How to decorate a children's cake at home: making mastics and meringues and decorating options

  • How to decorate a children's cake at home: making mastics and meringues and decorating options

    The most convenient way how to decorate a children's cake at home is to make sugar mastic. To do this you will need 300 g of powdered sugar, 100 g of gelatin and a little bit of citric acid. The theme of our today's article is the decoration of children's cakes.

    How to make mastic

    First, dissolve the gelatin according to the instructions and leave to cool. Powdered sugar powder on a cutting board and add to it a cooled gelatin. Mix quickly until smooth.

    You can add different food colors to the mastic, and you will get a wonderful material for decorating cakes at home.

    Simple decorations made of

    mastic The simplest thing you can do to beautifully design a cake yourself is to roll out the mastic with a thin layer and cut out the shapes for the biscuits. Garnish with figurines the top and walls of the cake. Cut out the figurines from the mastic of different colors, so that the cake turned out to be beautiful and bright.

    And now it's time to remember your childhood and the lessons of molding from plasticine. Mastic - the same clay. From it you can sculpt different figures, which then decorate the holiday baking with your own hands.

    Prepare in advance several types of children's mastic, thinking about what you will sculpt the composition, and what colors you will need.

    For example, you can fashion bees from yellow mastic, strip them with chocolate. The cake is made in the form of a glade of flowers, which is cut from a multicolored mastic, and on top of a flower plant several bees.

    You can make a bunny from white mastic and plant it in the center of the cake, and decorate the edges with orange carrots from mastic.

    You can make a cake in the form of a forest glade with flowers, mushrooms, butterflies, bugs and bees.

    As you can see, with the help of mastic, it's very simple to turn ordinary children's cake into a cheerful and beautiful treat with your own hands.

    If you are good at modeling, then you can make a beautiful doll for a girl or a typewriter for a boy.

    You can make a flat coating of mastic by making a stencil of your child's favorite cartoon character. Picking up the colors of the mastic and carving everything on the stencil, it remains only to lay out the picture on the top of the cake.

    Preparation of meringue for decoration

    The cake can be decorated with small meringues. To make it, you will need sugar and egg white.

    5 egg whites whisk the mixer in a firm foam. Continue to beat, add 250 gr. Sahara. You need to do this gradually, 1-2 spoons. Set the mixer on an average speed and whisk for at least 10-12 minutes until a thick, thick, lush mass is obtained.

    Heat the oven to 100 degrees. Cover the pan with parchment paper and lightly oil it. Using a spoon or a pastry syringe, put the finished mass on a baking sheet and send it to the oven. The time through which the meringue will be completely ready, is determined depending on its size and shape. On average, it may take about 1.5 hours.

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