Contests for the New Year 2014 for children and adults

  • Contests for the New Year 2014 for children and adults

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    New Year's holidays are a special period when people dream not only to have a good time, but also to be charged with positive things, to leave behind all the problems and troubles in the past year, to program the coming year for luck and prosperity.

    New Year, held originally, with a "twist", for a long time will bring you pleasant memories, charge all people with hope for the fulfillment of desires and the miracles that have come true. Very helpful in this is a good company, a pleasant feast, jokes, games, the launch of delightful fireworks, as well as unforgettable contests for the New Year 2014th. Funny competitions help to entertain even the most bored guest. And how fascinating are the children, youth and adults who love to choose from the guests of the best host of the evening - Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snegurochka, having arranged for them a few comic competitions: drinking speed from the tubes, guessing the abbreviations invented in a joking manner and so on.

    Even the Snow Maiden can be asked to make present from improvised materials, two teams. Which she will get faster and more beautiful, she won. In the course can go Christmas toys and cosmetics, clothes and New Year's tinsel - any improvised materials.

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    Funny contests can be designed for both children and adults.

    For children

    Children's New Year's competitions
    1. "Mummy".The guys are divided into teams of two people. One of them will soon become a "mummy", and the other will become a "mummator"."Mumiator" for speed wraps the "mummy" with bandages( a roll of toilet paper is usually used).Kids have fun at these moments from the heart! After winding, you can repeat the action in the opposite direction, unwinding the "victim".
    2. "Pomidorka".Two wishing, facing each other, are invited to put their hand on the speed of the bill, which lies between them on a stool. The presenter considers "one-two-three", and on the account "three" the winner receives a bill-prize. And then the conditions become more complicated. Players are blindfolded, they blindly check the bill, and at the expense of "three" the presenter changes the banknote immediately for a tomato!
    3. "Football from the tangerines".Children play a mandarin ball on the table, and the index finger and the average players use as the legs of the players. Who scored the goal, he won.
    4. "Newton's Law".Before each player is put an empty bottle and the contestant receives 10 peas. On any signal from the leader, the guys, holding their hands only at the chest level and without bending, get on top of the peas inside the bottles. The participant with the most peas in the trap bottle wins.
    5. "Broken balls".The number of balloons is identical to the number of participants. The facilitator explains that the one who blindfolds the air ball with a blindfold will win. But sometimes for the sake of laughter after tying the eyes balls are unnoticeably removed.
    6. ┬źDance with a hoop┬╗.Each participant with a hoop on the command of Santa Claus can, as long as possible, rotate it around the waist, arm or neck. Children can also send a hoop in front of themselves in a straight line, as far as possible.


    Song New Year's contest
    • "To undress".Participants are divided into two teams, take off their clothes and tie it together. At whom the tape will turn out is longer, that command also has won. Sometimes fans are connected for their favorite team, and the game becomes even more exciting.
    • "Eating the Cold".This simplest kind of competition is complicated by the fact that you will have to eat the cold with. .. matches. A new piece of the cold can be a prize for laughter.
    • "Songs about the New Year".Which team will remember and sing the most songs about this magical holiday, at least one verse, that will win.
    • "Prince or princess on a pea".A participant turns his back on a stool or chair. On the seat is placed a small object. It is necessary to guess by the "fifth point" that the object is a "pea".
    • "Bankers".Four participants are divided into two pairs: a guy with a girl. They are given the same bills of different colors - 20 pieces. They can be printed on a printer or used wrappers from sweets. Girls should hide them in the clothes of the guys, and in one place you can put no more than one note. The lead time is 1 minute. Then the girls can be exchanged places, and they will have to find the money hidden by the rival.
    • "New Year's Forest Beauty".Choose one girl who stands on a stool, and a few guys that dress her with bows with clothespins. Then they are blindfolded, and they must take off their jewelry. Who will have the most bows, he can kiss the same girl as many times.
    New Year's contests for adults
    • "Drink to the bottom."On the table prepare two large vessels with a drink( juice or alcohol - depends on the condition of the participants).Two teams of players take pipes, drop them into their "own" vessel and drink a drink for speed.
    • Spyware. Each participant on the back is attached a piece of paper with an inscription. And the players must find out what is written by the opponent, not showing their backs.
    • "Guess" your "half!" The wife or the girl is blindfolded, and next to her they put in a row all the men who are present at the party. She, through the palpation of her hands, must guess her husband or her husband. Complicating can be a contest involving several girls at once, and in the end make up an ideal pair.
    • "Men's Fishing".The men participate. Knobs or pencils are tied to ropes. Each participant ties the other end of the rope to his belt. Opposite to each one puts an empty bottle."Fishing" is to hit the handle or pencil inside the bottle.
    • "Drunken Checkers".To conduct a contest, you need a real "checkerboard".Only instead of checkers on it piles are put. White wine is poured from the side of "white", red - "black".Next, we play a normal game, only the "cut down" checkers should be drunk.

    New Year's funny jokes and contests for the New Year 2014 will allow you to fully experience the magic of the holiday, have fun at the glory, lose weight of past years and feel again mischievous and young.