• Treatment of gums folk remedies

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    Periodontal disease - a strong inflammation of the gums, which disrupts the circulation of the oral mucosa. In patients with periodontal disease, the gums ache, often bleed, and even practically healthy teeth begin to loosen up, drop out. To treat periodontal disease it is necessary at the very beginning of the disease, the started disease can be treated with great difficulty.

    Well, with a toothache sign, probably everyone. Toothache and inflammation of the gums can bring a person to the point, as my grandmother said, of white heat. If you categorically decided for some reason not to go to the dentist, and to suffer a toothache no longer have the strength, try to cure your teeth with "sea rinses".

    • Mix 20 grams of honey and 10 grams of sea salt. Rub the mixture into the gums after brushing your teeth in the morning and evening.

    • Rub a toothbrush with fine sea salt of gum and clean hands to massage the gums.

    • Mix a teaspoon of sea salt and 200 milliliters of warm water in a glass. Rinse your mouth with this solution every hour.

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    • If you have a hole in your tooth and it hurts, prepare a gruel from equal parts of garlic and onions, add to it a teaspoon of shallow sea salt. At the bottom of the cleaned after food residues, put the prepared mixture and cover the top with a cotton swab.

    1. Dissolve in a glass of warm water 1.5 st.tablespoons of table salt, put the solution into the mouth and rinse the mouth for 1 minute, then spit the solution. After 5 minutes repeat the procedure.

    2. Mass the following points:

    the point located at the place of the II finger transition into the palm of your hand;

    the point located on the palm between the thumb and forefinger.

    3. Press on the carotid artery under the lower jaw from the side of the aching tooth.

    4. Strongly press three fingers on the temples 2-3 times.

    5. Continue pressing three fingers on the cheek over the diseased tooth.

    6. Add fir oil to a piece of bandage or cotton wool and attach to a sick tooth, hold for 30 minutes, then move the swab on the gum next to the diseased tooth - from the outside, then from the inside of the aching tooth. If the pain does not pass, repeat the procedure after 5 hours.

    7. Massage with a piece of ice. To carry out rubbing massage movements with a piece of ice: first rub the front part of the shoulder from the side of the aching tooth, then the earlobe, whiskey, the border of the scalp from the front.

    8. Massage of the zone of the carotid artery on the side of the aching tooth: press the carotid artery several times( where the pulse beats on the neck), then tie the neck with a cool damp towel. After the towel is warm, again moisten it in cold water and tie it around your neck. The duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes.

    Currently, in any large city, there is at least one 24-hour dental clinic. In acute pain, the patient usually can not get to the doctors on their own( usually the increase in pathological symptoms occurs at night or in the morning).To temporarily ease the patient's condition, you can use traditional and folk remedies.

    If the patient does not have an individual intolerance to strong analgesic drugs, you can give him a capsule of solpadane or a similar analgesic. A good effect is given by an anesthetic tablet, applied to the gums next to the affected tooth.

    It should be remembered that such pharmacological formulations only relieve pain, but do not help cure the underlying disease, therefore, after reducing the pathological symptoms, you should immediately consult a dentist.

    If, for any reason, taking analgesics is undesirable, you can try several times to rinse your mouth with warm water and clean the carious cavity with a wooden toothpick. Sometimes acute toothache occurs after the ingress of food in them.

    You can also put on the gum a small piece of leaf of horse sorrel or valerian officinalis. After reducing pain, they should be immediately removed.

    The following recommendation is suitable only for adult patients. It is necessary to dial into the mouth a little vodka or diluted medical alcohol and hold in place of the patient's tooth 2-3 minutes. Usually after this time the pain completely passes or becomes almost imperceptible.

    A deep carious cavity can be gently processed with a cotton swab dipped in clove oil. This remedy is a strong natural analgesic.

    If a purulent inflammation is suspected, a piece of ice wrapped in soft tissue should be applied to the cheek over the aching tooth - this measure will temporarily ease the patient's condition.

    A good effect gives rinsing of the mouth with decoction of wormwood bitter, plantain of large, valerian officinalis.

    With aching pain in the tooth, you can put on it a small piece of raw beet.

    As a time-tested folk remedy, several pieces of onions wrapped in sterile gauze are recommended, placed in the external auditory canal on the side where the diseased tooth is located.

    With severe pain, you can attach a small piece of fresh fat to the gums next to the aching tooth and leave until the discomfort ceases.

    Sometimes analgesic effect can be achieved with the help of acupuncture influence on the corresponding biologically active points. Unfortunately, this method can not be recommended for home use, since the location of these areas can be determined with accuracy only by a qualified specialist.

    1. Nervous pain. For its calming take bromine or 20 drops of valerian two or three times a day.

    2. Colds of the tooth area. Put the fresh root of plantain grass into the ear in the muslin. You can rub gums with or cloves of garlic.

    3. Dental caries, especially when the nerve is open, gives painful pain. It is better to tear such a tooth out so that it does not infect others. In the meantime, for the sake of comfort, put such tools into the hollow:

    a) cotton wool soaked with mint drops or clove oil, but these funds with an open nerve are weak;

    b) put cotton wool soaked with 20% carbolic solution or creosote ( it stops the pain very quickly), but only the fleece should be closed with another fleece soaked with in collodion, and for its absence, hollow hollow at least wax, so that the carbolic acid does not leak onto healthy teeth, since teeth are crumbled from it. Day after two cotton wool with a carbalky take out and, if there is no pain, lay a hollow with clean fleece and consult a doctor.

    These tips are given by Dr. O. Morozova. She also recommends folk remedies for every kind of toothache:

    1. Rinse the mouth with pure from a healthy young child aged 3-4 years or with urine in half with alcohol.

    2. Rub the gums with the juice of plantain. Also rinse your mouth with the infusion of this herb, making your teeth stronger.

    3. Put a piece of horse sorrel on the tooth.

    4. Put on a sick tooth, in a hollow piece of incense. But you can not hold it for long, because your teeth will begin to crumble.

    5. Finely crumble a piece of a bulb, wrap it in a thin muslin and put it in your ear on the side opposite to where the sick tooth is.

    6. Finely chop the garlic clove, into a muslin or cloth and tie to the pulse of the wrist from the opposite side of the aching tooth. To keep no more than 20 minutes, differently will roost to wound.

    7. Snap the neck to the neck grated horseradish, mustard

    1 .Admission mummy to 0.2 g inward 1 -2 times a day( at night before bedtime) for 25 days for a course of treatment, with milk and honey or with an aqueous solution in parts 1:20 with simultaneous application of mummy in the form of 5% solution. .

    2. Periodontal disease( gingival denudation) - 2.5 g mummy per 100 ml of water. Rinse in the morning and at night. Dissolve the solution.

    Your teeth react to cold, hot, salty or sweet food. This can be a manifestation of caries or hypersensitivity when exposed to the roots of the teeth, with defects in their hard tissues( cracks, chips).Be sure to tell about such trouble to the dentist.

    Bleeding of the gums

    This is the result of inflammation in them, but it can also be one of the symptoms of blood disease, diabetes, vitamin deficiency - especially a lack of vitamin C.

    Odor from the mouth

    Many reasons:

    • carious teeth;

    • dentogingival pockets, in which the remains of food are stuffed and rot;

    • poor oral hygiene;

    • loose tonsils;

    • zero stomach acidity of ( achillium);

    • Bowel diseases.

    Getting to the real cause is the doctor's business.

    Apply ayr marsh ( irr, root).Warm infusion of a teaspoon of chopped rhizomes for 1.5 cups of boiling water. Insist for two hours. Apply to rinse the mouth.

    2. Badan is thick-lean. Apply as follows: 2 tablespoons chopped rhizomes pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 30 minutes in a water bath, strain hot, cool and use for rinsing.

    3. Devyasil high: teaspoon crushed root pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 10-15 minutes over low heat, insist 4 hours, use for rinses.

    4. Oak is an ordinary oak. Broth of bark used for rinses( a tablespoon of chopped bark pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat, cool, strain).

    Russian healer PM Kurennoe offers a folk method for treating tumors and gum abscesses.

    With the tooth floss and, in general, with tumors and abscesses of the gums, the healers of Russian folk medicine most often use the following method: pour about one quarter of an inch( preferably) of liquid lime honey to the bottom of a small pan. Take a very old and very rusty nail. Having turned the nail red-hot, put it in honey. At the same time around the nail is formed a thick black matter like tar. This black substance should be lubricated gum mainly at night, before going to bed. Gum abscess usually soon breaks, the tumor quickly falls off, and the patient's health goes on improving.

    The nail must be old and strongly rusty. Rust in this case plays a very important role.

    When heating the nail, do not blow on it and touch the nail when it is heated to keep the rust on the nail.

    In case of a disease of the oropharynx and gums, healers are advised to rinse the mouth with aloe juice. With , the larynx and pharyngeal diseases rinse the mouth with a 50% solution of aloe juice or drink fresh juice 3 times a day for 1 teaspoonful of milk.