Which mattress is best for a child, what to look for when choosing a mattress

  • Which mattress is best for a child, what to look for when choosing a mattress

    Children's mattress is the basis of the basics. Now we offer a huge selection of children's mattresses, different models and compositions. It is difficult for young parents to understand which mattress is best for a child, and what should I look for when buying a baby mattress?

    Mattress for a child up to two years old

    In infants, most of the time a child spends in bed. His skeleton is not yet fully formed, so it is very important that during this period the child sleeps on an even surface so that his skeleton and spine develop correctly.

    A child up to two years old needs a hard mattress. But do not be zealous in the choice of rigidity, do not put the child on almost bare boards. The ideal option is to purchase an orthopedic mattress.

    Choose a mattress for the size of the crib. A small mattress will create unnecessary empty spaces where the child will necessarily climb in and may be injured. A large mattress can curl, shrink, bend, which does not provide an even surface for the child.

    The mattress for the child must be made of natural materials, both inside and outside. Choose a mattress with a removable cover. It is very convenient.

    Mattress for a child from two to five

    Which mattress to choose for a child under five? For this age, a mattress of medium rigidity is suitable for a child. If the child has problems with the spine, then the stiffness of the mattress is better discussed with the doctor.

    Mattresses are spring and springless. Fillers can be both natural and artificial. If the child is predisposed to allergies, then carefully choose a mattress with natural fillers, the allergy can manifest itself on natural fillers. It is better to buy a mattress with artificial fillers, or a mixed type.

    Ask your doctor an allergist which mattress is best for your baby.

    Comfortable for the child and a spring mattress with a filler on top of the springs. These mattresses are good in that the spring layer ensures the ventilation of the mattress.

    Mattress for a child over the age of five

    In fact, there is no single answer to which mattress to choose for a child of 5 years. Some doctors say that for a child of this age you can buy already spring mattresses, which are of two types: with a block of dependent springs and independent.

    From the first category is better to refuse, since such a mattress does not provide the necessary support for the spine. The fact that the dependent springs are related to each other, and with the weight of the child they bend, so it can not be called orthopedic.

    But the second-class mattress has an orthopedic effect due to a special design. Each spring is, as it were, "packed" and pressing one does not result in deflection of other springs.

    Which mattress will be the best for your child, decide for the parents. But do not save on the health of your kids.

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