Abdominal abscess before childbirth - how does the stomach fall

  • Abdominal abscess before childbirth - how does the stomach fall

    Nine months of expectations approach the final stage, during this time there are various changes in the mother's body. Pregnancy is coming to an end, and the first sign of the approaching birth is the belly dropping, in this way nature prepares both the mother and the child for the upcoming event. Since ancient times, this was considered the first sign of the onset of labor. If you notice that the stomach has gone a little down, it became easier to breathe, then you had a lowering of the uterine fundus down the abdomen.

    What does it mean abdominal pain

    If the stomach does not descend

    Abdominal collapse suggests that the body begins the last preparations for the birth of a child. The baby weighs its weight on the bottom of the uterus, as a result of which it descends into the lower abdominal cavity, meanwhile the child presses against the bones of the small pelvis, fixing there before the onset of labor. In turn, the mother may feel some relief, since the stomach no longer presses against the diaphragm, and the breathing is completely normalized, as a result of which the shortness of breath disappears.

    Primordial and mozdrodyaschie But it is worth noting that not all future mothers are seen a similar phenomenon. If a woman gives birth not the first time, the abdomen goes down when the labor begins labor. This is due to the fact that the muscular wall of the abdominal cavity has significantly weakened after the first birth, thereby preventing the infant from staying at the small pelvis. In this case, the abdomen does not come down. Only with the onset of contractions, muscle spasms can push the baby down, testifying to the active development of labor.

    The situation with the lower abdomen of primiparous women is different, their muscles have not been subjected to such a load yet, thanks to this they are able to hold the child firmly in his position, and if under his weight the baby pulls down, the uterus naturally falls, being held by the muscular wall of the abdomenin the selected position.

    Please note! If the primigly mother noticed the belly dropping, do not panic and immediately go to the hospital. Rather, this process indicates the preparation for the forthcoming birth, which will come no sooner than, in two weeks.

    This calculation is correct if the pregnancy was without complications. In the opposite case, you must immediately report what happened to your doctor.

    How can one understand that the stomach has fallen

    The abortive stomach

    Not everyone can visually determine whether the uterus has descended or not, since this happens in an individual order. But on some sensations it can be understood. First, put your palm under your chest, where the belly begins, and if there is a small distance between them, and the palm easily fits in this gap - this is the first signal about the descent of the uterus.

    Perhaps you were tormented with shortness of breath while walking, and the stomach unpleasantly pressed on the ribs, the stomach worked badly, and heartburn did not give you rest - with the lowering of the abdomen, all these ailments immediately disappear. Many women are familiar with this. But unpleasant sensations find a new place in your body. First of all, the internal organs of the small pelvis suffer. There is an increased pressure on the bladder, as a result of which Mom simply does not come out of the toilet. And because of pressure on the rectum, both constipation and diarrhea can develop.

    The stomach sank

    The baby's head exerts more pressure on the uterus, thereby affecting and irritating the nerve endings, which causes dull pain at the very bottom of the abdomen. Because of this, when walking, the woman moves in floundering steps that from a distance, resembles a duck. From the side such changes immediately become noticeable, which indicates the approach of the term of birth.

    After the lowered abdomen, a woman should more closely monitor changes in the body, in case of doubt, you need to consult your doctor in addition.

    What to do when my stomach falls

    The belly of

    that's missing The main thing to know is that the earliest abdominal pain should occur after 35 weeks of pregnancy. If this happened a week or two earlier, at the same time there is a very sharp pain in the lower abdomen with an increased tone of the uterus, there is a high risk of premature birth, you must immediately go to the hospital where they put you to save, to fully communicate their baby.

    Please note! A re-born woman who has noticed the process of lowering the abdomen should closely monitor all further processes taking place in her body. It is possible, immediately after the recession of the abdomen may stop the plug - this is a direct evidence of the onset of labor. Therefore do not wait for the beginning of fights, immediately call an ambulance.

    So, the lowered stomach is the first signal for preparations, if there are no problems with health, a woman can safely stay at home until the forthcoming birth. At the same time, it must follow a number of recommendations that will help to wait for this day without problems. Recently, it is very hard for them to fall asleep, so we must find the most comfortable position for a quiet sleep, in order to fully sleep and protect their strength. It is necessary to regulate the amount of incoming fluid through food and completely abandon any physical exertion, as this can cause labor and early labor. Do not disturb the child ahead of time, he must himself want to be born.