How to get rid of toothache - get rid of toothache

  • How to get rid of toothache - get rid of toothache

    Most likely, each of us knows what a toothache is. And how strong it is. Pain is a real torment that can distract from all affairs, tear it away from its habitual way of life and not give rest throughout the day.

    Of course, it's better just not to bring to such a state when there is a toothache. But if she appeared, then there's nothing to be done, we'll have to get rid of it.

    Do not know how to get rid of toothache? We will give you some advice. But do not forget that they can not act as a panacea and treat all diseases. The pain, of course, will pass, but the fact that in the next few days you will have to visit your dentist is not discussed.

    In all developed countries, it is mandatory to visit the dentist at least once every six months for routine examination. And only in our country these doctors continue to be terribly afraid. And in vain! This is something that you need to find time, energy and resources always.

    Remove the toothache

    Remove the pain

    First we should consider the easiest option: the pain occurred while you were at home or somewhere away.

    Does toothache appear during meals? Then be sure to stop eating, clean your teeth of any food leftovers. The next step is taking an analgesic pill( analgin, ibuprofen).

    If you do not have any suitable tablets at hand, you can use a wonderful and really effective recipe: moisten the cotton swab with valocordin and attach it to the sick tooth.

    In addition, if you are at home, you can rinse the oral cavity with a soda solution. Adding a few drops of iodine will make this tool even more effective. You can take the pain, use the frost. If you do not have special drugs, just attach a piece of ice to the tooth that hurts. This will give an effect, but rather short-term.

    Do you have absolutely no pain pills at home? And even in the pharmacy can not go? This all complicates the situation a little.

    Traditional medicine

    Traditional treatment

    If you are somewhere outside the home, for example, went to rest at the dacha, folk medicine will quickly get rid of toothache.

    1. The root of the plantain is .He remotely removes toothache. In order to ease your condition, take the root of the plantain and put it in the ear on which there is a sick tooth on the side. After about 30 minutes, you should feel the long-awaited relief effect.
    2. Salvia .In order to relieve pain, it is best to prepare a decoction from this plant. To do this: pour a tablespoon of herbs with a glass of water, then boil everything and let stand for at least an hour. With such a decoction it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity about 3-5 times every half hour. Try to keep the medicine cool, because once it happens, you will need to change it.
    3. Garlic / onion .Very good from the toothache helps a mixture of such ingredients: garlic, salt and onions. Make an onion-garlic mush, add a little salt to it and mix it thoroughly. Take each component in equal proportions. Put the resulting mixture on the tooth and cover it with a cotton swab.
    4. Oregano .She also copes very well with the pain. You just need to cook the infusion from this plant. Recipe: Take ten parts of water and one part of oregano. Rinse your mouth with water.
    5. Propolis .Another great remedy from traditional medicine. Just take a small piece of propolis and attach to a sick tooth. The substances that are contained in propolis are used not only to eliminate toothache, but also to treat many other diseases.
    6. Garlic .Traditional medicine offers us a method that helps to eliminate toothache using only one garlic. It's very simple: grind the place on your wrist, where you can feel the pulse with ordinary garlic. Now put it in the same place. Check that the juice of garlic is on the skin. Important: if the tooth that is in the left side of the mouth hurts, tidy garlic to the right hand and vice versa.

    Now you know how to get rid of toothache at home and can help yourself, even if there are no drugs at hand.

    Unconventional treatment of

    In addition to folk and medicines, tooth pain can still be cured by so-called non-traditional methods:

    • auricle massage. Take the thumb and index finger for the upper edge of that ear, on the side of which is a sick zuyu. Now start to massage it. This massage should take you about 5-7 minutes. You can not only limit the upper edge of the ear, massage his lobe as well.
    • hand massage. Armed with a cube of people, take it in the hand, from which the tooth hurts. Now start doing a second hand massage in the area where the forefinger and thumb intersect. This place must be massed with circular uniform movements. To remove a toothache should be enough for 5-7 minutes of such a massage.
    • is a distraction from pain. Did you know that positive emotions are a wonderful analgesic? So, find some really funny comedy and see it, read the jokes. In general, try to get so many emotions to have a good laugh. This will switch your receptors from pain to laughter.
    • emotions. Opposite - negative emotions - also surprisingly blunt painful sensations. Therefore, your task is to cause crying. How you will do this is up to you. If you want, you can just cut a few bulbs. Scientists have proven that crying has the ability to reduce pressure in the gums, thereby slightly reducing pain.

    Do some work that will enthrall you with your head. Do you have any favorite and very interesting activity? Now is the time when it's time to do it. Try to distract yourself by one hundred percent, and then wait for a visit to the dental office will not have to be so painfully long.