How to narrow the pores on the face - means for narrowing the pores

  • How to narrow the pores on the face - means for narrowing the pores

    Most of the fair sex suffer from problematic skin on the face. Most often, enlarged pores occur in girls and women who have oily or combination skin. The wider the pores, the more salo from the sebaceous glands secrete. And this leads in the future to the appearance of sebaceous plugs( comedones), which become noticeable and spoil the face. To get rid of this problem, women are looking for different ways how to narrow the pores on the face, and successfully use them.

    Causes of

    Oily skin

    First you need to determine the cause of enlargement of the pores on the face. There may be several:

    1. Bold skin type. With this type, a large amount of sebum is released, as a result, the pores expand. A person with this type of skin should learn how to properly care for the skin of the face.
    2. Age of the person. Most often, the problems of expanded pores occur in people in adolescence. Over time, the pores can narrow, but it happens that they remain dilated forever.
    3. Climatic conditions. In hot weather, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the pores expand, and sweating increases.
    4. Incorrect food. The use of a large number of sweets, fatty, sharp and salty foods leads to an expansion of the pores on the face. Those who wish to bring a person in order, should reduce the use of foods containing simple carbohydrates, fats, preservatives, spices, flavor enhancers.
    5. Hormonal causes. Hormonal background also affects the skin condition. If there is a violation of the hormonal background due to pregnancy, menstruation or other reasons, there is an expansion of the pores on the face.
    6. Skin Care. To the skin to breathe, it must be cleaned daily of dirt, decorative cosmetics, particles of old skin.
    Incorrect power supply
    Please note! Frequent use of cosmetics can lead to the formation of acne.

    Salon procedures

    Mechanical face cleaning

    In the salon, different procedures are performed that can reduce the pores and relieve the black spots on the face. For deeper purification of the pores, a mechanical face cleaning is used. This procedure should be done periodically no more than twice a year. This method of cleaning the pores consists in preliminary steaming and disinfection of the face, after which the cleansing process begins: with the help of special tools( and in difficult cases also the fingers of a specialist), the gums are removed from the pores.

    How fast can the pores on the face be narrowed? For an instant result, you can use a surface cryomassage using liquid nitrogen, which will narrow the pores on both the cheeks and nose.

    Another method of narrowing the pores is a deep procedure called "microdermabrasion", which is similar to peeling. It allows not only to reduce the pores, but also to normalize the nutrition of the skin.

    Darsonvalization is a popular aesthetic procedure that acts on the skin due to high-frequency impulse current. This technique allows you to cure acne and remove acne.

    At home

    Daily skin care is required

    To obtain an effective result for narrowing the pores at home, daily facial skin care is necessary. It is recommended that morning and evening wash your face with cleansing agents: gels and foams. In the complex for the skin care of the face, it is necessary to include the use of tonic and cream, which contribute to the narrowing of the pores.

    For a deeper cleansing of the face, the following tools should be used:

    • gommage on cream basis, which are used for mixed skin type;
    • scrubs, which are designed for people with oily skin.
    Use deep cleanser

    Another cleanser is lotion, it allows you to narrow the pores on the face, including on the nose. A lotion made of honey and alum, will reduce the pores, making the skin of the face smooth and matte. In hot weather, a lotion made of herbs is suitable.

    Ethnic oils have become popular as folk remedies for combating expanded pores. They not only contribute to narrowing the pores, but also normalize the hormonal balance of the body. In addition, due to the oil, the skin's immunity is strengthened. Facial massage with essential oils will allow the face skin to enrich with oxygen and nutrients.

    Face masks

    The best and most effective means for narrowing the pores are face masks. Clay masks have miraculous properties: bactericidal, tonic, narrowing pores. They nourish and moisturize the skin, making it supple and taut.

    Masks from blue clay
    • White clay is considered popular and is used by owners of oily skin. It whitens the skin, and also has anti-inflammatory effect. The mask of white clay narrows the pores, removes greasy luster.
    • Green clay is enriched with minerals. It is designed to cleanse pores and get rid of acne eruptions. Masks made of green clay are designed for fatty skin types.
    • Masks made of blue clay are considered very useful. They are suitable for women with any type of skin. Blue clay promotes the healing of the inflammatory skin and the removal of peeling and pigmentation spots, thereby making the skin smooth and matte.
    • Other means for narrowing the pores are natural mixtures that are applied to the face as masks. One of the variants of such masks is a mixture made from whipped egg whites and sliced ​​fresh plantain leaves.
    • Mask of rye bran is considered the most effective. It is prepared by diluting rye bran with cucumber juice to a thick state.
    • A good way to reduce pores are the leaves of sauerkraut. You can also use a mixture of cabbage juice and bran as a mask.
    • If the skin is dry, you can make a mask of strawberry with the addition of sour cream or cottage cheese.
    • The pore tightening mask can be made from grated tomato pulp with the addition of potato starch and vegetable oil.
    • Black bread is also able to tighten pores. To do this, it needs to be softened in boiling water and applied as a mask.
    Mask made of strawberries with the addition of sour cream

    All masks are kept for no more than 20 minutes, after which they are washed off with cool water without using soap. After the procedure, you need to apply a nourishing cream on your face.


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