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    Hydrotherapy( water treatment): benefit and effect for the body

    Few people know thatthe most common purified water has useful properties, so hydrotherapy is used to treat many diseases.

    Hydrotherapy as a healing system: the essence and use ^

    Hydrotherapy( hydrotherapy) is a method of healing, the main means of which is water. It cleanses the body, so it is recommended to drink it in large quantities, and also used for washing the intestines, eliminating cellulite and treating certain diseases.

    There are several types of hydrotherapy:

    • Shower: a powerful jet of water contributes to toning, losing weight and getting rid of cellulite. That is why in the salons are popular services such as the shower Charcot, dust, Scottish, etc.;
    • The simplest hydrotherapy in a bath: you can get a variety of effects by plunging into hot, warm or cold water: in the first case, the blood flow increases, in the second - fatigue is removed, and in the third - the tone rises and the organism is tempered. In addition, it is useful to take a bath with hydromassage;
    • Swimming in the pool( hydrokinetic): develops muscles, improves well-being, increases endurance;
    • Purgation: in this case, hardening is carried out and immunity is significantly strengthened;
    • Steam exposure: for example, baths, visiting a sauna or bath provides a curative effect;
    • Intestinal hydrotherapy: in this case, purification by washing with a special apparatus is implied. Very often doctors recommend it, especially before the operation.

    Hydrotherapy in physiotherapy also involves showers, baths, wrapping, wiping and dousing with water, to which salt, radon, pine extracts can be added, etc. Such procedures are performed in most cases in salons, since special equipment is required for them.

    Hydrotherapy: Advantages and disadvantages of

    Before deciding on treatment with hydrotherapy, it is important to know the main advantages of this technique:

    • It can be used by people of any age, however, salon procedures should be visited only after consulting a doctor, especially if there are diseases;
    • You can practice hydrotherapy yourself by selecting the most appropriate species for this.

    Of the minuses - only a high price for some sessions in the salons, but their effectiveness completely pays for the cost.

    Hydrotherapy: indications and contraindications

    When is effective water treatment:

    • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
    • For hardening;
    • For chronic lung diseases;
    • In case of circulatory disorders;
    • With frequent migraines, fatigue and headache;
    • With neuroses and insomnia;
    • For weight loss, elimination of varicose veins and cellulite;
    • For skin diseases, puffiness;
    • For diseases of the pelvic organs;
    • For the treatment of hemorrhoids;
    • For preventive purposes.

    It is forbidden to engage in hydrotherapy during exacerbation of chronic diseases, the third stage of hypertension, trophic ulcers, furunculosis, stage 1 and above with circulatory failure, a stroke or infarction suffered less than a year ago.

    Hydrotherapy at home and in salons: description of the procedures ^

    Hydrotherapy: what kind of disease treats water

    Kneipp hydrotherapy

    Sebastian Kneipp is a man who managed to defeat tuberculosis with hydrotherapy, making him world famous. Later, he shared his method, which includes the following rules:

    • It is necessary to regularly pour the entire body of water with a temperature of 15 to 18 degrees - this will remove irritability and improve the tone;
    • Only the upper part of the body will help to get rid of lung diseases, but you need to start smoothly: at the first stage, one watering can be enough, and then you can go to 6 watering cans;
    • Pouring the lower body is useful for those who want to get rid of varicose, thrombophlebitis or atherosclerosis. For this you need to pour only standing;
    • Hot baths for hands are a wonderful way to cure sinusitis, runny nose and flu. Cold helps to normalize the heartbeat;
    • Walking on the water eliminates insomnia and depression. You can walk on the bathroom, starting from one minute, and then bringing the duration of the session to 7 minutes.

    In addition to water therapy for tempering the body and immunity, the author recommends to engage in phytotherapy, lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition and move more.

    Hydrotherapy against cellulite

    In this case, it is meant to visit procedures with the use of a shower:

    • Charcot's Shower: combats cellulite, eliminates swelling and fatigue;
    • Needle shower: removes swelling, improves lymphatic drainage, removes toxins;
    • Scottish shower: increases the elasticity of the skin, normalizes the lymph flow;
    • Cascade shower: heals cervical osteochondrosis, tones up, relieves tension from muscles.

    If there is no possibility to go to the salon, you can take a shower and at home, but for this you need to switch it to the routine of a normal jet, increase the pressure and drive them daily in the areas of the body on which there is cellulite.

    Hydrotherapy for weight loss

    If you want to lose weight, then you need not only do a whirlpool, but also drink from 2 liters of clean water a day: it is proved that non-carbonated mineral water helps to get rid of the fluid that has lingered in the body, and also reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism,if you use it in sufficient quantities.

    Cold water with hydrotherapy

    To increase the tone and normalization of the nervous system, it is recommended to pour cold water:

    • First, we pour water on ourselves only at room temperature, and all the next days gradually lower the degree;
    • Each time intensely rubbed with a towel to make the blood circulate faster.
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    Treatment with water: reviews and results ^

    Despite the fact that hydrotherapy is partly an unconventional medical science, its health benefits have long been proven by many researchers, and doctors agree with this. That's why often doctors recommend their patients hardening, and drinking a lot of water in ARVI and the FLU accelerates recovery.

    Reviews of the hydrotherapy of our readers:

    Margarita, 27 years old:

    "I was helped to remove cellulite from Charcot's shower. I spent a lot of money on it, but now I can go to the beach without shame. "

    Julia, 34:

    " When I was on a diet, I drank lots of water. I noticed that it is only necessary to reduce its number - so you want to be stronger. She also often arranged unloading days for mineral water, and lost weight quite well. "

    Jeanne, 43:

    " I was very interested in Kneipp's technique for a long time. Previously, it hurt almost every winter, but after becoming a follower, even a cold does not bother me. I think that his system is useful both for the sick and healthy. "