What is the name of Finnish Santa Claus - What is the Finnish Santa Claus called?

  • What is the name of Finnish Santa Claus - What is the Finnish Santa Claus called?

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    Tradition to celebrate the New Year on a large foot is in every country, because this holiday brings with it not only a hope for a bright future, but also unites all peoples, creating a certain force that generates in hearts a sincere joy and happiness.

    It should also be noted that in almost all countries the symbol of this holiday is a special character in human form. Externally, they all look the same, but the names they are completely different. For example, in Russia this symbol is called Santa Claus, in the USA - Santa Claus, in Belarus - Dzed Maroz, in Belgium and Poland - Saint Nicholas, in France - Per Noel, in the UK - Father Christmas, in the Czech Republic - Mikulash, inSlovakia - Ezhishek, etc.

    We write letters to the Finnish Santa Claus

    Surely, many have heard about the name of Finnish Santa Claus, because its name is the most ridiculous and memorable. And it sounds like this - Joulupukki. As you know, translated from Finnish, this word means "Christmas goat".This name was given to Santa Claus a long time ago, when village residents of this country on a festive night wore goat skins and went to their homes, giving out gifts and tasty treats.

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    After people learn about the name of the Finnish Santa Claus, they immediately become interested in exactly how this fairy-tale character looks. It is worth noting that it almost does not differ from the Russian symbol of the New Year.

    Where lives the Finnish Santa Claus

    Joulupukki lives in a wooden house in the forest, where everything is decorated with colored lights, tinsel and toys. He is kind and wise, likes to wear a red short fur coat and hat, he has a fluffy white beard and a huge red bag in which he places all the toys and sweets for the children.

    Transport of Finnish Santa Claus

    However, it is worth noting that, unlike the Russian Santa Claus, Yulupukki moves not with the help of three beautiful horses, but thanks to stately and strong deer. They carry it on a Christmas night from one house to another. Also, the Finnish Santa Claus has assistants in a lot of friendly gnomes who work with him and every day collect thousands of gifts for obedient children.

    By the way, Yulupukki has a beautiful and beloved wife named Muori. Together they have been living on the mountain for a long time under the complex name of Korvaptupturi, where many letters of children are analyzed all year round, who trembling write about what they want to receive as a Christmas gift from the famous Finnish Santa Claus.