Recipe for salad with chicken and pineapple: how to cook, ingredients

  • Recipe for salad with chicken and pineapple: how to cook, ingredients

    Chicken meat is a wonderful dietary product and is perfect for salads. Chicken meat is perfectly combined with many vegetables, salads are light, dietary. By combining chicken with pineapple, you get a refined combination of taste. In addition, the slightly dry meat of chicken fillet will be complemented by the juicy pulp of pineapple.

    So, the recipe is how to make a salad with chicken and pineapple.

    Ingredients for the preparation of

    Chicken fillet, canned pineapple, apples, fresh cucumber, onion, lettuce, olive oil, salt, pepper.

    Preparation of

    First you need to boil the chicken fillet. In order to give the chicken meat flavor, put together with the chicken sweet pea, bay leaf. You can add those spices that you like.

    Cooked chicken will be left to cool.

    Cut onion in small half rings, pour boiling water for a couple of minutes, then discard it in a colander. When the water is completely glass, transfer the onion into a bowl and sprinkle with vinegar.

    Canned pineapples are sold in rings or cubes. If you have pineapples cubes, then just drain the juice from them. Pineapples must be cut into cubes by rings. Cubes should not be too small.

    Peel the apples from the skin and seeds and cut into large cubes. Cucumber is also cut into cubes. All ingredients should be approximately the same size.

    Chilled chicken meat is cut into cubes.

    Lettuce leaves mine and dry.

    When all the ingredients are ready, let's start assembling the salad. At the bottom of the bowl we rip the leaves of the salad. From the top of the leaves we lay cucumbers, then a layer of onions, on top a layer of apples. On top of the apples lay the chicken, and on top of the pineapple. Solim and pepper.

    You can season salad with olive oil or mayonnaise with curry sauce.

    As you can see, our recipe is quite simple. This is a very light salad.

    You can add boiled eggs or canned corn to this salad. It will be very tasty if the chicken fillet is not boiled, but fried in olive oil, cut into thin strips.

    Salad with chicken, mushrooms and pineapple

    Another interesting variant of chicken salad.


    chicken fillet - 600 g;

    marinated mushrooms - 1 pot;

    canned pineapples - 1 can;

    eggs - 4 pieces;

    onion - 1 piece;

    mayonnaise, mustard - to taste.

    Preparation of

    Chicken fillet is boiled in salted water until cooked. When it cools down, cut into cubes. Onion finely crumb. In the boiled eggs, we separate the yolks from the proteins.

    In a salad bowl we combine chicken, mushrooms, pineapples, chopped chicken protein and onions. Yolks weed, add mayonnaise, mustard and about 1 tablespoon of pineapple juice, mix well. With the resulting sauce we water the salad, mix it and send it for 20 minutes to the refrigerator.

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