Costumes for the New Year 2014 for children - children's New Year costumes

  • Costumes for the New Year 2014 for children - children's New Year costumes

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    A delightful, bright, solemn and surprisingly hilarious holiday is approaching - New Year 2014 - Year of the Blue or Green Wooden Horse. He will meet us with the fragrance of the Christmas tree and its multicolored sparkling attire, spatter of champagne and masquerade balls. Costume shows and corporate parties for adults, as well as children's Christmas trees for the pre-school children and schoolchildren of all ages, are pleased with the opportunity to cheerfully and mischievously conduct this wonderful and beloved carnival.

    New Year's holidays are filled with the magic of transformation from fairy-tale heroes to modern images of computer technology: cheerful disguises are pleased with everything from small to large. With special excitement, small fantasers and fantasers await this miracle. In advance, they come up with cartoon animals or heroes of children's films, on which they want to be like a holiday with a beautiful Christmas tree. Parents should choose where to find such mandatory attributes of the holiday, as the carnival costumes for the New Year 2014th. Someone will approach the campaign in the advertised studio for the manufacture of fancy dress, others will take them in a special salon for hire, others will buy.

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    However, the most original and expressive costume can be made with your own hands literally "out of nothing" - ordinary materials that are available in any home( obsolete clothes, hats, beads, paper, cardboard, cotton wool, cloth rags, Christmas "rain" and others).The famous storyteller Gianni Rodari once wisely advised to keep a basket with these "riches" in the corner so that children could build for themselves the most unexpected outfits for imaginable and inconceivable roles, so that they could play enough to express their imagination and talent.

    How to make a festive New Year costume for children

    New Year's transformations

    When starting to make an outfit for a carnival, you need to remember a few simple rules:

    1. The costume should be liked by your child, regardless of the age of the baby. Do not try to persevere and force a daughter or son to wear an outfit unattractive for him, even if very beautiful, in your opinion. He or she, perhaps, likes the mask of the favorite hero of the cartoon, in which you can come to the festival and have plenty of fun.
    2. The fabric from which we will make a suit, should be light and strong, so that the child moves carelessly and is not afraid to spoil his appearance.
    3. The suit should not be flammable!
    4. Carnival costume is sewn strictly according to the figure of the child. He can not be small or cause a sense of embarrassment, "biting" artificial materials.
    5. If for the truthfulness of the image in the suit you need accessories: Robin Hood's sword or "fairy" fairy beauty wand, make sure that they are light and safe, both for your child and for others.
    6. Really faithfully reflect the image in the smallest details and accessories, so that at the first glance the children can determine who is in front of them. As a rule, the simplest, but very authentic costumes are awarded with prizes at masquerades.

    So, shall we begin?

    If you are starting to create a fancy dress for the first time, do not think that this task is impossible for you. Even your kid, who is four or more years old, can paint or glue with pleasure, hold details or just follow the process. He with delight and a lot of positive emotions will quietly develop in himself a sense of beauty, creativity and imagination, accuracy and love of work. At the same time, you can help him enter the image, talk about the character he will portray.

    Children's costumes for the New Year 2014 can be very different.

    Babies for homemade masquerade will suit bunny or squirrel outfits, snowflakes or chanterelles. Such transformations can be arranged even a one-year-old crumb.


    Beginning of the New Year celebration

    On the white cap, sew a pair of hare "ears" of cardboard, covered with a white cloth. Dress up the baby in a white blouse and the same panties, which can be pre-sewed a tail of cotton wool. You can also perform a suit of chanterelles or squirrels, changing the color of clothes and ears-tail.

    Older children can dress up as a princess or a clown, an astrologer or a horse-owner of the year.


    New Year's costume of princess

    Which baby will refuse at least once a year to become a magical princess? !A miniature crown will be met with delight! Cut it out of cardboard and glue it, wrapping it with gold foil. To support under the chin with a stapler, we will fasten the hat band. If your daughter has a fluffy dress with flounces, then it remains from the openwork paper to build a fan, having fastened one edge of the "harmonica" with a stapler, and also gently sweep the skirt to the skirt. If the dress is not ready, then starched gauze can turn into a wonderful multi-layered skirt, and a white elegant blouse will complement the kit. A long cloak "in the floor" will show who the real princess is!


    Costume of clown

    To the serious kid it will help to liberate this carnival costume on New Year's holiday. Also, children who have already visited the circus are dressing up clowns with pleasure. For makeup you will need paints, but on a water basis - aquagrim. Let's check them for an allergic reaction( put on the elbow bend and wait).If everything is in order - there is no irritation, then layer by layer we will draw a "clown" make-up: a pair of green ovals to the eyebrows( can be higher), a red circle on the nose and a big scarlet mouth. White paint around the nose and eyes, then apply it strokes on the tip of the nose and in the corners of the mouth.

    Hat hat from multi-colored sheets of paper is made as follows: a seven-centimeter strip of cardboard wrap around the child's head and glue it with adhesive tape. Then glue it to a sheet of cardboard and outline it from the inside, as well as from the outside, but at a distance of five centimeters from the cardboard circle. This ring will be the fields of our hat, and the central circle is the bottom. We fasten everything with scotch tape and paint the canoe from the center to the outer edge with yellow, red and blue wide strips( you can paste colored paper).We also fasten the hat with a stapler so that the kid can cheer friends and the most respectable audience, freely moving.

    On the neck you need to tie a bright bow from my mother's silk scarf. Pants and a shirt can be worn any, and to the shoes( convenient old shoes) adhesive tape to attach huge wide socks - after all, the clown should be in long, dimensionless shoes.(Adult shoes for these purposes may not be suitable, since moving to her baby will be uncomfortable).


    Costume of the astrologer

    Dreamy titans can flash at the carnival with a pointed cap and Harry Potter costume. A headgear is glued from a cardboard sheet by a sector of less than half a circle. On the outer edge, the length should be equal to the volume of the child's head. The hood can be wrapped in black paper or painted with paint, and on top you can glue colorful foil stars. We will also fasten the hat band. The magical cloak of a dark flowing fabric( a regular square flap, we attach an elastic band around the neck) is also sewn with stars of shiny foil. We put on the woolly shoes with cardboard and foil. We'll make a telescope out of cardboard, otherwise what kind of astrologer will we get? Or instead of a pipe, you can take a "magic" wand and build glasses without glasses from a wire with a foil. In front of us will be the poured Harry Potter!


    What are the costumes for the New Year 2014 without the "Horse"?You will need ordinary unnecessary straight trousers, a tunic, a cap with ears and a tail made of yarn, boa or gown belt. To the straight trousers we sweep from the knees the frill flare and the tail from behind. To the cap we sew triangle-ears with a size of 10x8 cm. We will decorate the tunic and trousers with paint from the can, drawing "apples".You can embroider a horseshoe on a tunic, decorate it with rhinestones. Paillettes to expand the socket of the trousers. To increase the reliability of the paint, use blue, blue or green.

    We described only the most popular children's costumes for the New Year 2014, but in fact any cartoon or fairy-tale hero can give you inspiration for a unique, unique carnival costume.