• Useful and medicinal properties of meat

    Many people consider meat to be the most caloric product, but this opinion is mistaken. It gives the body a large number of calories, but does not take into account the following circumstance: the processing of meat products takes up 70% of the total energy potential of the body. In addition, when processing meat, a large amount of lactic acid is released, which causes rapid muscle fatigue and, deposited in muscles, joints and spine, promotes the development of diseases such as gout, rheumatism, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis. A cholesterol, in large quantities contained in meat products? Postponed in the vessels, it leads to the rapid development of atherosclerosis, the wear of the heart muscle, early aging.

    Scientists have long proven that meat food leads to inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestinal mucosa, to dyspepsia and gastritis. The famous doctor-naturopath Doc said: "The blow that strikes a large number of people in the prime of life is partly the result of abundant meat eating and consumption of alcoholic drinks, making the blood vessels brittle, bursting, and blood poured into vital organs."

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    And yet: "Of course, meat can not be named poison, although it contains such components as creatine, creatinine, lactic acid and phosphate salts, which are undoubtedly harmful, act on the body in an exciting way and especially adversely affect the nerves".

    According to the views of the ancient Eastern medicine, all food can be divided into three types:

    1. Clean - oil, fruit, milk, grain cereals, vegetables.

    2. Exciting - meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, spices, hot dishes.

    3. Unclean - stale food with signs of decay( most often it can include meat products).

    People of a high spiritual level often prefer a clean food. However, most of them eat food that is exciting, why they develop diseases of the cardiovascular system, increased nervousness and a number of other diseases leading to premature aging.

    Most modern scientists hold the opinion that there is a need for meat in a very moderate amount( especially this refers to the most "heavy" meat - pork) and gradually switch to vegetarian food.

    To become a vegetarian, you must first of all mentally prepare yourself for this in spirit and conviction, and only then by the way you eat. If this is difficult to do immediately, you need to gradually accustom yourself to eating meat two or three times a week, then gradually reduce its amount. The main emphasis in nutrition at this time should be transferred to fruits, vegetables, juices, cereals, nuts, cottage cheese, legumes.