Predictions for the New Year 2014 - Prophecy

  • Predictions for the New Year 2014 - Prophecy

    The New Year is a magical time. This is the day when everyone has the right to believe in miracles, in fulfillment of desires and zadumok. Sometimes on the New Year, amazing things happen. This is the time when you can make a wish and believe that it will come true.

    People have long wanted to know what awaits them in the future. This curiosity is quite understandable - it is peculiar for a person to plan his life and understand what will happen to him in the near future and in the distant future. It is on the basis of these desires and began to engage in various ways of fortune telling and predictions. Many ways are left in the past, and modern man treats them very incredulously.

    However, today there are many proven ways to predict the future. Despite the variety of rituals and rituals, not all predictions can come true. It depends on the method of divination, as well as on the choice of the place and time of its conduct.

    New Year's holidays - a great time for predictions

    Predictions for the New Year 2014 will be the most accurate, if you choose the right time. So even in ancient times, people noticed that New Year's fortune-telling is accurate and truthful.

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    After all, the New Year is the birthplace of a new time interval, the day of the start of the new period. And the birth of a new is a mystery that a person can not know. That's why New Year's predictions are very popular.

    Every person hopes that during the battle of the chimes, during the New Year begins a new period - happy, kind and beautiful.

    How to guess in the New Year

    There are many ways of guessing and New Year's predictions from comic to very serious. The first usually arrange during the party, trying to diversify them with the program of the celebratory event. Other fortune-telling is done alone, observing many conditions.

    The most common New Year's fortune-telling is spent with use of candles, mirrors, rings, cards or improvised items. With the advent of the mass use of the Internet, there are so many ways of guessing through the Global Network. In the virtual space created a lot of resources on which you can get a prediction. However, they are not always trusted unconditionally.

    Expectations from fortune-telling, too, are different for everyone. Girls often want to know about their narrowed, older people are interested in the health and well-being of the family.

    Signs of

    New signs of

    There are many New Year's signs among the people. Probably, they are popular, because they are able to give a person hope for a good future. From the scientific point of view, this phenomenon has an explanation. A person at the subconscious level programs himself for a good outcome of events, for luck. Thus, he achieves success, trying to explain this phenomenon by the action of New Year's favors. Science explains this phenomenon by psychology on a subconscious level. But every person wants to believe that miracles do happen in life.

    Even the biggest skeptics make a wish for chiming chimes on New Year's Eve. Surrounded by relatives and friends, those who are conceived in a festive mood - these wishes will necessarily come true. Of course, next year for this will have to work a little, because nothing happens just like that.

    Dreams on New Year's Eve

    Dreams on New Year's Eve

    Interpretation of dreams is devoted a lot of time. Indeed, any dream can open for a person unknown facets of his character, and, perhaps, suggest the right way out of a difficult situation. Dreams on New Year's Eve have a magical effect, they have long been considered the most truthful.

    If you remember a dream, dreamed on New Year's Eve, it is possible to predict the future for it next year. Before you go to bed, you can guess what you want to see in a dream. Someone will want to see good advice, a future spouse, a happy family or a successful promotion on the career ladder.

    Despite the fact that at different times the New Year was celebrated at different times, the tradition to consider this day as special appeared long ago.

    The New Year is associated with the beginning of a new period in life. This is the time when you can open a blank sheet and start all over again. We begin to write a new page on a clean sheet, remembering the mistakes of the past and trying not to let them again. The New Year is a chance to change your future, to start doing things differently.

    The year of the blue wooden horse is no exception. In 2014, many wish and will do everything to make sure it is fulfilled.

    A purposeful, active and slightly stubborn Horse will definitely help in this. The main thing is to join the New Year with new dreams and hopes, believing in New Year's predictions.