How to make a wish for Christmas - making wishes

  • How to make a wish for Christmas - making wishes

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    As if in an old fairy tale on Christmas Eve something magical, beautiful, charming is coming down to Mother Earth. .. Christmas night comes from the 24th to the 25th of December - according to the Gregorian Catholic, as well as the Protestant chronology, or from January 6 to January 7, according to the Julian Orthodoxcalendar. It is from this night in Russia begin Christmas. They last 12 days and end on January 19, the great feast of Baptism.

    Christmas Time

    Esoterics claim that these days the information portal of the universe opens, and people say that at this time "the heavens are bursting open."Especially magical in this sequence of days and nights is Christmas Eve - Christmas Eve, the birth time of the Savior of the World - Jesus Christ. Whoever makes requests to heaven about the most cherished, necessarily comes the fulfillment of his dreams. How can I make a wish for Christmas right so that it will come true? How to tell the Angels flying this night over the Earth, about their sincere, secret desire, proceeding from the heart?

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    On ancient customs and not only

    The ancient Christmas customs of

    The completion of this ritual in the people is associated with the observance of certain customs. It should be noted that esoteric knowledge with each new discovery only confirms their feasibility. So, before making a wish for Christmas, you need to follow the following recommendations:

    1. In requests to the Higher Powers there should be no commercialism! The desire for material wealth can come true if it goes on level with love, harmony of relationships in the family, happiness, caring for children and the health of relatives and friends. You can not ask for a new apartment because the old one just got bored or the car, because there was a more "cool" brand. But the newlyweds can ask for housing, but it is for the upbringing and health of children, for the opportunity to build relationships based on love and happiness.
    2. The time of the ascension of the request to Heaven varies by different sources. Someone advises doing this strictly at 12 o'clock in the morning, and someone allows you to make wishes throughout the night. However, everyone is going to the "opening of the firmament" at three o'clock in the morning. Going out into the street, they look up to the starry sky and make a wish. It is good, if at this time the star falls - a sign of fulfillment of desire! Also believing people make a wish at the church at this time.
    3. At no time at this time it is impossible to avenge your enemies, to make wishes with evil intentions, otherwise all this evil, like a boomerang, will return, gaining a triple power. Good intentions have a very great chance for realization: a meeting of true love, the birth of a child, a wish for good health, love and happiness for oneself and for close relatives!
    4. And how to make wishes on Christmas, how correctly to formulate a thought? It must be put on the dream of the present time and be sure to thank God for the fulfillment. For example, you can say "This year I will meet the boy of my dreams, and he will become my husband. Thank you, Lord, for this. "It is undesirable to think of a specific person, to pronounce his name, since no one is allowed to dispose of the will of another person. As punishment for this, your relationship may not be a boon to both of you. An exception is someone's healing. Such wishes can and should be accompanied by names, specify from what, from what ailment, you would like to save a loved one or a loved one.
    Christmas Angels

    On Christmas Eve there is a belief: Angels fly over the earth and perform good sincere desires. How to make a wish for Christmas, so that these unearthly beings could know where they are expected, and fulfill your orders? To do this, put a lighted candle on the window( performing all fire-fighting measures!) Or apply a safer method: hang a Christmas star.

    The right wish of

    In magical requests, wishes you can use paper where you need to write your requests to the Higher Powers, and candles: for love - red, for improving health or well-being - green, for rest - blue, for romantic mood - pink. Light an appropriate candle and all the wax from it to your scribble-desire. In a thread of the same color as the candle, tie up a piece of paper folded with an envelope. You need to wear this amulet all year round. Execution of all your desires will be guaranteed 100%!