What to do if the computer does not turn on. Ways to solve the problem

  • What to do if the computer does not turn on. Ways to solve the problem

    Each user, sooner or later, may have problems starting the computer. Not always problems with the boot of the computer are caused by its failure, very often the reason for this is we, and it's very quick and easy to fix. In this article, we'll look at the most common reasons why a computer does not start, so you can quickly solve the problem, and you did not have to call a specialist.

    The computer does not turn on at all

  • The computer turns on but does not boot

  • The computer turns on but there is no image

  • Why the computer does not turn on

    The computer does not turn on at all

    This can be both the simplest reason for not turning on the computer, and the most complicated one. Let's start with a simple one. If you do not turn on the computer, then the most common reason is the lack of power to it. This happens as a result of several factors:

    • The

    power supply is turned off The power button on the back of the computer is turned off and on. It's possible that you accidentally touched it when you wiped dust or cleaned it under the table. To solve the problem, you just need to switch this button to "On" and everything - the computer will start.

    • The power cable is badly plugged into the

    system unit. Try to pull out and insert the power cable connected to the power supply of the computer, check that it is fully inserted and try restarting the computer. If that did not help, we go further.

    • The power plug of the

    computer is discon- nected or misplaced. In this case, insert the plug into the outlet, and then try to start the computer.

    • Does not work stabilizer or UPS

    If your computer is connected via a stabilizer or a source of continuous power, then it's possible that they are out of order, so try to connect the computer directly.

    • The network filter or socket

    does not work Well, the last of the simple reasons why the computer does not start is a faulty power filter or socket. Try to connect the computer through another network filter and the outlet, if it starts up - that's the reason for this, if that did not help, then the failure is more serious.

    Another rather frequent reason why the computer does not turn on is incorrect connection of its components in the system unit, it often happens when users clean the computer themselves, and at the same time disconnect the wires or accidentally touch them.

    The next reason is the failure of the power supply, this is quite a frequent breakdown in computers, since on average the power supplies last 3 years, after which they rarely fail. If the power supply is in working condition, then there are 2 options for failure: either the motherboard has failed or the contacts have become oxidized.

    The computer does not turn on, but the fans are running

    The computer starts, but nothing happens? Check all contacts and connections of accessories in the system unit. Most often this happens after cleaning the inside of the system unit and components. Also, in some cases helps to reset Bios, for this you need to close the appropriate terminals on the motherboard and restart the computer, before running making the settings of the reset Bios.

    The computer does not turn on and the

    is on. If the computer turns on and on, this means that one of the devices is missing or connected incorrectly. By the nature of the sounds produced, or more precisely by the number of long and short squeaks - you can determine what the problem is. It may be necessary to pull out and reinsert this component, clean the contacts or replace it due to failure.

    The computer turns on, but does not load

    If the computer turns on but does not start, then it happens for three reasons, let's consider them:

    • The computer does not see the hard disk on which the operating system

    is installed. In this case, there are 2 reasons why the operating system does not boot: either the hard disk is incorrectly connected or it failed. Try turning off the computer and turning off the hard drive, then reconnect it. Start the computer, and try to listen to this hard drive, if it works and does not make any strange sounds, then proceed to the next item. If the hard disk does not hum or it does something wrong, try reconnecting it with the help of other wires, if this does not help, then most likely the hard drive has broken down.

    • The system loader does not specify or specify the wrong partition from which it needs to load

    Most often, this happens because of the installation of the second operating system and the subsequent removal of one of them. In this case, you need to restore the bootloader. In the Windows operating system, you can do this as follows: you need to boot from the operating system installation disk, select the item "System Restore" in the menu, then select the operating system you want to restore and click the "Next" button and click "Command Line".At the command line, the following commands are written: the first is "bootrec.exe / fixmbr ", then click" Enter "and enter the following command -" bootrec.exe / fixboot "and also press" Enter ".Then we exit this menu and restart the computer.

    • Problems with operating system

    If the previous action did not help or the loader sees the operating system, but the system itself does not start, then you can again try to restore it using the boot disk by selecting the item: "Restore the startup" or "System Restore".If these actions do not bring results, then you will have to reinstall the system. We described in detail how to install Windows 8 in our separate article.

    The computer turns on, but there is no image

    If the computer turns on, but it has a black screen, then, probably, the problem is the wrong connection of the monitor. To do this, make sure that the cable connecting to the monitor is connected correctly, both from the side of the system unit and from the side of the monitor itself. Then check the settings in the monitor so that the correct type of connection is set: VGA, DVI or HDMI.Also check the power cable to the monitor so that it is properly connected.

    The next reason that there may be no image on the monitor is the failure of the video driver. Try to start the computer in safe mode, and reinstall the video driver. If this did not work, try connecting the monitor to the integrated graphics card, pulling out the discrete one. If the image appeared, then the problem with the video card( try to clean the contacts and insert the card well in the connector), if there is no image, then it is possible that the problem is in the monitor.

    The computer turns on and immediately shuts down the

    This situation occurs for two reasons: the cooling cooler has failed or the power button has jammed. Therefore, check the cooler if it is all right, then disable the start button from the motherboard and start the computer by closing the startup terminals( be careful and do not do this if you do not have the experience!), If the computer started and did not shut down - repair the button.

    If none of the above recommendations helped, then you need to contact the service center, because without a certain amount of experience and knowledge, you will not be able to fix a serious breakdown.