• Treatment of poisoning with folk remedies and methods

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    poisoning develops as a result of ingestion of poisonous substances that can disrupt its activity. . Toxins obtained with food cause inflammation in the mucous membrane of the stomach, small and large intestine.

    Symptoms: abdominal pain, nausea, multiple vomiting, diarrhea, body temperature rises, chills begin, heart palpitations occur, syncope, muscle cramps may occur. In such cases( heavy) it is necessary to call an ambulance. Any food poisoning is characterized by abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Since poisonous substances are absorbed into the blood, they can affect all organs and systems of our body. As a result, probably a fever, a feeling of severe chills. Palpitation is significantly more frequent, there may be convulsions and short-term loss of consciousness. For more information on the symptoms of food poisoning, see here.

    Each of us at least once in his life had to poison himself: nausea, vomiting, fever - nothing pleasant. But it's not just these symptoms. The trouble is that when poisoning our body is very dehydrated and loses important trace elements: sodium, potassium, chlorine. Restore the required level of these trace elements and improve the general state of the body can be with an aqueous solution of sea salt.

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    • In case of poisoning, rinse the stomach with sea salt solution: a teaspoon of fine purified sea salt into a glass of water. This procedure will cause vomiting and the stomach will begin to clear. Drink at least 3-4 glasses of brine.

    • After you have thoroughly washed the stomach, you will need to drink a glass of vodka with salt. Pour in a glass of vodka 1/3 teaspoon finely ground cleaned sea salt, stir and drink. Experts recommend to this solution also add pepper on the tip of the knife.

    • Make an enema with saline solution at a 4-5 hour interval: take a tablespoon of sea salt per liter of warm water.

    Botulism is especially dangerous, since this infection affects mainly the central nervous system. The patient is impaired vision, doubles in the eyes, sharply widens the pupils, the voice becomes hoarse, nasal, difficulty swallowing, muscle weakness grows.

    What's going on? Poisonous substances, or toxins, obtained from food cause an inflammatory process in the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.

    The first place in the severity of poisoning is rightfully taken by poisoning with mushrooms. The first symptoms of fungal poisoning can begin 12-14 hours after eating. The patient begins cramping with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. There may be hallucinations. The arterial pressure falls and becomes unstable.

    Prevention: thoroughly wash hands with soap before meals, store products, withstand certain storage times, avoid perishable foods on the road, thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits before consumption.

    Treatment. Treatment for poisoning with mushrooms and other poisoning is to wash the stomach. The patient should give up to 6 glasses of milk or water with baking soda( a teaspoon in a glass of warm water).Then it is necessary to induce vomiting, irritating the root of the tongue. And immediately call an ambulance.

    Attention! Treatment for poisoning should be started immediately! Untimely rendered assistance can lead to death, that is, the death of the patient.

    In case of acute poisoning, before the arrival of the "first aid", rinse the stomach with the patient. Especially dangerous poisoning with poisonous mushrooms. The disease can begin with spasmodic pains of the entire abdomen, nausea, indomitable vomiting, loose stool. Vomiting like coffee grounds. When poisoning with mushrooms, help should be immediate. Late treatment does not give positive results and leads to death.

    Before the doctor comes, give the patient a drink of 5-6 glasses of water or milk. Then, irritating the root of the tongue with a finger or a teaspoon, induce vomiting. This procedure should be repeated 3-5 times, in warm water( but not in cold and hot!) You can add drinking soda, 1 teaspoon per glass of water. Washing can also be carried out with alkaline mineral water, slightly warmed. Patient to put in bed, attach to the hands and feet warmers, give more drink, and with a sharp weakness - strong tea or a decoction of chamomile.

    Famous physician PM Kurennoy recommends the following for poisoning:

    Folk remedy for vomiting and poisoning

    From very long vomiting, Russian folk doctors use vodka with salt. You should pour a lot of salt into vodka, stir it and drink. This is considered a sure way to stop vomiting. Long-term vomiting is often caused by poisoning with canned food, berries, etc. The best result is achieved if the intake of vodka with salt alternates with orange juice every 15 minutes( one orange per reception).In all cases of poisoning and vomiting, immediately consult a doctor.

    The right antidote for ptomain poisoning

    An outstanding American naturopath, Dr. Mac Ferrin, author of many books on health, writes in his rare-valuable book, "One hundred health commandments": "Tea from cinnamon is the most reliable treatment for poisoning with ptomaine. Instead of lying in a coffin three days after poisoning, the poisoned can go to work the next day as if nothing had happened. "

    Method of preparation: boil for five minutes a few cinnamon sticks. Cool for three minutes, strain and drink from two to three cups, while the medicine is still hot. A friend of Dr. Mc Ferrin, a doctor in the south of the United States, assures us that there has not been a case that this remedy could not save the life of the poisoned ptomain. After taking this right drug to patients, Dr. Mc Ferrin advises to see a doctor, mainly because there are so many poisoning causes and each poisoning requires its antidote. However, most often in everyday life there is poisoning ptomainom.

    Note: in the author's archive there are several other means from various poisonings;for example, poisoning with metal poisons, etc., but it is difficult for an inhabitant to understand the types of poisoning and it is better to consult a doctor, because it is very risky to make a mistake and take the wrong remedy. Poisoning often ends in death. The most common means in Russia for poisoning with metallic poisons( copper, lead, arsenic, etc.) is the whipped egg whites of the raw chicken egg. The healers always supported vomiting when poisoned with a mixture of milk and egg whites whipped into a foam. This mixture should be given to the poisoned drink.

    Traditional medicine also recommends poisoning:

    • drink fresh potato juice;

    • drink decoction of dill with honey( tablespoon of dill for a glass of honey drink);

    • take every hour for half a cup of valerian root broth( boil a teaspoon of chopped root for 5 minutes in half a liter of boiling water).

    When poisoning:

    with arsenic - immediately clean the stomach of the poison. Enter two fingers into the throat and induce vomiting. Then take the coals left from the combustion of pussy-willow or linden, grind into powder. Take a teaspoon of powder, stir with fresh milk, drink 5-6 spoons a day.

    vodka - slaughter the duck, drink her blood while she's warm;

    alcohol - stir the egg white with fresh milk, drink to neutralize poisons;

    mushrooms - buy magnesium carbonate in the pharmacy, take a tablespoon of powder, stir in 200 g of water or fresh milk, give the patient three times a day to drink. Use any of the above means. Fresh milk neutralizes poisons, magnesium cleanses the stomach and intestines, extinguishes the inflammation.

    Before inducing vomiting poisoned person should drink 500 g of warm water.

    Prevention of poisoning is simple, but effective. It consists in thoroughly washing your hands with soap before preparing food and before eating, and also washing vegetables and fruits before eating. It is very important to observe the terms and conditions of food storage. It is not enough to know the poisonous mushrooms and do not eat them. The problem is that quite edible mushrooms grown near plants or loaded highways with heavy traffic accumulate in high concentrations such life-threatening toxins as lead, mercury, and other heavy and radioactive substances.