• Old recipes for rejuvenation( Tibet)

    Take 100 grams of chamomile, St. John's wort, immortelle, birch buds. All this is ground and closed with a lid. In the evening take one tablespoon of the mixture, pour boiling water( 0.5 liters) for 20 minutes. Strain through tissue( not gauze) and squeeze.

    Pour a glass of this liquid, dissolve the tea

    spoon of honey, drink. After that, do not eat or drink. This procedure should be done before bedtime. In the morning, heat the remaining liquid for a couple, dissolve a teaspoon of honey, drink for 15 - 20 minutes.before breakfast. Do this every day until the mixture ends. After 5 years you can repeat.

    Sharply improves metabolism, the body is cleansed of fat and lime deposits, blood vessels become more elastic, sclerosis, heart attack, hypertension, disappearing noises in the head, dizziness. The general condition of the body improves, eyesight is restored, the entire body is rejuvenated.

    Interpretations of the ancients on urinotherapy

    Great healers said that urine is the basis of all medicines. It cleanses man and is heavenly nectar. Urine, getting into the intestines, draws water into itself, acts as a "vacuum cleaner", cleanses the intestinal walls of the small intestine, as a result of which digestion improves, microflora normalizes, mucus is less formed, and all excretory systems are facilitated. Urine is a wonderful laxative solution, leads to the disappearance of headaches, fatigue, cleanses the breath, the skin, gives shine to the eyes, eliminates the danger of getting cancer. Especially the large cleansing effect of the large intestine is observed in the first days when urine is taken 3 to 4 times a day for 150 to 200 g. With urine, slags are removed, blood is purified. There is a real cleansing of the body, which leads to its flowering.

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    Urine is the basis of all medications. Urine salts have strong medicinal properties. They actively absorb harmful acids, thereby destroying the basis of all the ailments in the human body. Here is what the expert on urinotherapy Armstrong writes:

    "Accepted inside the urine first cleanses the body, then eliminates all obstructions and blockages in it, restores all vital organs and ducts if they have been disturbed by the disease. It restores not only the lungs, pancreas, liver, brain tissue, heart and so on, but also the organ shells and mucous membranes. This is observed in those cases of "fatal" diseases, such as intestinal tuberculosis and chronic malignant forms of colitis.

    Proper use of urine within one month leads to the destruction of even congenital diseases, the reception within three months destroys all diseases. Every morning, early in the morning, drink three sips of your own urine and get well. "So says Armstrong.

    There is one peculiarity when taking urine: it must be taken without stopping and an odd number of sips! This "trifle" has striking results, and this is one of the guarantees of the proper use of its own urine.

    You should drink the middle part of the urine. This will get rid of heavy and light water, use the ideal liquid for the body.

    You can use the old urine, but there is a danger of introducing foreign substances into the body. This is not observed when boiling.

    The evaporated urine up to 1/4 of the original volume contains more organic substances that will have a more stimulating effect.

    Evaporation of urine in enamelware with a gold or silver object additionally saturates it with healing power.

    The urine of a child is able to transmit the stability of a child's body to an adult. That's why you can use baby urine! But you can use urine only a same-sex child!

    Urine is the basic substance through which "our time" is lost. Consuming it back, we save "time", which is tantamount to saving life.