How to celebrate the New Year 2016 in Feng Shui - follow Feng Shui in the New Year

  • How to celebrate the New Year 2016 in Feng Shui - follow Feng Shui in the New Year

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    Let's start with the fact that Feng Shui is the art of organizing your living space so that the positive energy circulating in the universe brings happiness and prosperity to your home and promotes improvement in all areas of your life.

    Following the rules of Feng Shui, many Russians correctly equip their homes, having furniture and interior items in a certain way, which attracts luck, prosperity, health, favorable circumstances and realize their desires.

    And since the New Year is the beginning of all new hopes, we will tell you how to celebrate the New Year 2016 in Feng Shui!

    Get rid of the junk

    First you need to get rid of the stagnation of energy in your home so that the influx of new fresh energy could bring something new into your life. Let's start?

    • we throw trash and broken objects, they absorb all new possibilities, and you always slip on the spot;
    • get rid of old clothes, it takes away your strength;
    • release window sills from everything, including from flowers, so that light and energy freely penetrate into your house;
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    • change the position of your things and furniture, move them from your seats to start the circulation of energy, the permutation is what you need, so there will be more positive energy in your house;
    • throw out all the little things from the boxes that are waiting for their high point in the year after year;
    • we clean old files on the computer, unnecessary letters, numerous bookmarks;
    • and most importantly - let go of old grievances and disappointments, all who can - forgive, who can not - forget. Negative thoughts are replaced by positive ones: "so that no one is sick" is replaced with "I and my relatives are absolutely healthy."

    So you will be cleansed of bad energy, not only physically, but also spiritually.

    New Year's cleaning
    Please note! We carry out wet cleaning 2-3 days before the holiday, but not the day before, as according to feng shui this can lead to financial losses.

    Thirdly, we begin to properly decorate our house for the New Year! Since feng shui is rooted in ancient China, it is more appropriate to mark the New Year by the Chinese calendar, namely, from 7 to 8 February 2016.It is on these days that a new lunar month will begin, and with it the beginning of the new year of the Monkey. But no one will forbid you to conduct a dress rehearsal for the new year on Feng Shui - December 31!

    Chinese symbol of well-being

    So, as we meet:

    • we must light the lights, lights, candles, kindle the fireplace, the house should be bright and bright, because the symbol of 2016 is Fire;
    • is stocked with firecrackers, firecrackers, salutes, Bengal lights and a good mood! The more noise and cod, laughter and joy, the sooner you will drive the evil forces away from your home! To fix the effect, hang the bells and pendants "singing the wind" at the entrance to your house;
    • another symbol of 2016 - red color - and here you can not limit yourself: red color in a New Year's dress, red paper with gold ornament for gifts, red lanterns in the form of garlands, a red tablecloth and red envelopes with gold and silver coins as a gift to yourclose;
    • the Christmas tree is decorated with red lanterns, grenades, mandarins, coins and bills on red threads - they will attract abundance in the new year;You can put a Christmas tree anywhere in the room, but there are clues: get up at the door and think about what you most lack, if wealth - then put the tree in the far left corner, to attract love - to the far right corner, want travel and patrons - the nearright corner, dream of children - the right wall of the room. For the health and well-being of the whole family, you can put it at the left wall or in the center of the room;
    • table is better to choose a round shape, and put on it traditional Chinese new year dumplings, as well as bananas for the mistress of the year, tangerines, the more fresh fruit and juices, greens and vegetable salads, the better;
    • the first week of the new year, try to receive guests and visit your relatives and friends, so you will create an energy base for strong ties and successful contacts in the new year!
    Lighting garlands

    If you use these rules, in your life in the new year 2016 changes will necessarily take place for the better, and even if the changes are noticeable not immediately, a cleaned-up dwelling, clean and bright thoughts without negative - will create a strong basis for the beginning of everything positive inof your life!