• Menu for the New Year 2016 - what to cook

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    New Year is celebrated on a grand scale. Delicious and varied dishes on the New Year's table symbolize the well-being and prosperity of the family in the coming year. On this day they try to cook the most favorite dishes of all members of the family. To the holiday was a success and everyone was satisfied with the feast, think through the menu in advance.

    Drawing up the menu for the festive table

    The menu for the new year 2016 should take into account not only the specifics of the next year and the requirements of the Fiery Monkey. It should include a variety of dishes, an important role will play and decoration of the festive table.

    New Year's snacks

    The choice of dishes depends on the preferences and tastes of home and guests, however there are certain rules in the formation of the menu. It should include:

    • snacks( meat, fish, vegetable);
    • salads( vegetable, fruit, mixed);
    • cold dishes( this may include some "dense" salads such as olivier and vinaigrette, a cold jelly filled with fish or meat, herring "under a fur coat" and much more);
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    • hot dish( at home, one is served more often, but there can be several changes);
    • dessert;
    • drinks.

    The New Year's menu should be adjusted to the needs of all family members. Do not prepare exotic dishes, which may not be to the liking of all present. Such a treat can even spoil the holiday.


    According to all the rules, before the meal, guests are served with aperitifs - spirits that enhance appetite and prepare the body for eating hearty food. The choice of liquor is usually the business of the owner of the house. He will have to pick them up so as to please everyone present. Of course, the presence of champagne on the New Year's table is our tradition, which can not be ignored in any way. For non-drinkers, soft drinks or juices can be provided.


    is very important. The table for celebrating the New Year should also look beautiful and attractive, like the dishes themselves. To do this, it is not enough just to lay the table with beautiful dishes. It must correspond to the solemnity of the moment.

    New Year's compositions

    In our time, there are many ways to decorate the table in different ways. It can be a flower arrangement, candles, beautiful postcards with a designation of places for visitors, rings for napkins and napkins, figurines and small decor. Decoration of dishes also plays an important role.

    Nappy rings
    Table decoration with candles
    Themed figurines

    Selection of dishes

    The festive menu is therefore called what consists of dishes that are not served every day. Do not cover the festive table, exhibiting an ordinary dinner. The atmosphere of the holiday asks for something more refined and varied than the usual food.

    Choice of dishes

    When choosing what to cook for the New Year, be guided by the tastes of your home and guests. An unmistakable option will be a large selection of cold appetizers and dishes, as well as salads - from light vegetable to everyone's favorite Olivier. Just do not make it a main dish. Most often as a hot dish is a fried bird. To this dish you can serve several types of garnish to choose from - everyone can take yourself to taste. The second hot dish can be fish or baked meat.

    Baked chicken
    Please note! It is not necessary to cook food in large volumes, it is better to increase the number of dishes, preferring easier for digestion, otherwise your guests will not want to dance or have fun after a very hearty and dense treat. Serve the food on the table not all at once, but in small batches( changes), removing the previous dishes from the table. Remember, you have the whole New Year's Eve ahead of you.

    Inexpensive delicious treats

    A plentiful and tasty New Year's Eve does not always mean spending a lot of money. You can cover the table sparingly and at the same time it is extremely tasty.

    Blanks to help

    Very many snacks and salads can be prepared from home preservation. Your guests will gladly try your cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms and other products of their own making. Many of these vegetables are useful for creating basic dishes - apples will go to the duck, pickles, carrots and potatoes, onions and peas - in Olivier, home-made sausages and sweets can generally become the main hot dish. Compotes will successfully replace purchased juices, and fruits from them will become a filling of pies or a cake decoration.

    Homemade swimwear
    Please note! In order to avoid unnecessary waste, it is better to cook at home, and not to buy in supermarkets or order in restaurants. For example, the same salad will cost you almost three times cheaper when cooking at home. It is not necessary to lose sight of the safety of home cooking.
    Making a house cheaper

    To cook at home, do not take much time and do not take away strength, choose a simple and easy dish. It is even better to share responsibilities with friends and family. Let everyone prepare what he manages most. You can organize a "shift" work in the kitchen or resort to the old student way. Probably, many remember how they cheaply and effectively organized holidays and parties in the fold. To do this, everyone cooked at home and brought with him what he did best. As a result, only the most delicious and successful dishes were on the table, the festive meal was very satisfying and abundant, and everyone's expenses were minimal. Similarly, you can do now, just do not cover the table in a fold, and instruct each of the friends to cook a certain dish. Here it will be necessary to clearly sign the duties, so as not to get several identical salads in different manufacture.

    Than to please the Monkey

    Fruit serving

    To meet the year of the Monkey and not cook dishes that will attract her attention, somehow wrong. This animal loves everything bright and showy, prefers fruits and sweets, but will not refuse meat. Therefore, on the table must be a lot of different fruits and berries, as well as colorful fruit salads and dishes. Sweets, cookies, cakes and cakes will taste like a sweet tooth Monkey. The original cake decorated with tiny bananas from marzipan will be original. Monkey will definitely be happy!

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