Can I fly by plane to a pregnant woman?

  • Can I fly by plane to a pregnant woman?

    You are pregnant, but you have a small trip( business trip, vacation or moving to another city)?Do not worry, most trips to long distances even in "interesting position" do not cause any problems( although all, of course, very individually).However, future moms are interested not only in the possibility and safety of traveling by train or car, but also the question: can pregnant women fly by airplane?

    Can or can not

    Flight during pregnancy

    Before each of you decides whether it is possible for pregnant women to fly by airplane, and specifically for you, it is worth to pass a small test. So, answer only "yes" or "no":

    Question 1. Are you going to travel on an airplane in the first three months of pregnancy?

    Question 2. Do you have a gynecologist who does not recommend you to go on a plane trip to another city?

    Question 3. Do you travel for the period from 7 to 9 months of pregnancy?

    Question 4. Do you have a risk of premature birth or have you previously had miscarriages at any time?

    Question 5. Do you swell much, and you have a long flight?

    Question 6. In the country( or city) where you are going to fly, medical care for pregnant women is worse than where you live now?

    Question 7: For a trip to the country that you decided to visit, additional vaccination( including live vaccine, as well as vaccinations against typhus, cholera, measles, yellow fever and rubella) is required?

    If you answered "Yes" to at least one of the questions, you are not recommended to fly an airplane during pregnancy.

    Maximum comfort

    Pregnant in the journey

    But if, after passing the test, you found that all the answers contain only the word "No", the question is whether it is possible for pregnant to fly by airplane, for you it is solved positively. However, this does not mean that the future mother does not need to take care of herself( and about the child growing up in her body).

    Here are some tips for those who go on a plane flight in an interesting position:

    1. Before the flight, be sure to consult your doctor, take a certificate( indicating the period of pregnancy) and a medical card( you will need it if any problems arise.then medical problems in another city or country).Some airlines prohibit air travel to their passengers if the gestation period exceeds 25 weeks.
    2. At the airport, ask to replace the scan through the scanner with a personal search( although there is no exact information that radiation or ultrasound of hand scanners and passage frames are harmful to the baby's health, but there is no data refuting this statement).
    3. Flight When choosing a place, give preference to the zone closer to the nose of the airplane( the ventilation works better, and it will also be easier to leave after landing).Do not forget that by taking a seat at the aisle, you will ease your way to the toilet( which you may need, not just once during the entire flight).If possible, buy tickets only in the first class salons and do not forget to periodically walk on the aisle during the flight to avoid edema and unpleasant sensations in the legs.
    4. Do not fly on flights that are allowed to smoke( even in a non-smoking lounge) - passive smoking for several hours of flight can harm your child's health.
    5. During the flight, drink as much water as possible - this will prevent dryness in the nose and throat, as well as prevent dehydration.
    6. Take a bottle of salt spray to your nose on the plane and use it a little every hour( this is another way to moisten the air you breathe in the airplane).
    7. Eat in flight often, but little by little, using only your usual dishes( better - vegetarian).