• Treatment of dizziness with folk remedies

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    If you believe the statistics, only a headache makes people turn to a doctor more often than dizziness.

    It seems that the body is spinning, the body is falling into the abyss, or surrounding objects are being launched into the dance.

    Everything in my head is spinning, suddenly there is a sense of instability, weakness, disorientation, darkens in the eyes?

    All these manifestations can be especially pronounced with age, after 45 years.

    As a rule, dizziness is a symptom of some disease, more often accompanying, less often - the main one.

    It usually goes by itself and quickly enough, but it is always a warning sign, especially if it bothers constantly. Let's try to understand the causes of this unpleasant phenomenon.

    1. Have you eaten for a long time? Or maybe you stick to a fashionable diet?

    Urgently normalize your diet or seek advice from a nutritionist.

    2. Have you been poisoned?

    Clean the stomach and rinse it by drinking 4-5 cups of boiled water, then take activated charcoal.

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    3. Sought in the transport?

    It's better to stop moving or try to look only forward. Take drugs from motion sickness( bonin).

    4. Do you have spring fatigue?

    Consult a physician. Do the tests.

    5. When that was a head and neck injury?

    Tell the neurologist about this, he will prescribe the treatment.

    6. Have you been nervous? Were you frightened?

    Take validol or glycine. Get out into the open air.

    7. Have you started seeing worse?

    Consult an ophthalmologist.

    8. Do you feel the increased tone of the neck muscles, tinnitus, swaying?

    Most likely you have osteochondrosis.

    9. Do you suffer from arterial hypertension?

    Contact your physician or cardiologist.

    10. Do you have diabetes?

    Tell the endocrinologist immediately.

    11. Do you suffer from heart or blood vessel disease?

    Tell your doctor about your feelings.

    12. Do you experience mild dizziness, the cause of which can not be explained?

    Perhaps this is due to some ear diseases. The correct diagnosis will put the doctor.

    Take note of

    In order to establish the true cause of dizziness or balance disorder, a visit to a therapist( even a very experienced one) is often not enough.

    According to the US, only 20 percent of cases are diagnosed in an ordinary polyclinic.

    It is necessary to conduct a full comprehensive examination with the participation of a neurologist, otoneurologist, other specialists.

    When dizzy, press down on a point located in the middle of the lower forehead area. The impact should be strong, intense, but short-lived. Pressurize with the index finger


    Fig. Point of exposure for dizziness