Scenario New 2012 Year of the house - New Year's scenario 2012 at home

  • Scenario New 2012 Year of the house - New Year's scenario 2012 at home

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    New Year's Eve is always something mysterious and beautiful. Everyone expects new sensations, emotions and impressions from the coming year, many people decide to radically change their lives in the hope that happiness will be waiting for all of us in the new year. It is also worth noting that the New Year is an indisputably family holiday, which, both in our and in all countries of the world, is celebrated at home, in the circle of relatives and friends. Therefore, most people on New Year's Eve strive to be at home and in a warm atmosphere to meet such an expected holiday.

    But, as if the prospect of spending a new year at home did not look rosy, there is still a need to slightly diversify the banal dinner. At least this is done with a standard New Year's set of dishes on the table and a bright decoration of the house, but lovers of something original can even come up with their own style for a party and write a script.

    The script for the new year at home is a wonderful way to make the New Year party brighter, fun and memorable, even in a standard home setting. However, in order to write this very scenario, it takes a lot of work and imagination, because in this process you have to develop the whole action in such a way that the guests are not bored, but you were not too intrusive. In general, we will have to try hard and it is in this we will help you now.

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    Guest list

    Guests list for the new year

    We'll start writing the script from the guest list. If we are talking about a home party, then often - these are the people closest to you who have a certain commonality of ideas and they have something to talk about with each other. This is already good, because you do not have to spend time to introduce everyone to each other, as well as make strangers more familiar.

    Having a complete list of guests on hand, you can proceed to one of the most crucial stages - finding common themes. Close friends always have a common theme for conversation, and they will be rather easily enticed into any occupation. Knowing the main hobby of the whole gathering company, you can set the theme of the party. It can even be a stylized party, when all the heroes of the celebration come off in one general style.

    After the style of the holiday is selected, we proceed to decorating the room and defining the menu and dress code. This also includes the selection of special music, bright costumes and extravagant decoration of the New Year's table. But this is not the end either. The most important thing ahead is that you need to write the scenario itself when your guests cross the threshold of the house and end the minute they leave it in the morning.

    Scenario and contests

    Scenario and contests for the new year

    When you celebrate New Year at home, the script can be a decisive moment in your fun. Since the situation will be quite standard, it is just necessary to use some pleasant tricks that will allow you and your guests to remember this holiday for a long time.

    I can assure you that once you start writing a script, all ideas can instantly disappear from your head, so you need to collect a certain level of excitement and look for hints on the Internet or with your friends.

    Let's start with the fact that the celebration of the New Year is, first of all, gifts. Gifts on New Year's Eve are waiting for both children and adults. Therefore, do not hesitate to make the most pleasant things for your friends - give them presents on New Year's Eve. And twisting the whole script around this particular action will allow you to experience your friends indescribable delight from what is happening. So what prevents us from turning all this into an interesting and hazardous game.

    Scenario of the New Year 2012 at home

    In order to implement this plan, you need to start with the following:

    1. Each of the guests needs to buy a gift. It can be a purely symbolic present, which will help feel the person to whom you present it, more happy and necessary. It is rather important in this case to beautifully pack a gift, because its appearance can serve as a wonderful decoration.

    2. It is necessary to prepare special circles on which numbers are applied. For example, you expect 10 guests, respectively, the circles should be 20. Accordingly, the numbers should be duplicated. One part of the numbering( circles) is attached to the gifts, and the other part to the box. In principle, the main preparatory work is ready.

    When the guests gather and are ready to celebrate, warn them that this evening they will feel the real excitement. And after that, when the champagne was drunk for the chimes, the President congratulated us on the TV screens, and the main part of the festive table was absorbed by the hungry guests, we can start playing games.

    The principle of the game is quite simple. Each of the guests takes a number from the casket and is waiting for the coming gift. At this point, you get your bag and give out gifts in accordance with the numbers that were attached to them. The essence of the fun is that by purchasing gifts, you were guided by the preferences of each of the guests, but since fate played a little with the order of the license plates, everyone will receive their gifts in chaotic order. Imagine that you were preparing for your girlfriend, extremely passionate needlework, a set of relevant attributes that will help her in her passion. But, she gets a book on fishing, and your friend is a computer programmer hooks for knitting and floss.

    After the gifts are revealed, the guests, after a certain bewilderment, will feel the whole comic nature of this situation. But before the fun ends, you can offer those who got the wrong gift to make a replacement. Each of the guests will vary among themselves until they get what they want. But, the exchange will be made not just for that, but for some task. For example, a friend who wants to get a set for needlework will have to perform a children's poem in a bunny costume, standing on a stool. Guests can not immediately come up with quite comical tasks to each other. So be on the alert, and as soon as there is a hitch - you can give them your idea.

    Do not forget to arm yourself with the camera, because the guests' faces, when they open gifts, and further performance of tasks during their exchange, can become a wonderful addition to your video library.

    Other events on New Year's Eve

    In addition to the scenario, you can use other contests that can defuse the situation. But, at the same time, it is necessary to take into account a large number of details - from the age of the participants and ending with the situation in the house. After all, your grandmother is unlikely to want to dance around the Christmas tree, and younger and more energetic guests will not want to sit next to the TV all night watching the events on the "Blue Ogonyok".Therefore, your task as an organizer of all this action is to take into account the features of all participants and, for example, invite young people to go for a walk on the night streets of a festive city, congratulating all passers-by. And those who are tired or simply do not want to go out can relax at home in a chair. And just when everyone will feel comfortable during the celebration, everyone will remember this new year as the best holiday in their life.