Recipe for jam from walnuts green: the secrets of making the most delicious jam in the world

  • Recipe for jam from walnuts green: the secrets of making the most delicious jam in the world

    Jam from young walnuts is often brewed by inhabitants of cities, where many walnut trees grow. Many people are interested in the recipe for jam from walnuts of green .

    This jam is prepared quite a long time and the process itself is laborious, one must be ready for this. But the result will not disappoint you. More original and tasty jam not found. That is why the topic of our article - is how to cook jam from young walnuts at home.

    Benefits of walnut jam

    The benefits of walnuts are known to everyone. One of the characteristics of walnuts is that the composition of vitamins and minerals varies in walnuts as the fruit ripens. Jam from these nuts is cooked most often from unripe fruits, in which, by the way, the greatest amount of vitamin C.


    For jam you will need: 100 pieces of walnuts, 2 kilograms of sugar, 10 g cloves, 10 grams of cinnamon, 5 grainscardamom and 5 peas of sweet pepper.

    Preparation of jam

    How to cook walnut jam home conditions:

    To begin with, peel the nuts from the shell, pour cold water and put on for 6 days. Water try to change every 3-4 hours. When the nuts darken, drain the water and dip the nuts into a solution of lime water.

    Calcareous water is prepared as follows: pour a half kilogram of quicklime into 5 liters of water, mix and strain through gauze.

    Nuts in the lime water must be kept for 24 hours. Periodically, they need to be mixed.

    Prepared green walnuts are thoroughly washed in cold water. Knead nuts with a fork in several places. Then boil the nuts for 10 minutes, pull it out of the water and put it in a bowl with cold water for an hour.

    Syrup for nut jam

    Prepare the syrup. Put in it a clove, cardamom and sweet pepper in a gauze pouch. Dip the nuts into the hot syrup. Boil for a few minutes and set aside for a day. Repeat this operation three times. After that, the bag of spices is removed. Our jam is ready.

    As you can see, the recipe for making such a jam is rather laborious and takes a lot of time. However, this jam is considered the top of the culinary skill and it's not a shame to offer guests as a dessert.

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