New Year scenarios 2015 - How to celebrate the New Year 2015

  • New Year scenarios 2015 - How to celebrate the New Year 2015

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    There is no doubt that the New Year is the most favorite holiday for children and adults. This bright and enchanting celebration is filled with fairy magic, all sorts of miracles and the expectation of fulfillment of cherished desires. The New Year is usually celebrated several times: in kindergartens and schools, in colleges and institutes, in collectives, companies of friends, and, of course, at home in the family circle. For everyone to have fun and interesting during the celebration, various fascinating scenarios of the New Year 2015 are invented by the hosts and teachers. It is easiest to use the already prepared script written by a professional, but you can come up with an unusual New Year presentation yourself. The main thing in this business is not to limit the flight of your imagination.

    The most traditional scenario is a celebration with the participation of Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snow Maiden. But you can arrange an unforgettable New Year, for example, with the involvement of cartoon characters or movies. It depends on the script in many ways, it will turn out a New Year's holiday boring and uninteresting or cheerful and bright. Surprising business, but in the pre-New Year's bustle and hassle, the mood suddenly becomes elevated, from somewhere the enthusiasm is taken-it is in such a state that brilliant ideas appear: to create such an unusual idea than to surprise and rejoice in your family on New Year's Eve. .. this is how the script itself is born. For those who do not attend such inspiration and inspiration, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a small script ready to decorate your New Year's party.

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    New Year's interior 2015

    Try to allocate time for decoration of rooms. It is very important to create a unique magic New Year atmosphere. In the house must be present herringbone - a fragrant coniferous beauty, abundantly decorated with flashing lights, bright toys and a brilliant shimmering tinsel. The subdued light of the lamps, the joyfully running Christmas lights, the lighted candles, like nothing else, can create an upbeat festive mood. In addition, the general interior of the rooms can also be decorated with Christmas toys, serpentine, shiny garlands and rain. By the way, it is quite possible to attract children to make paper garlands and snowflakes with their own hands - they will certainly like such a fascinating occupation. Paper snowflakes can be beautifully colored and then glued to the windows, doors and other places of the apartment. Yes, and do not forget to prepare prizes in advance for the winners of the competitions - symbolic souvenirs and gifts( small boxes of chocolates, chocolates, soft toys, etc.).


    Competitions 2015

    After all the family and guests gathered at the festive table and a little refreshment, it's time to start the fun.

    All the attention of those present should attract Host ( host or hostess of the house):

    "My dear, to all the famous magician and wizard, Santa Claus has authorized me to inform you that tonight he is very busy and will not be able to share this wonderful celebration with us. Grandfather Frost handed me all his magical powers, so I helped him make you a magical, fun and unforgettable night for you. It turns out that today I am acting Father Frost. I promise that in our friendly company there will be no place for despondency and boredom! "

    After such a fiery tirade, the presenter can safely get and put on his Santa Claus hat, whiskers and beard in advance.

    Moderator: " Let's start, all together we will learn the quatrain."

    New Year "knock-knock" is knocking

    Open the door quickly!

    We are a cheerful fable

    We will make all friends happy! "

    Everyone repeats the verse several times. At this time, the Leader takes out in advance a prepared envelope with assignments, which all participants during the memorization of the rhyme are handed from hand to hand in a circle. On which verse ends, he takes out a piece of paper from the envelope.

    Task variants:

    • tell a jolly anecdote,
    • dance a lezginka or a gypsy girl,
    • sing a chastushka,
    • read the New Year's verse,
    • say New Year's wishes to all those present, etc.

    The competition should cover all without exception. No one can be left without attention. Santa Claus. After the competition, you can continue the meal, but not too long.

    Sheep Year Meeting

    Lead takes out of his competitive supplies a twisted-in-the-roll paper on which a muzzle of a smiling piglet is drawn. But here's an ill luck - a muzzle without a penny! A piglet, cut from paper, the presenter gets out separately. And about. Santa Claus offers all wishing to return a piglet piglet, that is, blindfolded, attach it with a pin to the muzzle shown on the paper. The contestant should be blindfolded with a scarf, scrolled around his axis several times and send a pin to snap. The winner is the one who will do it more accurately.

    After a storm of fun everyone should be seated again at the table to refresh themselves, so that there would be strength for the next entertaining contest.

    Again in the spotlight Lead :

    "My dear, I suggest adding a little magic, as soon as the Kremlin chimes are broken, notifying us all about the coming of the New Year 2015! So guess the number you want. Now multiply your number by two, Add one to the value, multiply the sum by 5. Finally, add three, now tell me the result, which is more likely. "

    Everyone in turn tells the leading number. And he makes a thoughtful intelligent face, discards the last digit of the number and solemnly reads the number.

    Everyone is delighted with the magic of magic! It is time to pour champagne on adults, to children - lemonade and triple "hurray" to meet the long-awaited New Year!

    Again says Lead : "I propose to find out who is the strongest!"

    Everyone gets a newspaper sheet. Keep the newspaper in its unfolded form on an outstretched hand. The host includes music. While the melody is playing, the contestants must gather the entire newspaper page into a fist. Whoever first collects - he wins. He, as the strongest, is presented with a prize!

    Do not forget about the dance

    Contests can be diluted with dances.

    Please note! To ensure that those present do not sit alone in the little corner, but become active participants in the New Year's Eve.