• How to choose usb flash drive for computer

    Once the information was transferred to floppy disks, but it was a long time and at the moment it is inconvenient, because flash drives appeared. But the official name of the USB flash drive is also called USB Flash Drive, and the word flash drive is just an abbreviation that everyone knows. Next, we will tell you about the memory capacity of modern drives, the main characteristics, appearance and other characteristics.

    Choose flash drives with a volume of at least 16 gigabytes!
    Before buying, you need to familiarize yourself with the volume of the flash drive, but it depends entirely on your goals. Someone needs it to skip out single text files for study, and someone is going to rewrite huge filters in BD Rip format and so on. The fact is that the cost of drives has fallen dramatically in recent years, before the drives with a capacity of 4 gigabytes were priced in the same way as drives with a capacity of 16 gigabytes now. This is very attractive, because a flash drive with a capacity of 16 gigabytes can download at least 7 movies as DVD Rip and watch them on a modern TV with a USB port, you can even build your own movie collection, since the information from the media will never be erased. For a higher fee, you can buy a 32 GB drive, which is much more convenient than two 16 GB media. You can upload huge amounts of information, for example, modern computer games, weigh a lot, you can pour two or three games at once and install at any time.

    The minimum speed of the flash card should be - 12 MB / s
    Very important characteristic - the speed of the flash drive, since it depends on it depends on the speed of file upload. Although most people save on drives and buy the cheapest models. Of course, the amount of 64 gigabytes is very attractive, but if the files will be downloaded for several hours? You will sit for three hours, and wait for the movie to roll. Check the read speed, as for some this is the most important parameter.
    For an example, it's worth to say that a drive having a speed of 5 MB / s will be filled in 12 hours, if the volume of the flash drive is 32 gigabytes. If its volume is 64 gigabytes - it will take a day, for most people this is completely inconvenient, because you will have to sit without a computer, as it will "slow down" while downloading files. Buy modern models that are equipped with a speed of 12 MB / s, it's very convenient and practical, you do not have to sit for hours and wait. It is better to save on the volume of the drive, but to win in speed, it is much more practical.

    The case must be durable in a classic design!
    Buy models with a simple body, because they will last much longer. The fact is that if the flash drive has a lot of moving elements and ornaments - they will quickly disappear, and the flash drive will break. Models that have a retractable mechanism that protects the USB flash drive( as the manufacturer claims), very quickly break down, in about a couple of months. Also, do not overdo it with the size, you have to select a thin and convenient USB flash drive, it's not even that it's inconvenient to carry in your pocket, you can not insert the drive near another drive, because USB ports are nearby. Buy a standard drive of durable material and the usual size, a pull-out mechanism is not needed - it is enough to have a regular cover.

    Do not pursue mindless additions!
    Next, it should be noted that the drives are specifically set up unnecessary features that increase the cost, for example, checking for fingerprints and so on. You still can not use this function, because it will not be useful to you in life. All sorts of backlighting is also not needed, you can easily highlight the connector with your phone. Any additions, including "unique" and "original" design - increase the cost by about 30%.Also, many additional functions work only with drivers and third-party applications. Be based on the practicality of the device, the main parameters that you need to look at: the strength of the case, the write speed, the manufacturer, the volume of the drive - this is the most important thing.

    Choose flash drives of companies: Kingston and Transcend
    Everyone knows that the quality of products depends on the manufacturer, of course, there are cases when counterfeits are sold in stores, but this is a rarity. Do not think that we advertise here Kingston and earn on it, this producer does not need advertising, since everyone has ever seen his carriers. Both Transcend and Kingston have a huge choice of drives for every taste, you can choose the preferred speed, volume, appearance and so on. The cost of flash drives is quite low, although the manufacturers are very famous and produce only high-quality products. You can buy a flash drive with all the necessary characteristics for only 300-500 rubles, if you need a very high speed and volume - 2000-3000 rubles. Find data flash can be in any electronics store.

    Remember that you can buy a flash drive not only in a home store or electronics store, but on the Internet. There are many shops that offer flash drives for every taste, you can pick up a very simple and high-quality model at a low price. Very often discounts are held, and quite significant - 60%.Before buying, be sure to check with the manufacturer and the warranty, if you do not guarantee the quality - it is a fake, so the purchase is completely inexpedient.

    Do not buy a USB flash drive from your friends, as there may be viruses on it, and when you check it on a friend's computer, everything will be alright, but at home you do not even have time to enable the scan mode, the computer will be infected.

    We wish you a successful purchase, our dear readers!