• How to identify multiple pregnancies

    Material hardship, health problems, lost time, indecisiveness due to a shortage of forces - and how many circumstances can cause a single child in the family. And how useful it would be for him to communicate with a brother or sister. But one day, with the stork's blessing, the gynecologist pronounces the phrase "you have a multiple pregnancy". .. What happiness for a woman is to "shoot off" once and be in a big, cheerful and noisy family! After all, happiness does not happen much.

    How it happens

    How the multiple conception of

    occurs Multiparty is more common in the animal kingdom. The reasons for such a miracle in humans are still a mystery to scientists. They established the following circumstances of the emergence of multiple fetuses:

    • appearance in one ovary simultaneously of several follicles;
    • in the follicle may be several oocytes;
    • the onset of ovulation simultaneously in both ovaries.

    Moreover, the research data of the last decade confirm a double increase in the number of cases of multiple pregnancies. The reason is unknown and inexplicable. Assumptions are:

    • genetic predisposition, when previous generations of parents were lucky with the appearance of twins, twins;
    • at the age of more than 35 years in a pregnant woman can produce more than one egg;
    • use of medications that stimulate ovulation;
    • is the result of inorganic fertilization, when several ova are used for the onset of fertilization.
    Odnoyaytsevye twin

    Fertilization of two eggs leads to the development of bivalve twins. Atypical crushing of eggs leads to the development of identical twins. If the egg itself is divided into two parts, then rejoice and get the twins, as in a mirror reflecting each other. Apparently, only my mother can distinguish them. But it will be, rather, a same-sex couple. The masculine identical twins are very rare.

    Note that the existing diagnostic methods can only establish the fact of multiplicity, the number of fruits( and even then not always) and their location. But to admit exactly - they are identical or twin brothers - they can not. To do this, you need to inspect the placenta and the membranes. In the common placenta with a double septum, identical twins grow and develop. In separated or contiguous placentas with a 4-layer septum live, as if in different houses, the fraternal twins.

    Who is living in Teremochka?


    How to clarify these unique subtleties, that is, how to determine a multiple pregnancy, for science is a simple matter. This can be done long before the birth of babies, and not only through palpation, as a result of which you can find two heads or two backs. Modern medical technology provides visual confirmation by ultrasound( ultrasound, giving 100% confidence), which demonstrates a prolific "miracle" not only online, but also in the form of a printed image, which, perhaps, can be the first biographical document inbrand new photo album.

    Any woman can distinguish the peculiarity of her condition with multiple pregnancies. Conception, then pregnancy - the first month, the second, the third. .. Gradually comes the realization of some special feature - the tummy is somewhat larger than it should be at this time, unexplained fatigue, drowsiness, shortness of breath, increased pressure in the lower abdomen( as, for example, 9month), imminent and inevitable toxicosis, varicose veins. And closer to childbirth, they may even be premature in 50% of cases. All these symptoms can be easily mitigated or even rid of them:

    • visit your doctor more often( after the 20th week - every half a month, after the 30th week - once a week);
    • Eat well, so that every child weighed from 3 kg;
    • calculate your diet: 300 kcal for each baby - one dose of protein and calcium, fractional frequent and regular meals with quality and fresh products;
    • under the supervision of a doctor, micronutrients( zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium. ..) and vitamins - C, D, B are included in the diet;
    • high-grade dream and regular rest;
    • control over their weight: up to 12 weeks, the weight gain should be 0.7 kg.
    Determination of the number of embryos

    How to determine the multiple pregnancy by other signs, will prompt doctors who are guided by the size of the uterus, parallel to the palpitations of different frequencies and different rhythms. At such research sound waves are used, harmless both for mother, and for the kid. The results of counting cardiac strokes by the Doppler system( amplification of heart rhythms under the influence of sound waves) become discernible at the end of the first trimester. It is important to take into account the presence of the mom's pulse.

    Please note! In the second trimester, a high level of chorionic gonadotropin and placental lactogen or a positive AFP test( a-fetoprotein) may also indicate the presence of multiple fetuses. The AFP test( i.e., a laboratory blood test) is conducted to determine( exclude) the risks of abnormalities in fetal development.

    Heredity is one of the significant signs of success in the matter of multiplied motherhood. True, according to geneticists, exclusively through the female line, and through the generation. That is, if your mother's sibling or sister was from twins, or your mother is from twins.

    Twins born
    Please note! Detection of movements in different parts of the abdomen simultaneously also speaks of several "tenants" of this enclosed space.

    The first of which after birth will give mom a pause in labor activity from 15 to 60 minutes for getting the uterus adjusted to a reduced size. After a pause, a second baby appears on the light.

    Increased stress on the female body in multiple pregnancies require special treatment for future mothers with many children. In different peoples with different cultures, they were very ambivalent about such a phenomenon as the twins, even associating it with mysticism. Ancient Rome and Greece recognized this as a gift and a blessing from God. Perhaps, it is not difficult to agree with them.


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