How to pack a New Year's gift - New Year's package

  • How to pack a New Year's gift - New Year's package

    Very soon, the new 2014 will come, which will certainly bring every person more happiness, love and success. In order to make this holiday unforgettable for your relatives and friends, it is necessary to prepare presents. After all, no meeting of the New Year can not do without beautiful and bright gifts under a lush green tree.

    It is worth noting that the purchase of New Year's presents is a very labor-consuming and costly event. That's why, before you go to the stores, you should prepare a list of all those people whom you decided to please with your attention. In addition, it is recommended that you plan in advance what gifts you can buy for your relatives, and how much money you need to take with you.

    Gift in paper

    Often high-quality and branded goods are sold only at an inflated price, and it is not very desirable to present Chinese products to their friends. That is why, if you have a large number of relatives and close people, it is best to purchase purely symbolic gifts, but of good quality. However, it is worth noting that it is better not to save on members of your family, because children and spouses should be given only the best and most useful goods.

    After all the presents have been purchased, you need to think about how to pack a New Year gift. After all, everyone knows that the first impression is the most emotional and inspiring. In connection with this fact, you should always try to wrap every New Year's gift in such a way that it does not disappoint your loved one.

    For sure, many have seen in shopping malls such kiosks, which for a fee carry out the rapid packaging of gifts. Of course, sometimes these services are very helpful, since it is not always possible to buy goods, and only then to decorate it at home. However, you can use the service of the presented kiosks if you only have one or two presentations. But, as a rule, New Year's gifts have to buy a lot, and therefore it is more profitable to pack them yourself.

    Four ways to

    In order to beautifully draw a present, it is not necessary to have a rich imagination. After all, for sure, everyone can handle cardboard, glue and scissors, which is all that is necessary for the original design of the gift.


    • Colorful box. If you bought a New Year gift without a box, or it does not look very attractive, then it's better to make such a package yourself. To do this, you will need colorful cardboard or thick paper for the printer, ruler, pencil and scissors. On the Internet, you can find a lot of schemes, how easy and simple to create a box. It is also worth noting that suitable patterns should be selected based on the size of your present. All that is required to create such a package is to download the diagram, draw the necessary lines on the cardboard, bend the paper on them, make the appropriate cuts and assemble the box. In addition, you can greatly simplify this procedure, but for this you need to have at your disposal a color printer.
    Packing in the form of candy
    • Original package-candy. For those who do not know how to pack a New Year's gift of large sizes, you can offer yourself to produce a voluminous box in the form of candy. To do this, you need a thick multi-colored cardboard( with New Year's characters), elastic bands( satin ribbons, bows, etc.), scissors and glue. Cut out the pattern according to the scheme, it must be completely assembled, put a gift inside, and then tie the edges with the help of elastic bands or special packing tapes. It should be noted that from such an original candy box, absolutely any child will be delighted.
    Knitted packaging for gift
    • Knitted packing. If you are fond of macrame, knitting or crochet, then you can safely use your skills to create a unique gift wrapping. It is worth noting that with this method you can easily tie up a lot of different boxes or prepare New Year bags for small gifts. Drawing and color can be selected, both independently and use the services of the Internet.
    Gift Bag
    • Fabric packaging. Not all gifts have standard shapes and sizes. And in order to pack such presents, it takes a lot of time and effort. However, the solution can serve as a normal fabric, which is sold in specialized stores. To do this, you must select a dense, bright material with a pattern embossed, and also pick up suitable tapes, bows and other accessories. It is worth noting that this bag is ideal for weighty New Year's gifts. In addition, such a package of dense tissue can be useful in the future to accommodate other items in it.