How to rent a cottage for the New Year - rent a house

  • How to rent a cottage for the New Year - rent a house

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    Every person dreams to meet the New Year in the best possible way. After all, this holiday is for many people a certain symbol of the miracle, which must necessarily occur on this magical night.

    It is generally accepted that this event should be held exclusively at home. However, if the number of guests is so large that they simply do not fit in a modest apartment, it is best to rent a spacious cottage in which everyone will be comfortable and cozy.

    To this holiday you can pick up absolutely any mansion, but you need to consider several factors. Consider the five basic rules that will help you choose and rent a suitable house for the celebration of the New Year.

    Ad selection

    Newspapers with

    ads Before you rent a cottage for the New Year, you need to review all available offers. In fact it will be very insulting, if you choose not the best house which will be not in the most suitable place. Typically, such ads can easily be found in advertising newspapers or on the Internet.

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    It should be noted that not only tenants but also landlords are actively preparing for the celebration of the New Year. That is why we should not be surprised at too high prices for these services. After approaching the holidays, the cost of such a pleasure, like a two-story cottage, grows in proportion to demand.

    After you select the most suitable options, you need to call each owner and find out more about all of his conditions.

    Choosing the ideal location for

    Before you rent a cottage for the New Year, you should always consult with people who will celebrate this holiday with you, since it is very important that this event impresses all friends, colleagues or family members.

    It is best to rent a house within a radius of forty kilometers from the urban settlement. This will allow you to quickly reach the location of the dislocation, spending a minimum amount of time on the road. In addition, this kind of thoughtfulness can help you if you suddenly forget something at home, and you have to go back.

    An important role in the choice of a cottage is also the condition of access roads, since the New Year is very often accompanied by a warm and snowy cyclone, and this creates a lot of trouble in the process of movement on the car. In the event that, due to heavy snowfalls, the road to the chosen house did not have time to be cleared, it is better not to take risks and leave this option for the next time.

    Exterior inspection of the cottage and check of all its communications

    Inspection of the cottage

    After you have chosen the suitable cottage, you should definitely inspect it. At the same time, it is necessary to evaluate not only the comfort and space of this room, but also some other details. For example, whether all communications are in working order, and whether there will be any problems with them.

    In addition to supplying cold and hot water, electricity and sewage, it is necessary to check the operation of the Internet and cable television. After all, many people do not consider the holiday to be fully realized, if they do not hear the speech of the president of their country.

    In addition, be sure to inspect each room and pay attention to cleanliness and order, since it is in this condition that you must return the house. If you need a spacious parking lot or a garage, you should take care of it in advance.

    When choosing a suitable cottage for the celebration of the New Year, try to rent a house built recently. Of course, in this case, the cost will be slightly overstated, but the probability of emergency situations will be significantly reduced.

    Drawing up a contract

    Drawing up a lease agreement

    If you have completely tripled the house and all the conditions on which it is rented, then most likely the owner of the cottage will ask you to make a receipt and sign a lease agreement. This document will serve as an insurance, which will protect not only the landlord, but you.

    It is also worth noting that quite often the owners of such houses ask their clients about what scenario it is planned to spend the evening. After all, not all owners of cottages agree on active entertainment and the launch of firecrackers, which can easily damage their property. Therefore, if your entertainment program does not please the landlord, you will have to look for a new mansion.

    Delivery of the cottage

    Celebrating the New Year in the cottage

    After the New Year celebration, do not rush to leave the house you love at once. After all, in the conditions of the lease contract, the rules for the delivery of the cottage must be prescribed. In order not to disappoint the owner of the house and fulfill all his obligations under the document, it is necessary to clean out each room, throw out the garbage, wash the dishes and, if necessary, carry out a wet cleaning.

    Thus, observing the submitted rules for the removal of the cottage for the New Year, you will celebrate this holiday so that you will never forget about it.