Hairstyles for the new year 2016 on medium hair( + photo)

  • Hairstyles for the new year 2016 on medium hair( + photo)

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    New Year's holidays are the most long-awaited and joyful, which are spent only with the closest and beloved people. And it does not matter where to celebrate the New Year, beautiful and elegant you want to be on a noisy corporate, and in a nice and cozy home atmosphere. To make a holiday unique will help not only a luxurious dress and successfully imposed make-up, but also a correctly chosen hairdress. Holiday Hairstyles for the New Year 2016 on medium hair can be complex and even bizarre, but they do not always have to be done by the hairdresser.

    Medium length hair is universal and helps to perform both high styling and looks great loose. The new year 2016 will be the year of the Fiery Monkey, so in a festive appearance you can be a little fool. Bright and bright decorations, juicy colors, false strands and braids, unusual shapes and stylizations for historical samples are welcomed.

    Varieties of layings for medium length hair

    Many hairstyles with braids can be performed alone or with the help of a friend, and if you apply overhead braids, then this hairstyle can be very intricate. Good well-groomed and healthy hair of medium length looks best to be loose, but with them it is possible to make a variety of styling. Especially fashionable are different bundles and tails.

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    Loose hair can be decorated with curls or vice versa, making it absolutely smooth and smooth.

    Curls and smoothly laid hair

    Various kinds of weaving or such convenient means as hoops or tiaras can give a festive look.

    Ponytail along forehead and decorative hoop

    When, no matter how on New Year's Day, wear a crown on your head? The diadem can be small and modest, or large and catchy - it all depends on the desire of the owner. The hoop can be decorated with flowers, rhinestones, snowflakes or beads and is chosen for the dress and the general mood of the image. Such a decorative detail also has a practical side - a hoop or diadem does not let your hair loose in your face and prevent you from having fun.
    From hair of such length it is quite possible to build a tail or a bundle.

    Bunch and tail

    If your hair or their length is not enough for this, New Year's hair is made with overhead strands or braids.

    Hairstyle with an oblique braid and a tail from overhead strands

    They will help to make a magnificent high beam or an original asymmetrical tail, which can be decorated with braids or wrapped with a shiny Christmas tinsel from a Christmas tree. The bundle can be quickly made with a special roller or a "donut", selected in the tone of its hair, to be invisible.
    Decorating the hair on New Year's Eve is possible with the help of special colored crayons or pastels for hair.

    Coloring the hair with a pastel

    They allow you to experiment with color as you want, creating the most inconceivable combinations, which the hostess of the holiday will be happy to do - the Fiery Monkey.

    What to focus on when choosing a hairstyle?

    First of all, you need to feel good in your hair. If the whole evening the styling constantly needs to be corrected, strands are beaten out of it, it threatens to collapse at the slightest movement, of course, it is worth to refuse this choice in favor of a simpler version. Otherwise, instead of fun and dancing, the unfortunate mistress of a complex hairstyle will spend half the time in the ladies' room, "restoring" the beauty on her head, and the rest of the night looking with longing at the fun the other guests are having. To photos from the New Year holiday reflected a cheerful and happy face, it is worthwhile to make a trial version of the desired hairstyle and see how it will behave in the long run. In this case, at the evening, the hairstyle will not distract itself, but only emphasize the beauty and good taste of her mistress. Experiments with the exterior is best left for the period of holidays, when everything will look natural and attractive, even pigtails in the style of Pippi-Long-stocking or curly little pricks.


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