Harbinger of genera in miscarriages - precursors of childbirth

  • Harbinger of genera in miscarriages - precursors of childbirth

    Birth in a mole occurs much easier than in women who give birth for the first time. And not only in the physical sense, but also in the psychological sense, because, giving birth to the second time, the woman already knows how this will all go. Also in the physical sense, it is a little easier, since the fights are no longer for her, something very scary. And at this moment she tries to be focused, because she already knows exactly how she should act and what to do in the future. And all about what she thinks at this moment is about the appearance of the baby.

    The precursors of labor in the miscreants do not practically differ from the precursors of labor in the primiparous, but still have some distinctive features. They consist in the fact that the signs of labor in the moles can arise a little later or earlier than in the primiparous. Also, the precursors of an early birth can be more pronounced. But it is also not excluded that repeated births can be the most difficult and difficult, rather than the first. It can depend on many factors: on the health of a woman, and also on the age at which she gives birth to a second child. But, anyway, giving birth to the second time, the woman takes the first harbingers of birth as the happiness and joy of the soon meeting with the child. She is no longer afraid to experience the same pain, as she clearly understands what lies ahead for her.

    Delivery of genera

    Births in miscarriages occur much faster than in primiparas, and may even proceed rapidly. This happens in this way, because after the first birth in the body there were changes at the physiological level. By the time of the second birth the cervix of the uterus is opened for a maximum of seven hours, and the latter leaves within thirty minutes, whereas at the first births, these indices are exactly half the size.

    Deterioration of appetite

    Harbinger of birth in a miscarriages is a worsening of appetite, which leads to weight loss, and an unstable emotional state of a woman can also be observed. This is due to a change in the hormonal background. Also the harbingers of labor in the re-birth are fights of a false character. Such battles contribute to the fact that the body prepares for itself the activity of the ancestral uterus.

    "Omission" of the abdomen

    "Absorption" of the abdomen

    At repeated births in about two days, the woman's belly falls. Another precursor of labor in the moles is the mucous plug that extends from the cervix. But the birth itself begins when the contractions become regular and amniotic fluid begins to flow away. Contractions in re-birthdays last less than in primiparas. And then the attempts may begin, which lead to the appearance of the baby in the light.
    But it also happens that the first pregnancy was not as successful as it would be desirable, and of course because of this the woman has fears and fear of the second birth. But if you do not get rid of them, then this can affect the health of the baby with a second pregnancy.

    In order for pregnancy and childbirth to flow well you need to be calm and happy and then everything will turn out well and only moments of joy from the appearance of the baby will be imprinted in your memory.

    And your birth will be successful!