What to choose a gift for the New Year 2014 girlfriend - gifts for a friend for the New Year

  • What to choose a gift for the New Year 2014 girlfriend - gifts for a friend for the New Year

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    New Year has always been considered a family holiday. But it turns out at times and so that not only the New Year there is no one to meet, but also just talk. Here, and women's friendship is tested, to which men are usually skeptical.

    But it does happen that it is the girlfriend who becomes the most-loved and loved one, sharing both joy and difficult moments. And the New Year holidays become an extra reason to show your attention and warmth.

    Which one to choose a gift for the New Year 2014 girlfriend? The question is really complicated. Especially for those who sincerely want to give something valuable, necessary and original. It would seem that the choice is wide, but there is no limit to confusion. Let's try to disassemble the points of interest, preferences and sympathies.

    Original souvenir

    Original Christmas gifts

    This is the simplest version. It can be attributed to the original decorated candles, toys, symbols, jewelry, cosmetics. If you, for example, know what makeup your girlfriend prefers, then the choice becomes much narrower. The main thing is that the gift is really useful. Do not give perfume, deodorants. With fragrances a woman must be determined by herself: every note is a reflection of her personality. It's hard to guess, because a subtle flavor is like good music, and in music, everyone's preferences are different.

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    By the interests of

    Live herringbone in a pot

    Surprised? In fact, there is a wide choice here. Who, if not you, knows the interests of a close friend? For example, if she is fond of flowers, order a gift edition of books for the care of flowers, or bulbs of rare plants. For "tsvetomanov" this is truly a chic gift! And you can just buy in the flower salon already planted in a pot plant. A beautiful gift can also be a self-recorded disc with world masterpieces of films or music. By the way, for such collections you can make( order) an original cover with any inscription - there would be a desire and a fantasy.

    Interior items

    Fixture as a gift

    As an example - a decorative vase( for example, outdoor), a desktop fountain, an original lamp( such as "day and night").When choosing such gifts, consider the general interior of the room. Unsuitable may be unless the clock, even if very unusual. Firstly, almost everyone has a watch, and secondly, some women with horror treat such gifts, believing in various kinds of signs.

    Certificates. By the way, this is quite original and necessary gift. Gift certificates can be offered to all major stores. Here, too, a lot of options: perfumes, clothes, linens, toys, beauty salons, gyms, etc.

    What gifts are best not to give

    Do not give a friend money. At least not for the New Year. It is a holiday of lovable souvenirs, a holiday of attention and warmth. Paper bills here are clearly inappropriate.

    Do not give clothes and shoes. Here, not only need to know the preferences, but also guess with the dimensions. And this is already a difficult task. Yes, and the selection of "clothes - shoes" business, like the fragrance, is purely individual.

    Do not give animals. Well, unless, if a friend herself would ask for such a gift. Animals, even tiny ones, require care, care, extra time and additional costs. Would you be happy with such a burden? Hardly. Perhaps she too will not be delighted.

    Do not give gifts that can offend. It turns out that some gifts are really capable of offending. For example, if you know that a friend can not arrange a personal life, for good intentions buy a book from the series "get married successfully," or, knowing about the problems with weight, you get a disc with a program of classes for losing weight. You hope that the gifts will be useful, but in fact - bring your girlfriend to tears. So treat sensitive issues with appropriate delicate caution.

    If after reading you still think which gift to choose a friend for the New Year 2014, ask her. That's right - no blunt. Straight. For close friends it is quite acceptable. In addition, you will know for sure that she will really like this gift. ..