Holiday table for New Year 2013 - table for the new 2013 year

  • Holiday table for New Year 2013 - table for the new 2013 year

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    2013, host of which will be the Black Snake, you need to meet in a special way, focusing on the nature of the queen of the ball, on her tastes and preferences. Snake, in fact - a predator. So, on the festive table, for the New Year 2013, you must put meat dishes. Oh respect the hostess. Only cutlets and beef stroganoff somehow already become boring. And the raw sausage, sliced, "as expected", translucent pieces, too, no one will surprise. Let's cook something special after all.


    The first and main snack is called: "Snake".

    Snake snake


    • two bagels( large),
    • canned tuna( jar),
    • tomato ketchup( this is already to your liking),
    • mayonnaise( also to taste),
    • two eggs( pre-cook hard-boiled),
    • chopped onions(it is better to have a feather, but you can have a teaspoon with a slide),
    • cherry( 3 pcs.),
    • parsley,
    • olives and pepper for ornaments.

    Now the cooking process. We cut the bagels first along, and then in half. We remove from the bagel all the flesh, - instead of it we put the stuffing. From one piece of donut we cut out the tail, and from the other - the head. Now we are preparing the filling for the tail and head parts of our snake. We knead the fork with tuna, half the already sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonion and ketchup. This stuffing is laid out in the snake's tail. Then cut the eggs finely and add to them the remaining onion with mayonnaise. It's a good idea to add the cod liver( if any) to this filling. Fill the filling into the head. Now it's up to the design. Probably, you already guessed that the filling should be put on a pea, as if the continuation of the roundness of the snake. From olives and peppers lay eyes and tongue. The filling variant can be another. All of the possibilities and your taste.

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    The second appetizer also prepares quickly, and it looks appetizing. The basis is crackers. Better salted crackers, square shaped.

    Snack on

    cracker Prepare:

    • crackers,
    • mayonnaise,
    • cheese,
    • butter,
    • beef tongue( or boiled or smoked),
    • crab meat,
    • mustard,
    • tomato paste,
    • sugar,
    • curry,
    • tomato,
    • pickled cucumber,
    • greens, salt.

    Have you noticed that there are no dosages? Here, decide for yourself. Taste. Cooking process. Whisk the cheese, salt and sour cream until smooth( to a thick creamy mass) and divide into three parts. The first part is filled with tomato paste( you can add a little pepper, if you want), the second is filled with sugar and curry, and the third is left unchanged. Next, mix the mustard and oil and finely-finely spread salted crackers. Now turn the beef tongue, crab meat and tomato. . We cut it as the imagination tells. Now put the crackers on the dish, spread it with cheese cream( we have three kinds of them, so we spread one part with one kind, the other part with the second and third, naturally, the third one).On the prepared crackers put on a piece of tomato, tongue( or crab meat), a cucumber ring. We decorate with greenery.

    Crackers spread an hour before you put it on the table.

    Canape. Here, fantasy can sweep! You are offered only one option, for the sake of the sample, but only this option should not be limited.



    • Wheat bread( chopped pieces),
    • caviar grained,
    • butter,
    • boiled eggs,
    • lemon and onions( feathers).

    Cook like this. Each piece of bread fry in a pan. Clean the eggs, cut into circles. Each slice of bread is plentifully spread butter. We lay out a circle of eggs. Gently squeeze the middle of the spoon( where the yolk is) and spread it into the dimpled cavity. We decorate with greenery.


    On traditional salads of crab sticks and olivier, to speak, as we have already decided, we will not. The table for the New Year 2013 without them will not work. This is a tradition. And in addition. ..

    Salad from squid

    Squid salad

    For him you will need:

    • boiled squid,
    • boiled eggs,
    • can of liver cod,
    • mayonnaise.

    Like the previous dishes, prepared quite quickly. We cut the squids of squid and eggs. We knead the cod liver. We fill with mayonnaise. Stirring. All. It remains only to decorate.

    Jewish salad

    Jewish salad

    It is also called foreshmak. There are several offers of cooking, one of them we bring to your attention.

    Cook in equal proportions:

    • boiled eggs,
    • herring salted( fillets),
    • carrots( raw),
    • butter,
    • processed cheese.

    The preparation is amazingly simple: let's go through the meat grinder and mix it again. All.

    Cooking meat

    Let's start with the chicken

    Chicken for the New Year

    Another simple recipe for those who do not want to bother with the preparations for a long time.

    You will need:

    • whole chicken( broiler, never frozen before),
    • small mayonnaise package,
    • a little honey( tablespoon is enough),
    • mustard( can be dry, a couple of tablespoons),
    • salt.

    Chicken we rub first with salt. Now mix the mustard and mayonnaise and cover the chicken with this mixture( inside too).We send it to the oven. The fire is average. We cook about 1 hour and 20 minutes. During the preparation, juice with fat is released. Here we pour the chicken with this juice, while it is cooked( 3-4 times during cooking).By the way, try chicken with mustard sauce: 2/3 of mayonnaise and 1/3 of mustard. You'll like it!

    Lamb young in marinade

    Lamb young in marinade

    A kilogram of mutton for 8-10 people will be enough.

    And for marinade cook:

    • 2 tablespoons tomato paste,
    • soy sauce,
    • lemon juice,
    • garlic( 3 large slices),
    • rosemary( dry, two pinch),
    • salt( enough teaspoon with a slide).

    Cut the Koreku slices, pour the marinade. Marinate meat should be at least six hours. It is baked in the oven for at least one hour( the temperature is 200 degrees).With the juice that has been isolated, we water the lamb cooked. We lay out on a dish and make out.


    Well, what table without "warming" drinks? Here you can do it yourself. Fortunately, our stores provide an incredibly wide range. But if you decide to cook something of your own, let it be mulled wine.

    Glintwein "New Year"

    Mulled wine New Year's


    • wine dry( preferably red, bottle),
    • cloves( spices, 5 pieces),
    • half a lemon,
    • one chipchain nutmeg and cinnamon,
    • 20 g honey.

    Prepared simply. Pour the wine into a saucepan, add the ingredients and heat. The wine must be hot, but do not boil in any case! We cover. We insist 15 minutes. Done.

    You can make changes to the proposed recipes. This will give them their own flavor. The main thing is to cook with the feeling of a holiday and with pleasure. And everything will turn out. Bon Appetit!

    Author: Tatiana K. /Favourite/