Pain in coccyx after birth - sore coccyx

  • Pain in coccyx after birth - sore coccyx

    Not every woman can boast of the absence of pain in the coccyx after giving birth. Unfortunately, such problems exist for almost all women in labor. But why the tailbone so gives a aching and unpleasant pain, can not say - not everyone understands the nature of the occurrence of this sensation.

    Why there is pain

    Why there is pain in the coccyx

    It is known that the coccyx consists of several vertebrae in the end of the column of the spine. They are absolutely immovable and do not fulfill the role inherent in nature. Fortunately, a man's tail does not grow. But through the articulation of the vertebrae, a nerve passes through which, if the bone is broken or displaced, it can cause severe pain.

    The structure of the coccyx The onset of pregnancy leads to many changes in the body of women who touch and the coccygeal department. The vertebrae go back a little to prevent harm to the child during childbirth.

    Quite naturally, that without painful sensitivity to this process is indispensable. The pain begins to remind of itself during the pregnancy. During the birth, the bone is maximally deformed, the coccyx also participates in the displacement and divergence of the bones, but due to the course of labor, no special attention is paid to it, unless the coccyx is damaged at the birth of a large child. Unfortunately, in hard labor with a large fruit this can happen sometimes.

    Where you can hear the pain from the coccyx

    The localization of pain in the coccyx

    In other cases, the coccyx begins to remind of itself the next day, and does not let you forget yourself for 2-3 months. This is a completely normal process. Very often, pain can be felt not only in the end of the spine, but also in all internal organs. It echoes along the kidneys, bladder, intestine, as a result, the focus of the appearance of unpleasant sensations can be localized in the coccygeal department.

    Please note! If after a few months the pain does not stop, it is worthwhile to sound the alarm and contact the specialists. Since neglected problems of the coccyx restore almost do not lend themselves, as a result, one can earn a life-long chronic illness. In such cases, one can not refer to the lack of time for a small child, since with the growth of the baby, a dangerous disease of the coccygeal vertebrae will grow in parallel.

    The cause of the pain in the old injuries

    The sacrococcygeal department of the

    Very often we can injure the lower vertebrae without noticing it, it can be just a bruise, an unsuccessful bike ride, an uncomfortable and hard chair sitting and many other factors. As a result, a crack is formed on the coccyx, a dislocation, displacement or fracture. If before the birth of special problems with this was not, then pregnancy brings to the surface all the sores and problems with the body. After childbirth the pain will not go anywhere, but will increase with new strength. Therefore, consultation with an osteopath is simply necessary.

    Please note! A large role can play a calcium deficiency in the body, which during pregnancy results in a catastrophic shortage. Not for nothing in the women's consultation, along with all the vitamins, prescribe calcium medications to keep the bones and teeth of a woman in a holistic state.

    How to get rid of the pain

    Prevention of pain in the coccyx

    What to do if the coccyx hurts, and how to alleviate the unpleasant aching condition. To begin with, you need to limit yourself to hard work, refuse to lift heavy objects, hard chairs to lay a soft cloth or put pillows. Doctors prescribe special exercises on the ball for fitness, easy morning exercises. At night, you can apply heated bags of salt or a hard-boiled chicken egg, and lithotherapists advise warming the sore spot with a warm plate of carnelian, it has healing properties in wound healing and promotes rapid bone growth. You can make an easy massage yourself, but if the coccyx has been injured, you need to be extremely careful.

    If the sciatic nerve of the

    is restrained Pinch of the sciatic nerve

    In case of pinching the nerve passing through the coccygeal department, treat it with anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drugs. A bed rest is prescribed, as a result, the woman remains incapacitated for a month. It is applied manual therapy, acupuncture. You can apply burning tinctures, if the patient can tolerate them, they include tinctures of hot pepper or lilac. The pinch of the sciatic nerve can be manifested by acute, pulling or shooting pain, which extends to the leg, while walking is severely impaired or completely impossible.

    Massage in case of pain in the coccyx

    Very often, it may seem to women that it hurts the tailbone, but in fact the problem lies in other internal organs. Problems with the bladder, kidneys, neuralgia and osteochondrosis, or inflammation of the bones, there may be many reasons, but they often masquerade as unpleasant sensations in the coccyx. In this case, also, you can not postpone the visit to the doctor, since earlier the definition of the source of problems can relieve the subsequent chronic diseases. Without going through a special examination, at an early stage it is impossible to independently diagnose the presence of a disease. Better to trust professionals.

    In any case, one can not expect that the pain in the coccyx after birth will disappear by itself. Always have to be reinsured and monitor your health.


    In the following video, you can learn about exercises that help with pain in the coccyx: