What not to do before bedtime - what not to do

  • What not to do before bedtime - what not to do

    Sleep is very important for every person. During the night rest, the human body restores the energy spent for the day. Overnight people calm down, are born again. No wonder they say that "the morning is wiser than the evening".Therefore it is very important to organize a night rest.

    Sleep is a special state of the human body when the subconscious mind takes over the consciousness. Dreams, colored and black and white, are considered messengers of our destiny. Having learned to correctly "read" and understand these messages, many believe that you can change your life. Maybe, but for proper rest and good dreams it is necessary to properly organize your retirement to sleep.

    In the evening, free from work, everyone tries to do everything around the house, pay attention to children, do their favorite things. But there are things that you should not do before bed, because they can cause restlessness during the rest, and this can already lead, in turn, to overwork and lack of sleep.


    Can not be taken at bedtime

    Do not:

    1. Take the wrong medication. What does it mean? For example, you have a stuffy nose, you have a little cold. For a quiet sleep, you can take for the night, say, pseudoephedrine. This drug eliminates congestion, but causes insomnia. It is best to ask the doctor or pharmacist in the pharmacy about the correct drugs: decongestants and antihistamines.
    2. Working on the computer Working at the computer. The fact is that scientists have established that the blue rays of screens of monitors, laptops, smartphones and other devices suppress the level of melatonin in the human body. As a result, the biological clock may be disrupted and the risk of obesity may increase. If you need to work at the computer, it's best to put things off for an hour before bedtime, and get up an hour earlier in the morning and finish the work. In modern technology, special programs are installed that allow you to adjust the brightness of the monitor. Using such programs, you should minimize the screen.
    3. Do not make yourself a hot bath. It's all about body temperature. During the night rest, the temperature drops to compensate for inaction and rationally distribute forces and energy. Hot water gives its heat to the human body, increasing its temperature. If you go to bed immediately after bathing, then sleep can be restless. The temperature drop of the body contributes to a deep and calm sleep. The more the difference, the drowsy the person becomes. Therefore, take a hot bath should be at least one hour before going to bed.
    4. Easy snack before going to bed Copious snacking. The well-known proverb "A well-fed belly is asleep, hungry for hearing" does not mean that it is necessary to absorb all the contents of the refrigerator before going to bed. Enough snacking will be enough. For example, a glass of warm milk or tea with one or two liver, an apple, a jar of yogurt. Heavy, spicy, salty foods are not recommended and even forbidden to take before bed. The stomach will work all night or just ache.
    5. Get nervous, quarrel or swear. If you want to quarrel with someone late at night, it is worth counting to ten. Does not help? Up to twenty, thirty. .. An agitated nerves is the direct and shortest way to a sleepless night. In the morning you can not recognize yourself in the mirror, get even more upset, come to work to be upset and angry, and there, too, and before conflict situations with colleagues and superiors.
    6. Sport activities Go to the gym, train intensively. Physical load helps to develop in the body adrenaline, which has a stimulating effect on all body systems. If you can not postpone training, you should at least transfer it to an earlier time.

    Sleep is the basis of normal human life. A stable nervous system helps to endure all adversities and move forward to the goals and objectives set.