What color to paint nails for the New Year 2016 - the color of the New Year's manicure 2016( + photo)

  • What color to paint nails for the New Year 2016 - the color of the New Year's manicure 2016( + photo)

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    A neat good manicure is extremely important for the New Year, which is able to tell not only about the taste of a young lady, but also about the characteristics of her character.

    Women are especially worried about the holiday manicure, because in the turmoil of preparing for the holiday, it seems that the chosen color of the nails does not correspond to fashion trends or the case. But you really want to look 100 percent!

    To the great joy of the New Year's manicure by 2016 does not always have to be accompanied by a fair amount of effort and time. To decide what color to paint nails for the new year 2016, it is recommended to pay attention to our advice and recommendations.

    In accordance with the existing tradition, on the night of the New Year we all try to please the future owner of the year as much as possible: choose the menu, decorations, outfits, make-up that will be most sympathetic to the animal patron.

    Fiery Monkey - a symbol of the coming year - adores warm shades of yellow, red, orange. It is for this reason that the manicure in these colors will look elegant.

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    Red varnish with sparkles

    It is especially important to cover the marigold with glitter: in the light of fireworks, garlands, red glitter will be able to make the impression of flashes of fire - and this is exactly what you need on New Year's Eve!

    Fashion trends

    Pay attention to the New Year trends of 2016 - blue, purple, green!

    As strange as it may sound, absolutely the opposite shades of fire will also be popular on New Year's Eve. Use for application of deep blue, mysterious violet, as well as cold green is best varnishes with a glossy structure. Such varnishes should resemble the colors of expensive stones, for example, emerald, sapphire, amethyst.

    Noble green manicure with a painting on one nail

    But remember, it's important to observe the measure in manicure. Do not use all colors, because one beautiful shade can get lost on the background of another.

    Do not be afraid to include your imagination, because the New Year is an excellent occasion to have fun, creating a carnival image. Moreover, thanks to the appropriate manicure it is possible to show individual characteristics of character.

    The main trend of the New Year 2016 - drawing. You can decorate your nails with Christmas tree attributes, Christmas trees, candy curls, using traditional holiday white-green-red stripes. You can also draw deer, snowflake, Santa Claus, ie.all that you have enough imagination and skill.

    Christmas mix on the nails

    Draw on the nails can not only lacquer, but also special paints based on acrylic. To do this, it is worth covering the marigolds with a basic transparent lacquer. After that, you can already draw the image you selected. To fix it, it is necessary to put on top of a colorless varnish.

    Lacquer with a hologram will be festive.

    Varnish with holographic effect

    And to make your marigolds, you can make a lace manicure.

    Lace manicure with beige lacquer

    Lace manicure is done as follows, you need to apply to the marigolds chosen by you the main varnish, it can be a contrasting color. Apply a layer of clear lacquer on top, but do not wait until it dries. Immediately glue on the marigold blanks made of lace. Once again, apply a clear lacquer so that the manicure is preserved as long as possible. Where can I get the lace? You can make them yourself, cutting out lace forms according to your nails.

    Today, unusual types of varnishes are quite relevant, for example, having the effect of velvet. Such shaggy nails will be especially suited to the occasion.

    Purple glossy and matt varnish with a velvet rose


    Winter French and Lunar manicure in one

    Of course, talking about manicure, you can not forget about the traditional stylish French manicure. This trend is popular and relevant for several years in a row. If to you the living classics seemed boring, namely: a pink base and a white tip, it is necessary to choose other combinations of colors. In this case, it is worth to focus on the colors inherent in the future owner of the year. For example, select a red color as the base.

    Very beautiful will look blue with red or a combination of red and black, red and green. The tip of the nail can be decorated with varnish with sparkles or a golden base.

    Lunar manicure also does not give up its position. Choose for this option contrasting colors, applying different effects.


    Manicure in the style of Nude with crystals

    2016 also takes place under the slogan of naturalness! If you want to give preference to this trend, then varnishes of sand, coral shades can be used.

    As for the shape of the nails, it should be neat, practical. Square and sharp nails are already in the past. If you have a tumescent knob, you should visually stretch the brush, for this it is worth giving the nails an oval shape, leaving only a few millimeters of length.


    Manicure options for the New Year:

    Wonderful Christmas tree manicure
    Manicure for the winter for short nails
    Red and white jacket with snowflakes and snowmen
    Christmas nail decoration
    New Year's manicure "Let it snow"
    Blue-silver manicure with Scotch tape
    Black and red jacket
    Winter soft blue manicure with a snowman and crystals
    New Year's red-gold manicure with snowflakes
    Fantasy winter manicure
    Neat New Year's jacket
    Winter nail art
    Ibright manicure for the New Year's Eve
    Snowflakes on shellac with a gradient
    Red and green jacket with a Christmas garland
    White-lilac manicure with acrylic powder decoration
    Green manicure with liquid stones and gold cast
    Abstract jacket with foil pieces
    Blue-white manicurewith snowflakes and rhinestones
    Red manicure with herringbone on one finger
    Gel-varnish with glitter
    Blue manicure for the New Year with large sparkles
    Beautiful winter landscape on the nails
    Two-tone manicure and stampingng
    Black-green lunar manicure
    Christmas painting on nails with varnish and acrylic powder
    Monochrome manicure with art stickers
    Purple gradient manicure with sparkles
    Simple mint-colored manicure with snowflake
    Winter manicure in technique Degrade with stamped snowflakes
    White manicurewith Christmas trees
    Creative manicure for New Year's Eve
    Emerald shellac with crystals
    Purple lunis and lace manicure
    Beautiful lace manicure with rhinestones and stucco molding
    Classic and return jacket for gradient nails
    Green manicure with large gold sequins
    Three-color manicure
    Holiday jacket with asterisks
    Original New Year's manicure
    Red-whitemanicure with snowflakes and bows
    Exclusive New Year's jacket
    Turquoise manicure in Ombre technique
    Violet varnish and sequins
    Brilliant jacket with sequins
    Festive manicure with painted under the lace