What shoes to wear for the New Year 2016 - selection of shoes for the holiday( + photo)

  • What shoes to wear for the New Year 2016 - selection of shoes for the holiday( + photo)

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    Fancy shoes are an integral part of the holiday image. The selection of shoes for the New Year's holiday should be paid special attention, because it is usually customary to have fun until the morning. To prevent the holiday from becoming a torment because of incorrectly selected shoes, you must first choose the right pair.

    Criteria for choosing shoes for the holiday

    To make an indelible impression on others, it is not enough to choose a fashionable outfit, make a luxurious hairstyle and apply perfect make-up. The choice of shoes can decide the success of the evening. If the shoes are not in harmony with the outfit and in general with the image, and even worse, will be uncomfortable or not matched, the catastrophe can not be avoided.

    Shoes should fit in with the

    dress Which shoes to wear for the New Year 2016 to look fashionable and luxurious? First of all, comfortable. This does not mean that shoes with high heels are always uncomfortable or will make you tired quickly during the holiday.

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    Please note! It is important to choose shoes so that not only the size, but the completeness and the shoe match the shape of the foot. In this case, the shoes will not rub and will not make the legs "burn", but will become a true decoration of the attire.
    They can be bright

    So, shoes for New Year's Eve should:

    • be fashionable and beautiful. Shoes are an important element of the image, which can not be overlooked.
    • is sure to be convenient and correctly selected. If the holiday is crushed or rubbed with shoes, legs hurt, it becomes not to the fun and dancing, especially if it is a celebration in a restaurant or at a corporate party.
    • correspond along. The more modest the dress looks, the more bright and daring can be the shoes.
    • be festive and elegant. Modest shoes without heels of restrained colors let it stay on weekdays.

    The most beautiful shoes of the New 2016

    Velvet, colors of Marsala

    Festive footwear from everyday is different materials, texture and finish. Of course, you can use universal colors - black and white, but much more interesting and impressive looks elegant silver or gold shoes, made of elegant brocade or velvet fabrics, silk or satin. These materials are not designed for everyday shoes and are more appropriate than on holidays such as New Year's Eve.

    As from brochure

    , Billing is no less important than the choice of material. Normal smooth leather or suede is not interesting enough for holiday footwear, but it's worth adding embossing, appliqués or embroidery, even as simple "boats" turn into a work of art.

    Please note! For the New Year, shoes from textured skin of reptiles, lizard or crocodile, ostrich are perfect. Such shoes look expensive, luxurious and prestigious.
    With ribbons bows

    Decor is an important part of New Year's shoes. Any excess is only welcomed, naturally, within the framework of good taste. Large silk or gas bows, decoration with rhinestones of various sizes and all colors of the rainbow, embroidery threads and beads, buckles, ribbons and ties are able to make shoes the most active element of the outfit.

    Please note! Brisk shoes should not be abused, especially if the outfit is also richly decorated. Such shoes are ideal for a monophonic dress without unnecessary details. It's better if they are the only bright accessory - jewelry should be taken minimalistic or completely abandoned.

    Fashionable models 2016

    Classic boats on the "hairpin" - it's a win-win option and an impeccable choice. Let it be silk, leather or lacquered shoes of beautiful color with pointed toe and low neckline, so that the base of the fingers could be seen - it's very beautiful and refinedly sexy.

    Who said that only shoes can be worn for the New Year? Elegant sandals made of metalized straps in Greek or Roman style will look airy and refined.


    Shoes in the style of the past eras - a tribute to the fashion of the time of Marie Antoinette and the magnificent outfits of the French courtiers. Shoes on a small heel-a glass of silk and satin, decorated with large bows with "diamond" buckles, will perfectly blend in with the high hairdo and dress of a refined pudding shade.

    Richly decorated with rhinestones and stripes

    New Year requires shine and shoes, which you can afford to wear only for such holidays. If you have a pair full of rhinestones and sparkling like Cinderella's crystal shoes, now is the time to bring it to light. Perhaps it is worth losing one shoe - suddenly it will find a beautiful prince? For the New Year, miracles are supposed to happen.


    Velvet with floral motifs
    decorated with gold and
    rhinestones With gold trim
    blue with bows
    With colored rhinestones
    With flowers
    gold color with appliqués
    Finished guipure
    Unusual heel
    At steady heel, decorated with stones
    Red fur
    Red suede with bows
    Emerald color
    Python skin
    Out of textured skin
    Blue with crystals
    Brilliant options
    Ornate decorated with