• Treatment of sepsis with folk remedies and methods

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    Sepsis is an infectious disease caused by various microorganisms. Sepsis occurs against the background of an inflammatory disease, that is, a foci of infection in the body, which can become a small abscess or even caries.

    Symptoms: sepsis is characterized by fever with high fever, alternation of chills and fever, profuse sweating and severe intoxication of the whole organism. Often there is a rash in the form of small and large hemorrhages. As the intoxication intensifies, dyspnea and tachycardia( rapid heartbeat) appear and increase, blood pressure drops.

    At the first suspicion of sepsis, you should immediately consult a doctor or call an ambulance!

    What's going on? In medicine, the classification of sepsis types according to the degree of severity and rate of development of the disease is accepted. The so-called fulminant sepsis quickly affects the entire body, leading to an infectious-toxic shock and death. Acute sepsis can last up to a month, subacute - up to four months. Recurrent sepsis occurs with periods of exacerbation and fading, and chronic sepsis can last more than a year.

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    Symptoms depend on the location of the foci of sepsis, which can be localized in the brain, lungs, kidneys, joints, bones and muscles.

    What should I do? Treatment of sepsis involves, first of all, the establishment and elimination of the primary focus( dissection of the abscess, treatment of pulpitis, etc.).The success of treatment largely depends on the speed of diagnosis and timely treatment.

    The best prevention of sepsis is the timely treatment of inflammatory foci in the body and the antiseptic treatment of unavoidable scratches, small cuts, wounds and burns.

    First, remember that all the products of red color clean the blood well. It is beet, cherry, grapes, red cabbage.

    Secondly, stops the infection of the nettle's blood, its leaves excrete healing juice, but they need to be kneaded well before applying.

    Thirdly, a mixture of milk and tea perfectly cleanses the blood: 1/5 milk diluted with strong tea leaves, add a pinch of table salt and eat with food.

    Fourth, it perfectly cleanses the blood of cranberry juice. Treatment of cranberries takes place within three weeks. In the first week, cranberry juice should be drunk 3 times a day. In the second week 3 times a day. And in the third week once a day. Cranberry juice is completely harmless, so you can drink it in any quantity.

    The doctrine of the white lama V. Vostokov, widespread today. He teaches to cleanse the blood following the folk ways:

    Folk remedy №1 blood purification. It is necessary to prepare a mixture of chamomile flowers( 100g.), Immortelle, St. John's wort, leaves of strawberries and birch buds. To 2 tbsp.l.mixture to add 400 ml of hot boiled water in a thermos bottle and leave overnight. Drink 3 times a day for 1.5 glasses before eating.

    Folk method number 2 purification of blood. Take 100 ml of nettle juice and mix with 100 ml of sour apple juice. You need to drink everything at once before breakfast for half an hour. Repeat the procedure for 20 days.

    But Tibetan medicine claims that the non-roasted veal liver cleans the blood perfectly. It will curatively affect the body if it is eaten every day for 100 g.

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    Take two tablespoons of nettle leaves, coil roots and tanning scum, pour further one liter of boiling water. Next you will need to set aside these herbs aside and give them two hours for them to stand, and in the meantime you will make another prescription for treatment, it is necessary, and you need to use them together. When two hours pass, take and strain your broth, then add honey to it for taste. When the broth is ready, it will be necessary to take it every hour for one hundred grams. This infusion should be drunk exactly five days, after five days it is necessary to replace this infusion with another, or rather take quite different herbs. Here are the plants that are needed after it leaves strawberry, blackberry, sage, yarrow, cuff, and roots of wheat grass. Of these herbs you will need to choose any three herbs and cook for the above described recipe, take them again for five days, and then replace them with the other three herbs that you have not yet used. Also, together with this decoction of herbs, it is necessary to take a tincture of Echinacea purpurea for 5 drops every two hours or to squeeze out the juice from its leaves and take it 10 drops each.
    So, in those two hours that you will have, you will need to prepare another infusion, an infusion of Japanese Sophora. This tree has such a substance as rutin, this substance in combination with vitamin C can strengthen the walls of blood vessels. The fragility also decreases, and this substance helps with hemorrhages, which are so characters of this disease. The remedy is a tincture of fruits and buds of this plant, it is necessary to take it in together with ascorbic acid. Tincture is prepared from fresh and dried fruits in a ratio of one to one or one to two. This tincture is taken 10 drops to five times a day. Take tincture from Sophora is necessary until complete recovery, with small interruptions.

    Treatment of sepsis with dandelion roots

    Dandelion roots will also help patients with sepsis. It is necessary to collect them in the early spring or late autumn, then thoroughly dry and crush to a powdery state in a glass or porcelain container.1 tablespoon of powder is poured 400 ml of boiling water, tightly closed and infused for two hours. Drink infusion need fresh, in the morning. The course of treatment is 7 days, after which it is necessary to take a break for 10 days.