• How to choose a keyboard for work or games?

    Features of a computer keyboard can speed up the performance of our work, or significantly slow it down. Therefore, in case there is a need to acquire a new keyboard, it is necessary to treat the selection of a suitable "nominee" very thoughtfully and judiciously.

    Plan of the article:

    • Key types of computer keyboards
    • What parameters deserve attention when choosing a keyboard?
    • Valuable advice when choosing a gaming keyboard
    • Brands and models recommended by pro-gamers

    Key types of computer keyboards

    Keyboards can be divided into species by many criteria. On interface connections are allocated:

    • wired - PS / 2, as well as USB;

    • wireless - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RF interface.

    For the design features of the keyboard are divided:

    • mechanical - consist of contact pads and keys on the springs, have a high degree of reliability in operation;

    • semi-mechanical - also include contact pads and keys, the role of the spring is carried out by a component made of elastic material;

    • membrane - include contact areas from electrically conductive polymeric material, elastic component here - a film of polymer. Less reliable, but extremely resistant to moisture and dirt.

    Depending on , the set of keys are divided into:

    • compact - do not contain the keys of the digital dial on the right( such are often on laptops);

    • full-size - place the entire set of keys;

    • multimedia - contain additional keys for controlling audio, video, and launching various applications, connectors for audio peripherals, USB port, card reader and much more.

    By form keyboard divided into:

    • standard - usually rectangular;

    • ergonomic - broken body shape, the presence of trapezoid keys, stands for brushes.

    For , the purpose of is subdivided into:

    • workers - they have a standard set of keys and a form;

    • office - have a built-in handset for IP-telephony, fax control buttons, telephone, answering machine;

    • gaming - are characterized by a convenient design, a set of additional programmable keys that facilitate the gameplay.

    Keyboards in unusual performance :

    • flexible and waterproof - belong to the membrane type and have no hard shell, ideal for emergencies;

    • touch - made in the form of a touch screen with a picture of the keys;

    • backlit keyboard is a practical invention for printing in the dark;

    • the laser keyboard - the keys are projected by means of laser beams on any surface.

    Which parameters deserve attention when choosing a keyboard?

    1. Connection interface. If you are going to work exclusively at the computer, you can use the wired keyboard interface. At the moment it is presented by PS / 2, as well as USB ports. Until recently, the first connector had more advantages, as it allowed control of the BIOS before the operating system was turned on. But now this connector is a thing of the past. In addition, it is available exclusively on stationary PCs. This sadly limits the scope of its application.

    At the moment, the BIOS supports a USB port, which allows you to use the keyboard on this interface in its entirety. Also, we can connect such a keyboard to a large number of devices that have a USB connector( laptops, multimedia centers, tablets, game consoles).

    The wireless version of the keyboard is not as comfortable as with the mouse. It is suitable mainly for HTPC owners( computer-based home theater).He will also arrange gamers who prefer to place the keyboard on their lap.

    2. Step of pressing. When selecting a keyboard, stop at this parameter, which means the depth of the key's immersion when pressed. Standard keyboards have a long tapping step. The laptop keyboard is short. The option, as they say, "for an amateur."However, short-pitch keys require less effort and time to press.

    3. Contrast of fonts. This parameter is especially relevant for not very experienced users who do not remember where and what key is located. Therefore, the same size, the color of the Latin and Russian layouts can cause some difficulties when typing.

    4. Noise level. This parameter may seem insignificant, but for a long time you will agree that a high level of noise when you press the keys can cause irritation and fatigue.

    5. The compactness of the keyboard. If space permits, a full-size device can be used. However, if you use a small keyboard stand that extends from the table, you may not have enough room for the mouse. The output is the purchase of a compact keyboard that does not contain a digital block.

    6. The structure of the keys. Mechanical and semi-mechanical keyboards are distinguished by their high reliability, convenience in typing. When pressed, you hear a clear click that tells your ear that the key is pressed. However, this type of keyboard is quite expensive. A more reliable price alternative is the membrane keyboard.

    7. Availability of multimedia functionality. If you value comfort, the presence of keys on the keyboard for adjusting the sound, navigating through the browser, turning on and off the computer, then a variety of connectors and ports will create pleasant working conditions.

    8. Form factor. If you spend a short time in the virtual space, then the standard form will be the best option. However, if your professional activities are related to a computer and you spend most of the day behind it, you should think about purchasing an ergonomic keyboard that will relieve tension from your hands and fingers and prevent the development of tunnel syndrome.

    If you are a drink lover in front of a coffee or tea computer, you will benefit from a flexible washable keyboard, which you can even soak.

    9. Presence of illumination. If you like to sit up late at the computer, but do not want to disturb your home's sleep with the lights on, the keyboard with the backlight of the keys will be ideal for you.

    10. Primary activity. For normal operation, a standard keyboard is suitable without frills. Work in the office requires additional options( like call management, answering machine, fax), which will provide an office keyboard. If the main occupation is games, your choice is a gamer keyboard.

    Valuable advice when choosing the gaming keyboard

    The first thing that offsets you when buying a really good gaming keyboard is refreshingly high prices. But this is the price for the exclusivity of devices and comfort.

    So, first of all, pay attention to:

    1. Key programmability. This function makes it possible to start a sequence of game actions by pressing one key, which would require in the usual situation the pressing of a set of keys, and therefore time. This function is implemented using a macro.

    2. Presence of a game mode. This mode disables all keys that can interrupt the game process( windows, shutdown the computer, etc.).

    3. Liquid crystal display. This display is used to broadcast in-game statistics( number of wins, points, etc.), as well as system performance( FPS, ping and others).

    4. Key illumination. Because most gamers are night birds, you can easily find the right keys in the dark without disturbing the surrounding people with the presence of lighting.

    5. Mechanical key type. This kind of keyboard creates a feeling of confident pressing and tactile comfort. In addition, the service life of such a keyboard is quite large.

    6. Multimedia management. It's no secret that many players prefer to listen to their favorite music combined with the game process. The multimedia control keys allow you to control music without leaving the game.

    7. Limit of simultaneous pressing. The standard keyboard has a recognition limit of 3 keys. For a crazy gamer pace this is clearly not enough. Gamerkey keyboards have a limit of simultaneously pressed keys from 6 to 26( yes, do not be surprised).

    8. Response Time. This parameter is responsible for the port poll rate per unit of time. The lower threshold recommended for pro gamers is 1000 Hz.

    Brands and models recommended by pro-gamers

    The avant-garde here, as in the case with mice, is the company that manufactures gaming devices RAZER.The ruler of the keyboards of this manufacturer is headed by Razer Lycosa Mirror, Razer Tarantula, Razer BlackWidow, Razer BlackWidow, Razer Anansi, which have a mirror-glossy Hyperresponse( reduces the time of keystrokes), anti-phantom system( fights with superimposing signals with simultaneous keystrokes).

    Also earned the trust of many gamers and Logitech. Its flagships are the game keyboards: Logitech G15, Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105, Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110, Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510, Logitech G19.

    Another cult brand - SteelSeries. The range of its game keyboards is represented by: SteelSeries Shift, SteelSeries Merc Stealth, SteelSeries Apex.

    Pay attention to the products of ROCCAT, Microsoft, Saitek.

    Choosing the optimal keyboard will create conditions for productive activities, relieve the tension of the hands at critical points, and prevent the development of tunnel syndrome. Keep track of the posture, the correct position of the hands and the mode of operation for the PC.

    At the end of this article, we offer you to watch a useful video about the choice: