• Useful and medicinal properties of milk

    Residents of Tibet say: "You started life with milk and end it with the same."

    Milk contains all the nutrients that the young body needs. It is well tolerated by people who have an abstinent lifestyle and who consume little meat. For children, milk is considered the most healthful food.

    It is recommended not to boil milk when cooking, but only to heat it to 70-80 degrees. This can be explained by the fact that the process of digestion, occurring in the gastrointestinal tract, is accompanied by fermentation, and therefore, if we deprive milk of the opportunity to undergo fermentation, it is almost not digested in the stomach and is transit in the intestine.

    Sour milk is very useful for people suffering from diseases of the digestive system, and those who do not tolerate milk.

    They should be considered one of the most useful food products. It is believed that hard-boiled eggs are bad and difficult to digest, but if they are chewed for a long time, they are much easier to digest.

    Egg protein consists of 14% of chemically pure protein fractions and 86% of water. It is established that the yolk is nutritious protein, but the protein is digested and absorbed more easily because of a low percentage of fats. Eggs are considered a well-digested food, especially for lactating women, patients, weakened and convalescent people.

    According to the ancient Eastern medicine:

    Pigeon eggs and eggs of wild birds, taken for food, strengthen potency.

    The best eggs are fresh chicken and pheasant eggs. The best part is the yolk.

    The steeper the boiled egg, the slower it is digested.

    With ulcerative colitis microclysters with chicken eggs are useful.

    If the eggshell is ground into a fine powder, you can get a perfect powder, which helps with fractures, burns and ulcers.

    To make your hair shiny, you should wash it with egg white, then rinse with warm rain water.

    For the treatment of non-healing ulcers, you can use the recipe: yolk steep egg grind with 1 tbsp.l.cream, 1 tbsp.l.tar and 1 tbsp.l.chalk.

    Any raw eggs, especially passerines, strengthen potency.

    In order to get rid of kidney stones, you need an egg shell from which the chicken has just hatched, finely chopped and drunk with grape wine 3-4 grams four times a day.

    For those who want to lose weight, there is an egg-orange-new diet, the essence of which is as follows: for 7 days, eat 2 oranges and 3 steep eggs( eggs should be cooked for 12 minutes instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner).In the second and third weeks there is the same with the addition of an unlimited number of any vegetables and fruits.

    For pain in the joints, it is recommended to rub them with egg white.

    Chronic ulcers covered with a film from a chicken egg, heal faster.

    From the protein of baked eggs, mixed with melilot, microclysters are prepared for ulcerative colitis.