragrant Christmas tree.

    Christmas tree of colored paper Nowadays on New Year markets and in supermarkets you can get a lot of beautiful and shining New Year's toys, garlands, shiny tinsel and stars. They solemnly reflect spruce branches, creating a unique uplifting New Year mood. Special warmth and wonderful charm are filled with Christmas toys, made with the little ones on the New Year. The joyful expectation of a miracle turns the creative impulse of the little artists into real treasures: aerial snowflakes and shiny cones, fairy-tale animals, dwarfs, Santa Clauses, Snow Maiden and other funny characters.

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    How to make toys

    Ball of buttons

    Materials for Christmas toys can be very different: paper, salted dough, beads, plasticine, plastic containers from kinder surprises, eggshells, nuts, acorns, chestnuts and cones,clay, fabric, wire, satin ribbons and much more.

    Nowadays there are a lot of techniques for making original toys: from simple cutting, gluing and painting to more complex ones - beading, decoupage, modeling of salted dough, corrugated paper, quilling( curled paper figures).Even New Year's children can perform these kinds of work to make Christmas decorations, but they will need more patience and perseverance.

    Simple ways of making Christmas-tree toys

    • Cutting openwork snowflakes from napkins or white paper. Fold the sheet in half, then several times diagonally, from 8 to 16. We apply a pattern, for the round snowflake we cut off the "tails".Snowflakes can be hung on a Christmas tree, make a garland or arrange a snowfall in the corner of the room, threading them on threads.
    • Admiration and the expectation of magic are filled with the efforts of the kids carving origami. It can be fabulous inhabitants of forests or seas, New Year's characters, cartoon characters or frightening, but kind monsters. What kind of joy and pride for their creativity crumbs, seeing the result of their work on a fluffy tree or in the decoration of the room!
    • Like children to create bright Christmas toys from chocolate wraps, foil or candy wrappers.
    • Kids are happy to take part in the manufacture of original balls of ball from ordinary balloons. We inflate it, then cover it with glue and gently wrap it in monophonic or multicolored threads. You can fix the ready-made ball of the ball with the usual hair spray, then pierce the balloon and release the air - a delicate openwork ornament will remain in your hands.

    And if you try a little?

    Snowflake in quilling technique

    If you want to worry in advance about the great Christmas toys hand-made, and before the holiday there is still time, then you can use other ways of making Christmas decorations:

    • Bright and airy toys can be obtained from colored paper with the help of quilling. We roll 3-5 millimetric ribbons of paper into rolls and spirals, giving them an exquisite shape, then glue the finished volumetric composition. From these twists, "droplets", "rays" you can put a snowflake or a Christmas tree, an animal figure or a lace inscription. This method performs garlands and souvenirs, toys on the Christmas tree and decorations for New Year's gifts. Also issued cards.
    • In recent years, the method of facing has become widespread. A figurine of a beast or a fairy tale character is made of plasticine, and then finely chopped squares of crocheted( corrugated) paper in the form of a "flower" are inserted into it. We get cute funny toys: cubs, clowns, Santa Clauses, snowmen and others.
    Fir-trees of cones
    • Molding various cheerful figures from salted dough is a favorite activity for children. It is only necessary to take into account several secrets of the mastery of the preparation of the test:
      1. Flour we take the usual wheat, without additives.
      2. Salt - homogeneous and fine.(We strictly observe the amount of salt according to the recipe, otherwise the dough will crack, if there is a surplus, and if there is a defect, it will break and crumble.)
      3. We use only cold water.
      4. Adhesive - dry wallpaper, dilute in a small amount of scarcely warm water.
      5. Gouache is suitable for colors.
      6. The varnish must be used in a clear and dense way so that it does not get absorbed immediately.

    For the preparation of the dough( salted) we will need:

      1. Glass( 200 g) flour,
      2. The same salt,
      3. ¾ cup( 150ml) water,
      4. 30 g( 2 tablespoons) of wallpaper paste.

    Mix carefully the ingredients to make the dough elastic and not tear during molding. We make cute figures of it, bake them, color them and cover them with varnish. Be sure to provide an eyelet for Christmas trees, so you can hang toys on the forest beauty.

    A few more items

    Toys from old light bulbs
    1. Coat the surface of a plastic or glass bead with PVA glue, then gently roll it in beads.(Prepare the loop in advance).Dry the toy. If there are unfilled seats, again coat them with glue and align the bead layer.
    2. Attach the eyelet to the foam ball. Prepare a large number of English pins. String beads, bugles and paillette on each, and then stick into a ball. You can decorate any toy in this way.
    3. Unsuitable light bulbs can be decorated with decoupage techniques.(Do not give children in hand!) Cover with acrylic paint, attach the cut motif from the napkin and apply a layer of varnish. The basement covered with a "bucket", if we prepare a snowman or a "hat", if we do Santa Claus.

    Adults and children, making toys for the New Year 2014 with their own hands, invest a part of their soul, so such products will please their owners more than one holiday. And after many years will evoke pleasant memories and a sense of nostalgia about the interesting moments of communication with the children.