• Juicy food on the walker

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    According to recommendations Walker should drink from 600 g to 3 liters of juice per day. Drink only on an empty stomach and as much as you want, but never drink a lot at once, keep the juices in your mouth longer.

    The question arises: how long can you eat sodas without adding solid food. Apparently, as much as the body has enough fat reserves. On three liters of juices you can live long enough. A small deficit of fats can be compensated by the use of nuts and seeds.

    There are many cases where with the help of a juice diet or a juice diet with the addition of vegetables and fruits, many literally climbed from the death bed.

    The longest period of application of a pure juice diet, which was experienced by the scientist Yu. Gushchko, is one month, after which the health clearly improved. Dr Dr Walker is required to drink juices no later than 10 minutes after their preparation. The effectiveness of modern juicers leaves much to be desired, so to get 3 liters of juice you need to clear at least 6 kg of vegetables and fruits.and you need to take it 5 times a day. This is a lot of trouble. Walker does not recommend harvesting and cleaning vegetables in advance. Dr. Walker categorically prohibits the drinking of canned juices. But he does not insist on a pure juice diet for a long time. He advises to accompany the drinking of juices with the use of fresh vegetables and fruits. He points out that fiber, while not representing nutritional value, but acts as an "inner broom" of the intestine.

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    Most recipes of various formulations contain carrot juice, to which Dr. Walker dedicated a laudatory treatise, recommending drinking it from 0.5 to 4 liters a day. He includes it in the composition to some extent in the treatment of 150 diseases.

    Many nutritionists use caution to prescribe carrot juice. However, Dr. Walker categorically objects to this. In his opinion, when the skin turns yellow or turns brown after drinking with

    , including carrots, it is a sign that the liver removes stagnant bile and accumulated slags in quantities greater than those with which the internal organs of excretion can cope. Because of this, some of their amount is released through the skin, which is perfectly normal.

    Dr. Walker warns that sometimes pure juice or nutrition with juices along with raw vegetables and fruits, causing the body to cleanse of toxins, is accompanied by pains, sometimes quite strong, in the part of the body where the cleansing occurs. Here you just have to be patient and wait for the body to cope with the difficulties that have arisen.

    Scientist Yu. Guszko, who tested himself with juice, claims that increasing pain is always a sign that the method of treatment and nutrition is wrongly chosen. From the natural methods of suppressing pain, he offers a two-three-day fasting on the water with a subsequent exit from it.

    Mixed rational nutrition, recommended by scientist Yu. Gushch.

    Delicious food - this does not mean a healthy diet. Scientists and nutritionists have made and are making many attempts to combine these two concepts in cooking.

    The principles of separate nutrition for a vegetarian and for a meat eater are as follows. Proteins should not be mixed with starches, because they are digested in different parts of the stomach and various food enzymes. For example, you can not mix meat with bread, meat or fish with potatoes, beets, beans, etc. Proteins should not be mixed with other proteins, because each kind of protein is digested by different enzymes for different times and even in different parts of the stomach. Do not mix meat with fish or nuts, meat with milk, meat and eggs, meat and cheese, eggs and milk, eggs and nuts, cheese and nuts, milk and nuts, any beans with nuts or animal proteins.

    You can eat proteins with green non-starch grasses and vegetables, which do not allow fats, always available in meat, to slow down the digestion of proteins. That's why the long-lived Abkhazians are exactly the same as the

    333.If we consider that they did not grow potatoes, and the traditions of the Abkhaz cuisine are such that without a green seasoning there is nothing to eat on the table, it is possible to explain to some extent their longevity.

    And here is one more, but already sad, example of nutrition in the Central Asian region, where boiled meat is also a popular product. In the distant past, meat was also eaten with greens. Rich bai put on a plate a small handful of rice, which was many times more expensive than meat. Then the rice was cheap and everyone could add it to the meat. Culinary experts finished their black work by making a truly delicious dish - pilaf from mutton. This dish is now called national in Central Asia. But this is a forbidden mixture of starch and proteins. As a result of the widespread use of pilau, gastrointestinal diseases have become very common in Central Asia.

    You can not use proteins with acidic media and products, for example with vinegar, acid fruits, etc., since acids inhibit the release of their own acidic gastric juices.

    One of the proponents and preachers of separate food G. Shelton describes a large number of different diets that take into account the compatibility of products. Below is an example of one of these menus for a week.

    Spring-summer menu by G. Shelton

    Sunday 7.15 or 9.30 12.00 19.15

    Monday 7.15 or 9.30

    12.00 19.15

    Tuesday 7.15 or 9.30 12.00

    Vegetable salad, pumpkin, watermelon or melon

    Watermelon or melon

    Vegetable salad, string beans,


    Vegetable salad, beet tops, carrots, carcass.beans Peaches, cherries, apricots Vegetable salad, spinach, cabbage, cottage cheese

    Vegetable salad, zucchini, artichokes Melon

    From the perspective of a variety of products, this menu satisfies the most refined tastes.

    There is a danger of a fanatical attitude towards nutrition. Being a guest, it is unreasonable to demand for yourself grated carrots or other product that must be eaten at the moment.

    It's okay not to happen if we do not eat the right dish at the appointed time or eat it wrong. For an organism the system is more important, and with small deviations it will cope.

    The benefits of nutrition increase significantly with proper physical exertion.