Mask for the face of yogurt - how to make it right

  • Mask for the face of yogurt - how to make it right

    Since ancient times, almost all dairy products have been actively used to care for the skin of the face, body, and to strengthen hair. Milk and products based on it contain nutritious fats, which are well perceived by the skin and hair, and also contain many useful vitamins and minerals. This is why the yogurt face mask is great for skin care.

    Yogurt as a universal remedy

    Yogurt can be considered an excellent universal skin care product. It contains not only useful substances, but also is able to gently cleanse, exfoliate and brighten the skin.

    On the oily skin yogurt acts matirujushche, removing excessive fat, narrowing the pores and smoothing the relief. Dry skin he actively nourishes, wilted and dehydrated skin tones and moisturizes, and covered with spots, freckles and traces of acne makes it lighter and more tender, while acting non-aggressively and without damaging the sensitive skin, as chemical bleaching agents.

    Yoghurt with strawberries

    You can use yogurt masks all by applying it in pure form or mixing with various fillers. Naturally, the benefits of skin will bring only natural yogurt, which is desirable to do yourself. To do this, a special ferment is added to warm peasant milk, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. As a result, in a few hours you will get an excellent pure and completely natural yogurt without preservatives, dyes and other additives.90% of the resulting product can be eaten, improving the body from the inside, and the remaining 10% is applied to the beauty of the outside.

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    For oily skin

    Natural yogurt

    Natural sour-milk products contain special lactobacilli, which positively influence the pathogenic microflora, which provokes the development of acne. That is why the mask for the face of yogurt has a wonderful refreshing and anti-inflammatory effect. In yogurt, you can add other substances that will additionally affect the fat content and porosity of the skin, for example, tomato pulp, grated carrots or its juice, potato starch or grated potatoes.

    You can add grated carrots

    Apply masks with yogurt from fat and inflammation you need to use at least 10 courses, 2-3 times a week. They should be applied for 20-30 minutes and carefully observe the hygiene of the skin after their application. Yogurt can be an excellent nutrient medium for pathogenic bacteria if it is not completely washed off.

    For dry, dehydrated or aging skin

    Sour milk masks at home also have an excellent effect on dry, sensitive, aging and dehydrated skin. For these purposes, honey is added( if there is no allergy to beekeeping products), a variety of oils, fruits and vegetables, mashed in puree.

    Please note! Especially useful for this type of skin are yogurt masks with strawberries, raspberries, apricots, peaches, watermelon and grapes. All these fruits and berries contain natural fruit acids, which in combination with lactic acid of yogurt act as a very mild peeling. They also include fruit sugars, which actively soften the skin and make it soft and velvety.

    Cleansing mask

    Ground oat flakes

    Since this substance contains natural acids, the yoghurt mask can be successfully used to cleanse the skin with comedones and enlarged pores prone to rapid clogging. The most effective form of this mask is a mixture of yogurt with ground oatmeal. Such a mass is applied to the face with a thick layer and left to dry, but not allowing to turn into a solid mass - it can strongly pull off the skin. If the mask dries very quickly, it can be sprinkled with thermal or mineral water or moistened with a new portion of yogurt from time to time.

    Regularly applying such a mask, you can achieve clean, fresh and matte skin with tightened and cleaned pores. The same mask can also be made with rye flour, in this case, in addition to purification, it will still be very effective against increased fat content. In the case of combination skin, this mask can be applied locally to fatty and porous areas of the face.

    As a cleanser is very good and a mask of a mixture of fresh yeast and yogurt. It smells bad, but it impresses with its result.

    Whitening mask

    You can use just plain yogurt, spreading it on your face with a rather thick layer, and soak them with special paper masks or usual gauze wipes. This mask is applied for at least 20 minutes, then it is washed off with cool water. You can add rinsing with cold water with the addition of lemon juice or rubbing an ice cube with lemon, this will additionally whiten the skin, tighten the pores and serve as a good tonic, especially for fading and oily skin.

    Please note! Do not wait for a miracle from one or two masks. To get a pronounced effect of whitening, you need to make masks regularly for a long time, and even better combine with other clarifying agents.


    Mask made of yogurt that gives a shine to the face: