How to celebrate Christmas in Italy - as Christmas celebrates Italians

  • How to celebrate Christmas in Italy - as Christmas celebrates Italians

    Christmas in Italy is the most long-awaited Catholic holiday, to which Europeans are preparing long before the solemn date. It is worth noting that in no other country is so honored Christmas traditions, as in this state. This is due to the fact that virtually the entire population of Italy professes the Catholic faith. In addition, there is the famous Pope of Rome, who personally holds a Mass in the Vatican.

    To learn how to celebrate Christmas in Italy, it is enough just to go to this country for Christmas holidays. However, if you do not have such an opportunity, then this information can be easily obtained by visiting themed sites on the Internet.


    So, let's take a closer look at how Christmas is celebrated in Italy, and why this solemn date is holy for the Italians.

    • From the very beginning of December the whole country is immersed in the atmosphere of pre-holiday mood. All houses, restaurants, municipal buildings, parks, streets and trees are decorated with garlands with thousands of colorful lights. At the same time, Italians acquire lush Christmas trees and dress them up with all kinds of toys, glass balls, tinsel and rains.
    Gifts for Christmas
    • As in all countries, in Italy, too, like to give Christmas gifts. However, if we do this on New Year's Eve, the Europeans are busy distributing the presents for two or one week before the 25th of December. Such prematurity is explained by the fact that Italians like to meet Christmas exclusively in the family circle, and not to burden themselves with giving gifts to friends, colleagues and distant relatives on December 24, they decided to do it in advance.
    • Traditionally, before the Christmas, every Italian family is actively cleaning its own house. After all, this holiday is holy, and this means that it is necessary to meet it in complete purity and order.
    • On Christmas night all of Italy seems to freeze. At this time you can not find any working shop, bank or restaurant. In addition, even public transport ceases to function.
    Christmas Mass in the Vatican
    • Christmas service starts exactly at twelve and lasts about an hour and a half. As mentioned above, the Pope himself holds the Mass in the Vatican. In each church, a small nursery is required, where the figure of the infant Jesus lies. In the old days, absolutely all members of the family were present at such services. However, at present, the percentage of believing Italians has significantly decreased, and now only 20% of all Italians attend the Christmas service.
    • After an hour and a half the Italians rush home and the whole family are arranged behind a plentifully laid table. Traditionally, for this holiday, the housewives prepare dishes such as pork legs, seafood with spaghetti, baked fish, sausages, cakes with raisins and candied fruits. It is also worth noting that no Christmas night in Italy can not do without a dish called tagliatelle, which is very similar to regular noodles.
    • Unlike friends, colleagues and distant relatives, family members receive long-awaited Christmas presents early on the morning of December 25th. Babozo Natale( Italian Santa Claus) brings presents to children and leaves them under a gorgeous Christmas tree.
    • The people of Italy have fun all over the Christmas day, go to their guests, arrange theater performances, visit the city tree where various events are held, and of course, gather together at the same family table, where they tirelessly congratulate and wish each other only the best events in life.