• Phrases for pregnant women

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    1. "Well, when will you give birth?"
    The bigger the belly, the more often the pregnant woman will hear this phrase. It does not matter that you told this person ten times when you have a deadline. And before that you repeated it ten times to your parents, to your husband's parents, to relatives on both sides, to close and not very friends, acquaintances and just casual people. At any new meeting everyone for some reason considers it his duty to ask when you will give birth. You will hate this question. In this there is nothing to worry about. The only way out here is to give birth, which will certainly work for you.

    2. "And who will you have, a boy or a girl?"
    In the seventh month, I want to hang a sign "I'll have a boy!".The impression was created that the information about the field of my future child is extremely important for all my acquaintances. Without this information, their worldview will be incomplete, the picture of life will not be finished! What to do, nobody has canceled curiosity in our world.

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    3. "And how do you call it?"
    Yes, I have no idea! The name is not the main thing for a pregnant woman. In
    , first of all, she thinks about the health of the baby, about the successful delivery. And then we will solve such questions as the name. The benefit of lists of names with transcripts is complete on the Internet and special books.

    4. "If a girl, call him that, if the boy is so. Do not call it that at all! "
    Thanks, but can I choose it myself? I'm not offending anyone? Great.

    5. "And he moves?"

    No, he froze there in lotus position until the very birth! And they are still trying to touch everyone who is not lazy. Constantly touch my stomach and are very surprised that he does not walk with staggering under their touch. I understand my baby, I would also ignore all uninvited guests. Well, you have to smile and say embarrassed: "He's just asleep now."Well, do not stir on the order, especially, someone else's.

    6. "What are you doing, do not eat this, do not drink it at all!"( Eyes widened and horror stiffened in them)
    This is especially interesting from the lips of never giving birth to women, and men who do not have wivesand medical education. How to bear a child and that while eating, drinking is a personal matter for every pregnant woman. Future mothers have developed such a quality as intuition. And if the pregnant woman is responsible for her situation, she will never harm her child.

    7. "In place of your husband, I would not let you!"
    Well, that's why I'm not married to you. And my husband, thank God, a man independent and reasonable. And other people's "cockroaches in the head" we do not need.

    8. "How are you feeling?"
    The question that always puzzled me. I found a universal answer: "I feel like a pregnant woman."After that, the topic was always closed. The condition of the pregnant woman is NECESSARY.And the results of the analyzes are not interesting to anyone.

    9. "Do not buy anything in advance!"
    It's as old as the world. It's easier to say "yes, of course," than to explain that you really do not believe in omens.
    In addition to these phrases, while waiting for the baby you will be accompanied by many curious glances, whisperings and. .. a lot of happy moments associated with the development of a small lump inside you. Think only of him, it will help you overcome everything in the world.