How to endure a healthy child - child's health

  • How to endure a healthy child - child's health

    No doubt every pregnant woman wishes her future child health. However, to ensure that your baby was healthy and well-being, you still need to take care of your body during the pregnancy.


    Weight during pregnancy

    Ideally, if a woman begins to prepare herself for pregnancy and childbirth long before their onset: eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle. Planning pregnancy, you need to start training with adjusting your weight. Everyone knows that inadequate and overweight causes not only inconveniences, but also can lead to complications of pregnancy. But remember that all diets should be finished before conception. Lose weight in the position is strictly forbidden, because by that you restrict the child to the nutritional and nutrients coming to him along with the products that you use.

    Medical control

    Medical control during pregnancy

    All diseases, including chronic ones, should be treated at the planning stage. This should be done, if only because many drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy. If you have been delaying treatment, prescribed by an endocrinologist, cardiologist or nephrologist - it's time to devote time to it.

    Once you have learned about your pregnancy, immediately register with a women's consultation - this will help to avoid problems. You will not only once again be told how to take out a healthy child, but will also give directions to pass the doctors and take the tests. This procedure is mandatory, and it allows you to identify all the diseases that can affect the development of the child, including those that you might not even have known existed. Particularly pay attention to doctors, from whom you stand on dispensary records. One of the doctors on the list will be a dentist, and that's right. Many neglect the treatment of teeth, and a sick tooth can make itself felt at the wrong time, for example, the moment you need to go to the hospital. Not less attention is required for sexual infections. Not treated in time, they will be passed to the baby during the passage of the birth canal.

    By the way, it will not be superfluous if your spouse also visits doctors at the stage of pregnancy planning, because his genes are also passed on to the baby, and in order for the baby to be born healthy it is necessary to consider the possibility of transferring hereditary diseases not only from the mother, but also from the father.

    A special case - colds during pregnancy. For the future mother, the cold itself and the medications that are now taken to treat it are harmful. Address to the grandmother's means: drink hot milk, tea with a raspberry, as a last resort, address for consultation to the competent doctor: let will attribute medicines which are not contraindicated to accept during pregnancy.

    Bad habits

    Harmful habits of pregnant

    Of course, you must give up bad habits. Alcohol and smoking for pregnant women are very harmful and do not have the best effect on the development of the fetus. Again, it is ideal to stop smoking and drinking alcohol before pregnancy, giving the body the opportunity to purify itself of harmful substances. Smoking should be ruled out completely, alcohol also applies, but, as a last resort, it is allowed to drink a glass of good red wine no more than twice a week. Know that alcohol abuse leads to negative consequences for the child: developmental anomalies, mental retardation, insufficiently active growth. Especially important is the refusal of smoking and alcohol in the first trimester, when the laying of all vital systems and organs, including the brain, is underway.


    Nutrition for pregnant women

    Having started to eat right before pregnancy, you will prepare the body in advance for the upcoming difficult times, when the consumption of nutrients will increase dramatically. If the food regime was not brought in order in advance, then as soon as possible, do it as soon as possible. Eat regularly, at regular intervals. It is necessary to slightly increase the calorie content of food, due to a small increase in portions, but do not overeat. The food should be balanced, containing products of vegetable and animal origin. Potatoes, beans, fish and meat, vegetables and fruits, including dried fruits - is what you need. In principle, vegetarian food will provide the child with almost everything, but vitamin B12 and iron will have to be taken separately.

    In addition, during pregnancy, a ban on the use of certain foods: a product with a high content of vitamin A( leads to the development of congenital anomalies in the first trimester of pregnancy), pates, some types of cheeses, food allergens( berries, eggs, etc.)any food containing many dyes and preservatives, for example, soda, chips, instant noodles. In short, your daily diet should consist of natural food. Before buying, read the composition on the package, if there is much "E", then do not buy this food. Make sure that at first you receive a large amount of folic acid. It is found in vegetables of dark green color.

    During pregnancy, you should limit the use of smoked, salted, roast and spicy - spare your kidneys and liver, which already work in emergency mode.

    General mood

    General mood of pregnant

    Your mood is very important. The emotional state of the pregnant woman is unstable: then laughter, then tears. Usually a woman easily gets frustrated over trifles. Do not worry - this is normal. In this difficult time, care and support of relatives is necessary.

    If possible, do less homework, eliminate heavy physical labor( hand washing, washing the floor, dragging heavy loads).Have a rest, listen to music, do self-education, get positive emotions. Experiences about and without reason can cause the appearance of nervous disorders in the baby when he is born.

    Follow the above recommendations, be patient and expect the birth of your child. Light birth!