How to remove stretch marks after birth - fight with stretch marks

  • How to remove stretch marks after birth - fight with stretch marks

    Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a woman's life. Her head is filled with thoughts about the future of the child, about healthy nutrition, about vitamins and hassle of buying children's things. Young mothers, having a beautiful and fit figure, do not always believe that they will ever have problems with stretch marks after childbirth, a saggy belly and cellulite. All these horrible enumerations are not about them, but about lazy mothers who are not capable of watching themselves. And about how to remove stretch marks after childbirth, they initially do not worry much.

    After the birth of the child, the picture changes completely - such a gentle and smooth body, covered with waves of stretch marks, they panic any woman. And when milk comes, the breast can increase twice or more in a few hours, and this inevitably leads to the formation of stretch marks. With an enlarged chest during feeding, they are not visible, but once the milk production is adjusted to a constant regime and the breast becomes slightly smaller, small strips of stretch marks will immediately become visible.

    After such discoveries in changing skin condition, women frantically search for all possible ways to eliminate them. The proposals of cosmetic companies are being studied, magazines are being turned over, forums are being stormed.

    The causes of stretch marks

    As we know, science still does not know the true reasons for which stretch marks appear. But a number of reasons have been singled out, which can significantly contribute to their appearance. First of all, it is a general condition of the body, a metabolic disorder, a constitution, or the addition of the woman herself, the skin condition, and of course the size of the fetus. All this affects the size of the abdomen and leads to the appearance of stretch marks of different sizes.

    Typically, this problem affects certain areas of the body. This stomach, hips and of course the chest, which is the most vulnerable, due to the thin skin and the rapid flow of milk, thanks to which the breast increases at times. But it should be noted that the extensions are an inconclusive sentence, one can always find an outlet and ways to solve this problem.

    How to prevent the growing problem

    Wear a bandage during pregnancy

    It's worth reassuring women, stretch marks can be removed, although not as fast as you want, and you'll have to work without getting lazy. But the best way is to prevent the appearance of such troubles early on, when the tummy does not bulge too much and it is almost invisible. Buy a special belt-bandage in the pharmacy, carefully approach the choice of size, then it will support the stomach and ease the burden on the spine, keep the skin on your stomach from stretching and sagging.

    Please note! It is necessary to put on and remove the bandage only when lying down.

    The bandage stretches along with the growth of your abdomen and takes the desired shape, it is enough to choose a universal model, the belt of which is rewound to the size that your stomach has increased. If the belt does not suit you, there are options for a bandage in the form of shorts and panties.

    Bandage in the form of a belt

    Be attentive to nutrition - it is also important for the proper development of the fetus and for the restoration of resources in the mother's body. Of course, a doctor who monitors your pregnancy will necessarily prescribe the necessary vitamins and minerals that will be useful for both of you and your baby, but do not limit yourself only to pharmaceuticals, add foods rich in vitamins A, E, C and proteins to your diet. They will also help keep your skin in perfect condition.

    Do not forget to prepare the skin during pregnancy for possible troubles. Perform a number of simple procedures that will make it supple and soft. Every day taking a shower, massage the body with a soft washcloth, preferably from natural fibers, after which do not wipe, and pat the body with a soft soft towel. And be sure to rub with light massage movements or even stroking vegetable oils.

    It is very useful to use olive oil, preferably unrefined, also helps to prevent stretches of skin almond oil, essential oils of wheat germs, jojoba and avocado oils are also useful. Do not neglect such simple actions every day, and along with the joy of the birth of the child you will be pleasantly surprised by the smooth and delicate skin that did not suffer from the stresses during pregnancy.

    Yoga for pregnant women

    Very popular and very useful yoga. It allows you to keep the body healthy, with the muscles stretching, the blood supply to the muscle fibers increases, which increases the supply of tissues with useful substances, vitamins, minerals, increases the production of collagen in the skin tissues, as a result it becomes elastic and does not suffer any damage. The general metabolism in the body that positively influences the correct nutrition of the child and its development is being established.

    Please note! Unlike many physical exercises that increase fatigue during pregnancy, yoga exercises, on the contrary, contribute to the influx of energy and improve mood. The use of certain asanas, will help to reduce pain during fights, improve breathing and prevent birth trauma. Recovery occurs more quickly, and, as a rule, skin problems do not occur.

    Ways and recipes that really help

    Bandage after childbirth

    But still, if you did not avoid this problem and you have unpleasant streaks on your body, do not despair. We will consider in detail the most popular and effective ways to help remove stretch marks after childbirth.

    Let's not forget about physiology, during six postpartum weeks, there is a gradual contraction of the uterus, and, accordingly, the return of the former elasticity of the skin, but nature also needs help. For best results, on or about the 12th-13th day, wear panties or a bandage belt every day. It will help correctly and safely return to its former form.

    Do not forget about physical exercises for returning elastic and flat stomach, pay special attention to problem spots on your body - hips and abdomen. Use simple exercise, but very effective: suck in your stomach as you exhale, as much as possible, and stay inthis condition for 2-3 seconds, then inhale, while inflating the maximum belly. Breathe as many times as you are, in about two weeks you will definitely see a positive result.

    Use to remove postnatal stretch marks of freshly ground, ground coffee. Mix it with honey if there is no allergy on it, and when taking a shower, use this mixture as a scrub for every day. Instead of honey, in case of contraindications, add to the coffee cake shower gel. This will help to cleanse the skin well and prepare for rubbing oils and special means.

    Cream with mummy

    For mashing, prepare a healing ointment from organic resin - mummy, which can always be bought at any pharmacy. Mix it with a baby cream and after a shower every day, rub it gently into the problem skin with neat movements.

    Useful baths with the addition of sea salt and essential oils, wraps from algae and clay. All these tools, of course, will bring you visible results, but do not expect stunning effect in a week or two, the restoration lasts a long time and can stretch for up to a year. The main thing is not to be lazy, love yourself and love your body, taking every possible care of his health and beauty.


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