How to tell my mother that I'm pregnant - my mother is pregnant

  • How to tell my mother that I'm pregnant - my mother is pregnant

    Pregnancy is a fertile time for every girl. A priori. This is not always the case. The question of how to tell mom that she is pregnant mostly occurs in young girls. When a girl lives with a regular partner, but they are not painted, then it does not matter. Worse, if the girl just "flew".

    Many factors influence decision making:

    1. Age category. The younger the girl, the worse her position. In 13-14 we must learn, not give birth. Therefore, in this case, the only way out is abortion or regulation.
    2. Social status. Here the position of the pregnant girl in society is taken into account: the profession, the presence of a permanent partner.
    3. Financial opportunities. Will the future mother bring up the baby? Can a girl or couple afford to have a baby?

    In any case, my mother just needs to say. It will help to make the right decision.

    How can I tell my mother? Simply, three words are enough: "Mom, I'm pregnant."

    What do psychologists advise in this regard?

    What psychologists advise pregnant women
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    1. A girl should realize her pregnancy. Decide for yourself what she wants: to give birth to a child or to terminate a pregnancy. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the financial possibilities: what the mother will keep her child, how she will bring him up. It is necessary to think about this in advance. Learning about an unexpected pregnancy, parents literally throw up questions about the near future. Tranquility and validity of arguments will help them to calm and return judiciousness.
    2. It is also necessary to think about what expects a future mother in our not quite mature society. Such questions as "What people will say about you?" Or "Who will take you in marriage?" Will undoubtedly be heard during a conversation with parents. Well, in some ways they are right. Our society, indeed, has not yet recovered from old prejudices. In modern European society, women who alone raise their children are not considered defective or as inadequate. Many of them initially decide to "give birth to themselves."
    3. You need to think about your future. How can I continue my studies to find a good job afterwards? Will there be enough strength for studying and the child? Will the parents agree to help?
    4. You need to talk calmly. Mutual attacks do not lead to anything, except that they will kindle a fire of discord in the family.
    5. First, you must inform the most trusted family member. Usually it's Mom.
    6. It should be remembered that parents are not your enemies. They raised you, put you on their feet and will always be supported.
    Early pregnancy

    Pregnancy is not a step into adulthood and is not an excuse to take away adolescence and adolescence. One miss can cost a lifetime. The birth of a child will not make a woman out of a girl. The girl must grow up intellectually, not the body. In the modern world, acceleration on the face. Therefore, girls ripen early. At thirteen or fourteen years old they look like young women, but remain infantile. Therefore, before you have sexual relations with your partner( if you can call it a teenage boy), you need to think about the consequences and the forthcoming conversation with parents, in that case, rather than hoping "at random".

    One way or another, but in any case, notify parents of their pregnancy is necessary. And then it's time to decide together whether you can raise a child.

    What about father?

    And who's the father?

    Many boys, hearing that they will become fathers, just fall into a panic and immediately predict an abortion. The disrespect of the morals of modern youth does not prohibit the guys simply to abandon the child, accusing the girl of obscene behavior.

    It is not uncommon for a boy to agree to help a future mother by recognizing her child. One way or another, you and your parents and yours must decide what to do next. In addition, the time in this case plays against you, therefore, the earlier you tell your parents about what happened, the better.

    In a young family of

    Pregnancy in a young family

    When you are married, and you are doing well, it is much easier to inform pleasant news. A young family by itself assumes the appearance of posterity in the near future, therefore it is pleasant to report on the conception of the baby. How is this best done? It is enough to buy a cake and invite relatives for lunch or dinner and tell that the family is expected to replenish. Undoubtedly, everyone will be only happy, and grandparents will eagerly await the grandson or granddaughter to spend hours cuddling with him or her.

    In any case, pregnancy is a responsibility that must be carried through most of your life. Therefore, it is necessary to notify parents. They have already gone through this and can help not only with advice, but also with deeds. It should be remembered that the conversation should be conducted in a calm and balanced state, not paying attention to offensive words and bitter promises of the near future. Remember that parents are your friends.