Festive table for the new year - a festive table for the New Year 2012

  • Festive table for the new year - a festive table for the New Year 2012

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    What do we dream about on the eve of the New Year? Naturally, a fairy-tale miracle, a beautiful holiday and a real delicious feast. With love covered with a festive table for the New Year with a lot of delicious dishes in the circle of loved ones and friends - this is already enough for a successful celebration of the New Year in a magnificent mood.

    Preparations for celebration in each family begin long before the holidays. The dwelling is decorated, the Christmas tree is dressed up, and of course, the menu for the festive table is planned in advance. And do you know that the customs and traditions of this holiday for each country and people make an indelible imprint on the menu of the New Year's table.

    Traditions of the New Year's table in different countries of the world

    For example, Japanese housewives prepare a festive table for the New Year from products that, in their opinion, will definitely bring happiness. Dishes from sea cabbage guarantee joy, success in business will bring products from chestnuts, having tasted food from peas and beans it is possible to be healthy all year long, and having tried on New Year's Eve food from boiled fish to experience constant calmness and vigor of spirit and calmness.

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    At the festive tables of Hungary, Austria, Yugoslavia you will not find dishes from a bird - as in these countries it is believed that happiness can fly away on New Year's Eve. Every Cuban, Portuguese, Spaniard at midnight should eat exactly 12 grapes - according to the number of 12 cherished desires for one month of the year, because the grapes they represent a happy and rich family hearth. Lentils, nuts and grapes are a symbol of well-being, health and longevity for all Italians. The traditional table in Russia for the New Year was decorated with pies, fish dishes and soup. And in Slovakia and the Czech Republic on the New Year's table must be present stewed cabbage with smoked sausages, mushroom soup, carp, honey and poppy baking with milk. The New Year holiday in France can be safely called a "white symphony".On the table are traditionally white candles in white candlesticks, fresh fruit in white glaze, for dessert they serve white cake and whipped gogol-mogol. Different traditional dishes in Italy.

    In Poland, thirteen different kinds of dishes are served to the festive New Year's table, covered with a snow-white beautiful tablecloth. Begin a New Year's Eve dinner with mushroom soup or fish soup, then follow: pies with cabbage, cabbage with mushrooms, carp with sweet sauce, potato croquettes, etc., and ends with biscuits with honey and poppy seeds, fresh fruit and compote.

    What should be a festive table for the new 2012 year

    Grace and simplicity are the key to creating an atmosphere of festive mood for the coming year. The tablecloth is well ironed and immaculately clean, covers the table entirely, with small compositions of flowers and branches of spruce or pine. For guests do not forget to make pleasant surprises and presents. They can be folded under a tree in a big bag and made part of the festive competitions, so that at the height of the fun the owner of the house could offer for the fulfilled desire to receive a gift from the Grandfather Frost himself.

    New Year's menu for the 2012 meeting

    The coming 2012, as is known, is the year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar, which is distinguished by its omnivorousness. That is why, making up the menu for the New Year's table, you should include the culinary fantasy and connect the skill to the full extent, but there is one important condition: all products must be extremely fresh and selective, otherwise you may be angry not only with your company of friends, but with BlackThe Dragon. It will be great if you can cook some dishes directly in front of all guests - on the grill or mobile brazier, as is traditionally done in oriental restaurants. For example, a steak with blood or a steak from a fish, and a still steaming dish to the table - not only guests will be delighted, but the spirit of the Dragon will be satisfied. The main thing to remember - to meet the new 2012 follows without any stale food! About frozen foods that have been lying in your freezer or canned food for a long time, it's unclear what kind of prescription, stews and old canned fish, even in salads, you can forget for this New Year.

    The festive menu for the 2012 meeting should be both chic and plentiful, as the Dragon loves a lot and has a good meal, but on the basis - all drinks and food should be of excellent quality, only natural and fresh. Semi-finished products and the complete absence of several hot dishes can disappoint the spirit of the Dragon, and it just does not honor you and your family with your benevolence throughout the coming year. Let everything that you do and put on a festive New Year's table will be "hot and hot" at once - it will certainly please not only the demanding Dragon, but, of course, your loved ones and guests.

    It's no secret that the Dragon is a zodiac sign, which is absolutely not indifferent to meat, so in the New Year's menu there must necessarily be several meat dishes. As well as fresh fish, which is the inhabitant of water, it is under the water element that the whole coming 2012 will pass.