• How to properly whiten teeth

    Psychologists argue that a sincere open smile is one of the simplest and most proven ways to put a person to communicate. Smiling to the interlocutor, we cause him an unconscious desire to smile back, and further conversation proceeds in a more benevolent, constructive channel. But, unfortunately, such a universal tool of human understanding for many of us is not available. Incorrect nutrition, excessive consumption of tea or coffee, smoking - and now our teeth lose their natural appeal, we begin to hide them under a gloomy mask of seriousness, feel embarrassed to smile on strangers and, thereby, lose the chance to make new friends.

    It would seem that the problem is solved very easily. Practically every modern dental clinic offers services for the removal of dental plaque and chemical teeth whitening. But what if the prices bite, and the level of income does not allow you to seek help from a specialist? Or does the workload at the office leave time for trips to the dental office? Either money and time are there, but you can not find a suitable clinic in your native provincial town in the daytime with fire? From these so different situations there is one common way out: to recall the recipes of home cosmetology and to conduct teeth whitening with folk remedies.

    Soda and medical products

    Cleaning teeth with peroxide

    The most common method to return the teeth to the former whiteness, without resorting to the help of a dentist, is the use of bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide. The method is used in two ways. The first involves the use of peroxide in a diluted form, namely in a mixture with water. Proportions: peroxide 25 drops, water a quarter cup, shake to obtain a uniform composition. After brushing your teeth with a usual paste, rinse them with a solution of 2-3 minutes, then rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water( boiled).The second way is to use pure peroxide: a few drops of the substance are applied to a piece of cotton wool, which wipe the surface of the teeth, then brush them and rinse the mouth with warm water. In both cases, the method can not be used more often than once every 10 days, otherwise the tooth enamel will deteriorate.

    Teeth Whitening with

    Soda Powder In addition to hydrogen peroxide, teeth whitening with folk remedies provides for the removal of plaque with baking soda powder. It is used both in dry form and in aqueous solution. In the first case, the powder of soda is poured onto the toothbrush and so the teeth are cleaned, in the second brush( or cotton swab) is dipped in a concentrated solution of soda( 2 teaspoons are added to a glass of water and shaken until completely dissolved) and rubs the yellowed areas of the enamel. Sometimes, to soften the unpleasant taste, dry baking soda is mixed in equal amounts with toothpaste and the resulting preparation is brushed with teeth. In all cases after bleaching, rinse your mouth with warm water. It should be noted that excessive use of soda for dental purposes injures the gums and enamel of the tooth, so the minimum interval between procedures should be 10, and preferably 15 days.

    In the old days, teeth whitening with folk remedies was often carried out with the help of natural wood ash, but now this method is not very relevant. To replace the exotic for urban conditions, the substance came to ordinary activated carbon. Several tablets of the latter are ground to a powdery state and applied to a wet toothbrush, brush your teeth, and then clean your mouth with clean warm water. Less method - all the same harm to the enamel and a damaged toothbrush, so it's better to take an inexpensive model of this hygiene item.

    Natural Flaxeners

    Lemon Mask for Teeth

    Along with the mentioned methods, removal of dental plaque at home is carried out with the help of fruit and berry acids. In particular, teeth whitening with folk remedies can consist in rinsing the mouth with lemon juice or in a "lemon mask", when a piece of lemon rubs yellowed teeth and keep it for 3 minutes, after which they are washed off with warm water. A more pleasant, even tasty procedure - bleaching of the enamel with strawberry berries: they are thoroughly chewed and the tongue is evenly distributed over the tooth surface, leave it for 5 minutes, then eat or spit out. Oddly enough, the method is quite effective and, most importantly, safe. The only drawback is the seasonality of the application.

    Tooth whitening with strawberry Another vegetable prescription for teeth whitening is the evening rinse with water and tea tree oil. For a glass of water, the oil should not take more than 3 drops, mix the mixture in a sealed container and let it rest for 3-4 hours. Before rinsing a little warm in a water bath( that is, the dishes in which the solution is stored, put in a bowl, or a pan with hot water and so heat).Regular application of tea tree oil gently cleans plaque and, in addition, acts antiseptically - removes gum disease, disinfects, inhibits the development of caries and reduces the risk of disease with periodontal disease. The method is harmless and has no side effects.

    In conclusion, it should be emphasized that tooth whitening with folk remedies is not limited to the recipes and methods described here. Home cleaning procedures are a great many, some are very complex and unsafe, and therefore did not become the subject of our consideration. All of the remedies listed above combine availability, ease of preparation and use, and a significant overweight of the expected cosmetological effect over a possible health risk. Use them wisely, and you will give yourself a forgotten ease of communication, and others - the dazzling beauty of your unique smile.