• What year after the year of the snake

    Are you interested in what year after the year of the Serpent? It's time to look into the eastern calendar, to be exact - in the Chinese cyclic calendar, having a sixty-year cycle. Although the animals that symbolize this or that year are only 12, not 60, as it might seem at first. But at the same time each such animal changes also depending on the elements in which it "is born."There are five such elements - a tree and fire, earth and metal, water. And so each of the animal symbols also takes one of five forms.

    For example, 2013 was the year of the serpent, the element of which is water. Simply put, it was the year of the Water Snake, the color of which, like the color of the water, was black. Now it remains to find out which year after the year the Snake will be next.

    Animal Symbol

    Animal Symbol of 2014

    So, 2014 is the year of another animal - the year of the Horse. And, of course, the elements have changed. Now this tree. In the end, we get a wooden horse. Its color is the color of growing plants and the spring sky - blue, blue-green or just green.

    In addition, the tree is considered the first of the elements. And so it symbolizes the beginning of something new, growth, development and practicality. The horse, in turn, is considered a symbol of wisdom.

    Therefore, Wooden Horse, combining the main characteristics of the elements of the Tree and the symbol of the animal, will bring in the coming 2014 dynamism and assertiveness in achieving the goal. But while the blue color - the color of rest and reflection - slightly tame the nature of the horse, passing it instead of restless throwing, strict adherence to the chosen direction.

    People born in the year of the Horse have unique abilities to go to the intended goal, not paying attention to the obstacles that arise before them. Slightly quick temper is compensated by perseverance and determination. The ability to analyze one's own and other's mistakes and choose the most optimal path neighbors with the unwillingness to blindly obey someone's decision, even if it is absolutely true. But even with this character, Horse people are true friends and good family members, though they are striving to fly out of the parent's nest as quickly as possible and create their own "herd".

    To have the happiness of the house

    Figurine of the horse

    Now, after learning which year after the year the Snake will come into its own in 2014, you can prepare for it. After all, everyone knows that luck in the new year will accompany those who will be able to tame the Wooden Horse.

    And although according to Russian tradition we meet the New Year on January 1, and according to the Chinese calendar the animal symbol comes to this world only on January 31, 2014, preparations for the arrival of the Horse can not be postponed at the end of the month. Blue-green shades in festive clothes, wooden figurines( not only the symbol of the year), live plants and a beautiful Christmas tree - all this will attract happiness and luck to your house( and also wealth, if you hang a horse horseshoe over the door).

    And do not forget to carefully analyze the outgoing year of the Serpent, reflect on the mistakes made and put before you new interesting goals, which you will strive for in the year of the Horse. But in financial matters in 2014, it is worthwhile to be more thrifty, because the Horse does not like rash waste and hasty decisions( for example, when acquiring any necessary but expensive things).In addition, in the year of the Wooden Horse, one should not break out over trifles, so as not to break unnecessary firewood in communication with other people( and especially with their relatives - parents, spouses, children).Try also not to be too touchy, learn to forgive and do not keep anger in your heart - this can prevent you from reaching your goal in a year by the wise and fast Green or Blue Wooden Horse.